Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort

Perto do mar e com excelente localização em Alanya, Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort fica a 5 minutos de carro de İncekum Plajı e de Alara Bazaar. Este hotel de 5 estrelas fica a 24,5 km de Praia de Cleopatra e 27,4 km de Alanya Aquapark.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 358 quartos com ar-condicionad...

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Quarto Solteiro Standard

Máx. 1 adulto


Quarto família

Máx. 3 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto solteiro econômico

Máx. 1 adulto


Quarto família (Junior)

Máx. 2 adultos e 3 crianças


Quarto econômico

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto Standard

Máx. 3 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto standard

Máx. 3 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto família

Máx. 4 adultos e 2 crianças

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Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 11:30

Perto do mar e com excelente localização em Alanya, Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort fica a 5 minutos de carro de İncekum Plajı e de Alara Bazaar. Este hotel de 5 estrelas fica a 24,5 km de Praia de Cleopatra e 27,4 km de Alanya Aquapark.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 358 quartos com ar-condicionado, itens grátis no frigobar e TVs LCD. Os quartos possuem varandas particulares. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas via satélite para sua diversão. Banheiro privativo com chuveiros apresenta produtos de toalete de cortesia e secadores de cabelo.Este hotel é all-inclusive. Os pr...

Yeni Cami Karsisi Incekum Mevkii - Alanya, Antalya - Turquia

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 11:30

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Not five star, poor

Avaliou em 9 de setembro de 2022

Ther was no Air condition in lobby after 10pm savings. Food night very poor not even butter available. No recommended. Safety poor. Meals every day the same. The hotel need refresh because rooms are too old.


Best holidays

Avaliou em 2 de setembro de 2022

Very nice hotel, good people. Food excellent, beaches with the sand, every day good animation, nice with kids, but we were without. For kids hotel provides kid rooms. Drinks are perfect, reception are the best, can help you with any question. Recommend, and will return to this hotel with whole family soon. if you want to go any location, antaly or alanya - no problems, there is a bus or hotel transfer. Rent a car cost from 33 to 200 eur for every taste. The best! we will return! Alex & friends.


Wonderful, but 3 things worth knowing

Avaliou em 29 de agosto de 2022

My family and I booked this holiday and could not be happier with our experience of Incekum Beach Resort. Costumer service was excellent. There was not one problem which could not be resolved and everyone was extremely friendly. I booked a session of Turkish Bath and massage for me and my husband and the experience was so good we booked additional 10 sessions of massage (5each). It was worth every penny. It was the best experience ever. Thank you once again Hakim. You are the best masseur ever. The animation team was always happy and in very high spirit making sure everyone is having a good time during their stay. Omaywa, Rubby, Masha and those of you girls and boys whose names I didn’t quite catch you’re so much fun. This holiday would not be the same for us if not young waiter called Murat, who went above and beyond to make sure we always had everything we needed and created a special bond with us and other costumers. Nothing ever is a problem for you and you are the best and most attentive and hardest working man I have ever come across. Thank you. Hotel itself is very clean and very well looked after. The pool with 3 slides entertained children while the sea was much fun for the adults. Worth having a mask and a snorkel to watch the sea life at the shore. Three things I’m not so happy about was: 1 - the quality of hot food holding which resulted with us having dodgy tummies towards the end of the holiday. So if you visit that lovely place I advise you to make sure that the meet you pick is hot. 2 - if you tune in carefully into the workers mood you will learn that (although they are not complaining at all and never project their frustrations at the costumers) they are working very long hours without any days off and they are not appreciated at all. I had witnessed a manager shouting at the waiter for chatting to costumers and making sure they were ok. It seems to be odd as I felt like those were little touches which made our holiday very special (those chats with the staff, not the managers yelling at them 😉) So please tip the staff generously and appreciate their efforts as their goal is to make this experience as special as ours was. 3 - be aware of buying any trips and make sure you research them well before purchasing. The trip to a Harbour restaurant could have resulted in having breathing bill for the seafood platter - €450 just for that, should we not asked the price up front 😵‍💫. When we decided to go with the courses from the menu the waiter gotten angry and after service demanded high tipping. We also went for the the jeep ride with water-fight. That would have been a great fun, but our jeep broke down and we gotten separated into different jeeps, which was not ideal. Also bring your own water guns as they push very expensive tat. Most of all be aware that this trip is rather dangerous. Health and safety is non existent in there. After we went for that trip someone at the hotel shown us a video from the very same trip few weeks before but their jeep crashed and allegedly 4 people had lost their life. Bare it in mind. Third trip was a pirate boat trip. I can imagine this could be a decent fun if the see is very calm. Unfortunately for us sea was too choppy to see the caves or to stop at Cleopatra beach, so we sat in the boat bored and tired listening to very loud club music in clouds of cigarette smoke being pushed to buy the only thing was to do there - overpriced henna tattoos and family photos. We had no luck with the trips, but I’m sure if you had a chat with the staff before booking they would advise you which trips are worthwhile :) I would come back to this hotel and I would recommend this one to my friends. It was a wonderful holiday.


