Anda Cove Beach Retreat

Perto do mar e com excelente localização em Anda, Anda Cove Beach Retreat fica a 15 minutos de carro de Santo Niño de Anda Parish Church e de Praia de Anda. Este hotel na praia fica a 5,8 km de Piscina da caverna Cabagnow e a 11,6 km de Lamanok Caves.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 8 quartos com a...

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Saída até: 12:00

Perto do mar e com excelente localização em Anda, Anda Cove Beach Retreat fica a 15 minutos de carro de Santo Niño de Anda Parish Church e de Praia de Anda. Este hotel na praia fica a 5,8 km de Piscina da caverna Cabagnow e a 11,6 km de Lamanok Caves.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 8 quartos com ar-condicionado e TVs LCD. Os quartos possuem varandas ou pátios particulares. Wi-Fi de cortesia está disponível para manter você conectado. Banheiros apresentam chuveiros com chuveiros com efeito de chuva e produtos de toalete de cortesia.Saboreie pratos da culinária internacional no Anda's Kitchen,...

Candabong - Anda, Bohol - Filipinas - 6311

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Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

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Ideal for relaxation

Avaliou em 7 de abril de 2020

Is beautifully isolated, ideal for relaxing. The rooms have a nice size, a little worn, but okay. No pressure on the shower, and not much hot water. Good cleaning. Internet okay, a little unstable sometimes. Breakfast really nice, dinner is also okay, however, would recommend that you also go to town, and try some of the eateries there. You can rent a scooter from the hotel for 600 pesos a day, about 10 min into town. The staff are really sweet and welcoming.


Great accommodation and Top Notch Service!

Avaliou em 26 de novembro de 2019

We stayed at Anda Cove Beach Retreat for only 2 nights and we enjoyed our short stay. The hotel room is very spacious, we love the SUPER KING SIZE BED 😂, the room has plenty of useful furnitures. We arranged a van pick up at Jagna port as we came from Camiguin, we were assisted by Sarah and Jessa in making the arrangement. Expected travel by the sea was 4 hours but due to a calm sea, we arrived at Jagna 45 minutes earlier than 12 noon expected ETA. Shortly, Kuya Rolly showed up and ready with his greeting note. He apologized that he was late but we told them that he was not late, he actually planned to be early but the travel time was shorter. We appreciate the gesture! He was also the one who drive us to our next accommodation in Panglao. He is very polite and helpful! We enjoyed the pool and the beach front. We also enjoyed our meals at the restaurant! We had lunch on our first day and ordered pasta dishes and the law-oy. We also liked the breakfast dishes and the dinner the day after. We ordered mango pizza and we loved it! We cannot find the Restaurant in Trip Advisor “Restaurant List” yet, so just leaving the review here too. The PEOPLE are amazing! We were greeted by Donna and JP upon check in. Then during our stay, we were assisted by Janice (she is the one who assisted us the most, she is super good, friendly and efficient - please absorb her after her OJT! 😊), Tam-Tam, Mia, Jessa, Melanie, Winner, Francis and few more staff but was not able to get their names. We have nothing but praises for the Team! We will surely come back and we will ensure we will stay longer than 2 nights to enjoy the place more and the good and friendly vibes of this place! 👏🏻👍😊


