Super House International

Com excelente posição em Pequim (na área de Chaoyang), Super House International fica a apenas 5 minutos de carro de Mercado de Panjiayuan e de Mercado de Antiguidades de Panjiayuan. Este hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 11,1 km de Cidade Proibida e 4,8 km de Parque de Diversões Happy Valley.Sinta-se em ...

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Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças



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Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças

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Com excelente posição em Pequim (na área de Chaoyang), Super House International fica a apenas 5 minutos de carro de Mercado de Panjiayuan e de Mercado de Antiguidades de Panjiayuan. Este hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 11,1 km de Cidade Proibida e 4,8 km de Parque de Diversões Happy Valley.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 279 quartos com ar-condicionado, frigobares e TVs de tela plana. Sua cama apresenta edredons de pluma e roupas de cama premium. O acesso de cortesia à internet com e sem fio mantém você conectado, e a TV com programas via satélite garante sua diversão. Banheiro privativo com ban...

102 Dongsanhuan South Road Chaoyang Dist - Beijing, Beijing - China - 100122

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Entrada a partir de: 09:00

Saída até: 12:00

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worn out dirty hotel

Avaliou em 29 de setembro de 2019

Old and tired, no upkeep or maintenance done on this place since it was built. Staff were very unwelcoming on arrival and very difficult to communicate with. The entire place needs a really good airing as it smells of food cigarette smoke, and mildew. The carpet in the dining room is so filthy that you can't see the original pattern. The wallpaper in our room was lifting and bubbling probably due to water leakage from the bathroom where there was discoloration from mildew, and the carpet was dirty and stained from same leakage. It's not situated in a good part of town either. Get another hotel


Standard in Pekin

Avaliou em 19 de abril de 2019

a reasonable priced hotel in Chaoyang Districkt in Bejing, pretty in Center genearl shop and souvernirs shops inside. Wi FI. close to KFC ( just around the corner); 200 m from Shilihe Metro station. Just at the entrance , w kiosk with basic food and ice cream


A little disappointed

Avaliou em 22 de março de 2019

At first glance as pulling into the entrance we thought Wow, much nicer than expected. No help was offered for our luggage. A bellman saw us managing five bags by ourselves so he didn’t offer assistance. The reception staff were excellent. Again no assistance offered for our bags so we hauled our stuff ourselves to our room on 11. Please keep your room key handy to access your floor by elevator. I am familiar with this security measure but we weren’t told about it by reception. I had the key packet put away in my pocket. It was a struggle retrieving it then swiping it. Our room was spacious and well appointed. Everything looked great. Nice view through very dirty windows. However, upon further inspection I noticed several issue. The carpet is in need of a good cleaning, the recent caulk job around the tub looks like a second grader was given a tube to play with, they even got caulk on the shower head. The curtain between the sleeping area and the bathroom is soiled. Coffee packets only include some sweet flavor mix. The breakfast buffet was very good with lots of choices. Never saw hot wings, chowmein, stir fry and others offered for breakfast. Seating was a challenge and if you left your seat for a refill your place was instantly cleared and someone occupied your seat. We did have one great experience. I couldn’t get connected to the internet while my companion did. I called reception and a very nice young man came to the room. He was flummoxed as well but we soon discovered my difficulty was due to my VPN. Once I switched it off I had access. The whole reason I had a VPN was to keep my privacy, I guess my privacy isn’t recognized. If I ever return to Beijing I will look for another accommodation.

Russell B

Old official state hotel

Avaliou em 7 de novembro de 2018

Nice hotel, room was quite clean, bathroom was good, the towels were super. Not very much noise but ask for rooms above 6th floor because it sounded as if a karaoke bar was on the 4th floor. Breakfast was great, as was dinner. Good food and very cheap, even for China. The hotel itself is old and in need of renovation. But don’t forget your face mask in the summer, lots of smog, and smoke.



Avaliou em 20 de setembro de 2018

Started here with a group and I found this hotel has lived its days out and is in desperate need of a total renovation and staff here at the Front Desk were nice but the Maintenance Department are the lousiest I have ever come across. My Air con was not working and I called the Maintenance department but no one bothered to come though my call was answered and I was informed that they were sending someone to rectify the same, unfortunately no one came I then called the Front Desk and they had two Chinese who came to the room but they just adjusted the flaps on the grill and went away, it was difficult to get sleep as the Air con was not at all effective. I managed the night and next day the bathing area was a mess water was all over there was a shower curtain but the water just spread all over the place, this was informed to the Front Desk I made them visit my room and showed them all I got was use towels and mop the water, now that was the duty of guests to sit and mop up the bathroom after each use. The second night again the Air con never worked when I complained to the Front Desk they sent a Lady along with two young boys, she was having no clue on how to behave, she was speaking to the two Chinese boys and they were joking and laughing and I am not sure if I was their subject of amusement. They did not know what had to be done and they continued their giggling till I was disgusted and threw them out, I called up my Locsl Agent through whom we had booked the room and told her about the situation and in 5 minutes after I hung up the Front Desk Night Manager rushed to my room profusely apologising for the inconvenience and had me upgraded to a higher room which was not much better but as that was the last night we were staying so just suffered through it, Second grouse was the breakfast area was small seating were across 4 rooms and there was no proper service, the breakfast spread was dismal and taste was bad, in spite of two empty rooms where we could have eaten as a group they did not allow us to eat there we were made to sit and share table with other guests and families. On the last day we were all skipped breakfast as the same situation was in front of us, there was no food refilled and it was at 0800 AM and the staff were not bothered in spite of people not just us but other Nationalities too asking for refilling they seemed to be in their own space ignoring people, there was a total lackadaisical attitude towards the guests in general, as to how this hotel is still surviving is a real miracle. I told my local Agent that never should they offer us such a horrible place, we are not staying there for free we are paying good money hoping to have a comfortable stay. Never again would I step into this property again. THIS IS A PLACE WHICH NEEDS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.