Never going back!!!

Avaliou em 24 de agosto de 2022

Definitely not recommending this resort to anyone!!! Very disappointed it’s a beautiful resort but no health & safety unfortunately 2 days before flying home major incident happen a little girl drowned in the pool no lifeguard was there to help myself and 2 others were doing CPR on her until ambulance arrived but. unfortunately things were really bad. After couple of hours I went to reception to speak to someone and I was told that the girl was apparently very well which I did not believe as her circumstances was very bad when she was taken away anyway that afternoon I saw the mum in the lobby and she informed me that her daughter has been taking to Antalya hospital by air ambulance and she is in critical condition on life support in intensive care and been given maximum 24 hours so I was very angry that the hotel was lying to me as I was one of the people who was given her CPR!! The police was there and wanted to speak to everyone who was involved but the hotel manager choose certain people to be interviewed non of the people who helped got spoken to myself included!!!! They tried to cover everything up that they had done wrong because they were scared to get bad reputation!! Things could’ve been so different if they had sufficient lifeguards there on their post but nobody was there when needed everyone was shouting for help and when one of them arrived he just stood there watching us no knowing what to do they are trained lifeguards they are waste of space selling chairs to people instead of doing their job!! This is something I will never get over it I have nightmares every night and I see the little girls face in front of me I will never forget the mothers scream!! I’m a mother myself and of course my kids are my responsibility but I also rely a tiny bit on the lifeguards but where were they???? The hotel should be shut down as in those 2 q weeks we stayed there 7 ambulances arrived for different accidents and that was the worst one which could’ve been avoided!!! Anyway people just avoid this Hotel it’s absolutely disgusting the way they dealt with this incident!!! Definitely I will never ever return to this hotel!!!


Kasia O

Avaliou em 16 de agosto de 2022

I don’t recommend this hotel . The rooms small and dirty, we booked room for 4 people and when we arrived they asked as to pay for extra bed😤😤 Everyone is waiting for tips. We had very bad experience there with Turkish family on the pool- accidentally we took their towel ( our 2 was missing) , then when they said it’s theirs we give it back and said sorry- but this wasn’t enough the Turkish guy started to shout at us saying we should speak Turkish because we are in Turkey ( they didn’t understand any English). We reported that incident to the management but to be honest they didn’t do nothing about that. We didn’t even heard sorry from the manager not mention the guy in the pool- this is unacceptable and shouldn’t be hidden!!!!! The food was ok, but only when you lucky and come earlier. Our room wasn’t cleaned even once while we’re been there, only towels changed. Avoid the shop in the hotel for example price aloe Vera after sun lotion- they charge 12€- and 10 min walking distance from the hotel in the Turkish shop 1€. The guy helping with the luggage is so annoying ( we didn’t want help) he took our luggage and then he was waiting for tip - we gave him 5€ he said is to little 😡. Animation team was friendly but every day the same songs and dance. No Wi-Fi in the room and very poor connection in the lobby and restaurant. Will definitely not go back there and not recommend to anyone.