Anda Cove Beach Retreat Experience Disappoints

Avaliou em 7 de novembro de 2019

The location is beautiful, quiet, secluded and peaceful. Unfortunately the client experience is sub-par. Management/Leadership could address all of the following concerns and ensure their guests feel served and appreciated. Some attention to detail around “service execution” would greatly resolve these observations which, when taken in their entirety result in a poor client experience. 1. We asked to be picked up at the airport (2 hour drive away). Despite repeated messages to the hotel we never received a final confirmation that we would be picked up. The hotel had our flight info and arrival time but alas no one was there to greet us. We arranged alternative transportation at a greater apology was received just a comment that the driver was there on time, which was simply not true. 2. The safe does not work. We could not put in our preferred secret code. Yes, they gave us a key as an alternative solution but the safe should work. Fix it. 3. The toilet wouldn’t refill after flushing. Yes they fixed it, but we were inconvenienced. It should work in the first place. 4. The alarm clock, which is battery operated didn’t work. Again, we have phones with alarms so no big deal. And I asked for and got a replacement battery. The clock now works for the next guest. Where is the attention to detail management must install in this service business? 5. No hot water the first morning. There was a large group checking out that morning and no doubt they all showered before they departed for their flight...but really there should be enough hot water for all the guests. 6. The shower head is somewhat plugged reducing the flow of water to the person showering and was sending some streams of water shooting in random directions including onto the bathroom floor. Not a great showering experience. Management should inspect the quality of their shower heads on a regular basis. 7. No WiFi in the was “broken”. We had to go to the lobby to touch base with our family and friends and get updates on news, etc. This is 2019, access to social media and communication channels is expected. This was “fixed” on our last day at the hotel but it should work all the time. Guests expect and deserve no less. 8. There is only one umbrella at the beach. Then in a windstorm this one broke. It took 20 minutes to find a replacement the following morning when we went down to the beach. Why wouldn’t management have simply replaced the broken umbrella before the guests asked for such....indeed why only 1 umbrella out in the first place? Moreover I counted 4 broken umbrella “carcasses” lying around the property. Why not throw these useless items out and keep the landscape clean and uncluttered? 9. The focal point of the resort is clearly the beautiful soft white sand beach. It is very nice. However it was covered in seaweed and plastic debris and aluminum soda cans. It was not cleaned the first 4 days of our stay. We took it upon ourselves to clean up the beach on day 4. I took the garbage can that was stored out of reach on the rocks (why not have it accessible?) down and my wife picked up the trash while I found a rake and started collecting up the seaweed in piles. As it had not been swept/raked for a few days it was tough work as it was embedded in the sand. After a few minutes the hotel grounds keeping staff rushed out and took over. Great, but why didn’t they do this job without having to “get the hint” from the guests. They were diligent cleaning the beach the following days of our stay and the cleanliness and attractiveness of the beach improved with each successive cleaning. Keep it up! Is my advice, don’t skip a day! 10. There were dead bugs under our sink. Okay it is the tropics, maybe that can be expected from time to time. But given all the other experiences, I had to add this observation. Yes they were cleaned up. 11. The beach is advertised as “private”. Most days it was but I noticed on Sunday it was visited by a number of families from the local community. Everyone was polite and friendly, so not really an issue.....but also NOT 100% private either. Just saying. 12. The staff in the restaurant are very nice and trying hard to serve their guests well. That said, a little extra training and communication with the staff would improve the guest experience. For instance, when asked what fresh fruit they had in the morning, the server would not know. They quickly went and found out but why would management have a quick meeting before every shift and share the fruit available for a fruit plate and fresh fruit juice, and any specials they may have or any dishes not available. Just so the servers are prepared and are more professional. 13. Similarly with the wine. There is no formal list but it was easy enough to go to the wine fridge and look but the real problem was, no one was sure of the prices. The first dinner they found the price of one bottle, so we just went with that. The following day, the problem was resolved and all wine was now priced. A little expensive, but that’s not the issue. Know your product and the price. Management needs to improve this process. There were a few more irritants that we don’t normally experience, but I believe my point is made. This could be a far better resort (the Cove and beach are wonderful)with a better guest experience. All of my concerns and observations could be easily corrected going forward by management. For the sake of future guests, I hope steps are take. To do so.


Really enjoyed our stay here

Avaliou em 30 de julho de 2019

Nice staf and everyrhing was taken care of. The pool was really Nice and clean aswell as the beach,me and my girlfriend had a Nice and really relaxing few days here. Would recoment this to enyone. Thanks you very mutch anda beach !

Sam K

SeaBeyond BluePool

Avaliou em 23 de maio de 2019

Beaches surround Bohol island: but some beaches stand out. The ambiance of Anda Cove makes it a place to go when I visit Bohol. The food is just enough to satiate my palate, and I leave my table fully content. Then, I take my siesta listening to the rhythm of the waves: I wake up to this splendid SeaScape. Amazingly perfect, indeed, is this place in Bouol!