Quality Inn & Suites Palm Island Indoor Waterpark

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Quality Inn & Suites Palm Island Indoor Waterpark em Batavia, ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Batavia Downs Casino e de Holland Land Office Museum. Este hotel para famílias está a 24,9 km (15,5 mi) de Darien Lake Theme Park Resort e a 44,8 km (27,8 mi) d...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Quality Inn & Suites Palm Island Indoor Waterpark em Batavia, ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Batavia Downs Casino e de Holland Land Office Museum. Este hotel para famílias está a 24,9 km (15,5 mi) de Darien Lake Theme Park Resort e a 44,8 km (27,8 mi) de Parque Estadual Letchworth. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Batavia Downs Casino - 1,3 km/0,8 mi - Holland Land Office Museum - 2,1 km/1,3 mi - Rochester Regional Health - 2,6 km/1,6 mi - Le Roy House - 19 km/11,8 mi - Western New York National Cemetery...

8250 Park Rd, Batavia, NY 14020, USA - Batavia, Nova Iorque - Estados Unidos - 14020

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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No Quality at this Inn

Avaliou em 28 de agosto de 2022

Visiting family in Buffalo from Washington, DC, and hoping to be on our way home after a good nights sleep. This was a very quick one day jaunt. Decided on the way up we'd settle for the Quality Inn right off the highway in Batavia, NY. As Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman said to the snooty store merchant who would not sell her expensive clothes...."BIG MISTAKE. Big mistake." This was nothing but a dump. I am embarrassed to say that for $200 for this one night, I'm just praying I brought no critters home with me. The room looked like someone had used it and attempted to tidy it before making money off the next. From a dirty floor, to bathroom mold and mildew, to peeling paint, a bed that felt like a box spring on top of a box spring, and unidentified moving object near the fridge, to name a few. Other patrons in the lobby could be seen smiling which left me wondering whether either: a) we were relegated to the lowest of the lowest room and not characteristic of the others; or, b) parents were keeping a brave face for kids to role model despite conditions. Makes me the think of the childhood game, 'Never had I ever..' Never have I ever stayed in such a horrible place. Never, will I ever, subject myself to such a place in the future (stayed because my companion did not want to complain and wanted our accommodations for the night to be a done deal). What a disappointment and affront to the name of the chain. Trust me, no quality in this inn.


Horrible experience

Avaliou em 14 de agosto de 2022

This is literally the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. They advertise a restaurant, the restaurant had been closed for years. Got into our room, wanted to give my 5 year old a bath. The drain plug wouldn't fit in the drain. There was a disgusting amount of hair in the drain as well. A light in the room was burned out, and the front of the air conditioner fell off, there was dryed up rotting food in one of the drawers and the room stank. There was not a phone in the room to call the front desk. The first time I went to the front desk was to ask about the drain plug and the light bulb. Was told someone would be there to check it out. An hour later nothing. So went back to ask about it and to tell them about the front of the air-conditioning unit. At that point they moved us to another room. This room was not much better...all the lights worked, but it was or had been a smoking room, gross, so it still had that stench, the plug still didnt fit in the drain, at that point I gave up and put a wash cloth over it and that kind of worked. There were rips in the blankets and not enough wash clothes for everyone to shower. The "breakfast" was "grab and go" items, nothing but sugar filled garbage and unripe fruit. The "water park" is a glorified kitty pool, the outdoor portion was closed. The exercise room was closed. The hallways, the stair cases, the floors, everything was in disrepair and dirty. The amount of chlorine in the pool was so high that it burned my eyes just being in the area. My 5 year old had a good time though. Oh, and the "water park" is only open on the weekends with limited hours, so be sure to ask. You can also only get admission to the water park if you book through the hotel, can't if you use any of the booking websites. The staff was nice, however the overall experience was such a disappointment



Avaliou em 5 de agosto de 2022

Stayed here during sumer 2022 for 3 nights, 4 days. It was terrible. SO DIRTY, so outdated, everything is falling apart. Cigarette holes in our comforters, no closet door, toilet was broken, sink was cracked, and the vanity was literally falling apart where it was previously glued together. The guest services were very kind, and tried their best to make us feel comfortable, but this place is such a DUMP, there was nothing they could do to really help. The pool (which is the main selling feature) was closed during the week, (we were not told when booking) and only open during HIGHLY REDUCED operation hours 10am-1pm on Sunday. Please do not stay here. You will be so dissapointed, as will your children. This place is the definition of DUMP, and there is NOTHING QUALITY about this Quality Inn.


The Worse Quality Inn Ever Stayed At

Avaliou em 29 de julho de 2022

We stayed one night in May. The rate was very reasonable. Several things to note; 1). The building is very big and very old and not well maintained. 2). Breakfast - extremely small grab and go - oatmeal/bar/weak coffee 3). Room had a refrigerator 4). The exterior halls were extremely old 5). Rooms were even opened that were not being used


Peaked in the 80s.

Avaliou em 5 de julho de 2022

I don't like leaving bad reviews after the pandemic, knowing what the industry has gone through. I was not expecting a 5 star hotel by any means, but we were defintely disappointed upon arrival. However, this place was definitely not what the photos portray, they're as retouched/filtered as an Instagram influencer. 1. The exterior is not great. From the Thur-way we could see it was run down. The parking lot desperately needs to be paved, theres weeds and over growth everywhere. The stucco is failing and stained. Right away you could just tell this place hasn't undergone any real upgrades in decades. The entrance was an unlocked door at the back, with chunks of stucco missing, cracked tiles and rusted out heating units. And the smelll.... The outdoor pool is sludge, though staff admits it is closed indefinitely. 2. The interior had just as many problems. The lobby has been stripped down to nearly nothing other than a few pieces of dated, stained furniture. There's failing, mouldy/stained acoustic tile through out the entire place. (The pics in other reviews are definitely accurate) I highly doubt the carpet has ever been cleaned. The room was a dark, dank space with a distinct 'wet' smell. The windows don't open so I doubt that place has seen any fresh air. The couch was stained and gross, we didn't dare pull out the fold-away. Most of the lamps didn't work. All the lights were cheap fluorescent, and flickered to accentuate the run-down vibe. We actually purchased disinfectant at the nearby Target. The walls are full of dents, scuffs and holes of where fixtures have been removed. The carpet is frayed and disgusting. The sheets had mild stains and small holes. The icing on the cake, there's sticker on the mirror in the bathroom stating there is a $20 per charge for the crappy large towels. Honey, nothing in this hotel is worth $20. The "breakfast" is a pot of coffe, a jug of juice and a pile of cereal bars. The restaurant is closed, as is the cafe in the waterpark. The waterpark itself was nicer than the rest of the structure, however it sill need some work. I'm sure back in the day this place was great, but it needs a LOT of love.