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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Caledonia, Old Caledonian Bed and Breakfast ficará no centro histórico, a 15 minutos de carro de Elephant Rocks State Park e de Mark Twain National Forest. Este bed & breakfast de 4 estrelas está a 21,4 km (13,3 mi) de Washington County Courthouse e a 21,6 km (13,4 ...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Caledonia, Old Caledonian Bed and Breakfast ficará no centro histórico, a 15 minutos de carro de Elephant Rocks State Park e de Mark Twain National Forest. Este bed & breakfast de 4 estrelas está a 21,4 km (13,3 mi) de Washington County Courthouse e a 21,6 km (13,4 mi) de St. James Catholic Church. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Mark Twain National Forest - 6,9 km/4,3 mi - Elephant Rocks State Park \- 15,2 km/9,5 mi - Washington County Courthouse - 21,4 km/13,3 mi - St. James Catholic Church - 21,6 km/13,4 mi - For...

116 S.State Hwy 21, Caledonia, MO 63631, USA - Caledonia, Missouri - Estados Unidos - 63631

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Friends together at wonderful B & B

Avaliou em 23 de outubro de 2022

Michael and Frank were the best! Their B & B was absolutely gorgeous, and they were so nice and welcoming! The rooms are large and beautifully decorated with all any guest would need plus more! Michael greeted us with an offer of a delicious apple galette and a glass of wine, and the next morning our breakfast was amazing! They were so fun to talk with and I will definitely will return to stay again!


Absolutely Fabulous!

Avaliou em 11 de outubro de 2022

Just spent 3 nights at the B&B. It was absolutely fantastic! The food is out of this world! All foods are homemade, and Farm to Table. Very comfortable beds with sheets as soft as silk. Quiet rooms, beautifully decorated. The owner is so much fun and so engaging. A beautiful property that just continues to surprise. Every request was granted and so much more. I would encourage anyone traveling to the area to stay at Old Caledonia Bed & Breakfast.


If you are looking for someone to yell at you on your wedding day, this is the place for you!!

Avaliou em 3 de outubro de 2022

Over the weekend, our friends were getting married at the barn in Caledonia, basically in the back yard of this location. The rented out the ENTIRE bed and breakfast for the wedding party to stay, both the night before and the night of the wedding. We finished setting up the barn and returned to the B&B around 10 or so at night. Around 11 or so, the guys all went out to the hot tub, and a few of them did drink a bit too much. 2 groomsmen found a room downstairs with couches and fell asleep on them. What they did not know, because we were not informed by the owners, was that the quilts on said couches were “display only.” If this was truly an issue, first of all, the owners should have conveyed this to us before we even stayed there, and secondly, he should have handled it by waking the groomsmen up and asking them to please get up, explaining the situation. Instead, he yelled at the groom the next morning, at 7:45 am, cussing him left and right on his wedding day. Shortly after, the maid of honor arrived, as she had not stayed with us overnight, and he proceeded to cuss at her, as well. He told them that he would, “Never do an f***ing wedding again.” These two had nothing to do with the groomsmens’ mistakes, yet it was taken out on them. There were so many better ways this situation could have been handled, but stressing the groom out before 8 am was certainly not one of them. For the remainder of the day, none of us could get a read on the owners. One was kind and considerate, the other very hateful. Every now and then, the hateful owner would be nice to one of us, but it was a rare occasion. The owner was also hateful to every guest that walked in or out for the remainder of the day, from photographers, to the makeup/hair artists, and even to the mothers of both the bride AND groom. At some point, we asked if we could walk the bride through the kitchen to exit through the kitchen door so that the groom did not see her. When we apologized for the inconvenience, as we had been made to feel like we were all morning, the hateful owner said, “My home is your home!” In a tone that seemed almost sarcastic. We could not tell if he was trying to make up for how rude he was being, if he was continuing on his rude streak, or if he genuinely did not recognized the irony of the words he spoke to us. If we had anywhere else to go to get ready that morning, we would have. We were treated with absurd amounts of disrespect, and a day that was supposed to be incredibly special, was instead incredibly stressful. We spent the remainder of the day frustrated, hiding everything that was going on from the bride as to not overwhelm her, as well. We shouldn’t have had to. If there were issues, they could have been addressed in much smarted and more considerate ways. Overall, I would only recommend you stay here if you want to have a terrible start to your special day.


Book somewhere else.

Avaliou em 3 de outubro de 2022

Let me preface by stating I didn’t spend the night here, but I was a part of a wedding party that rented out all the rooms for the weekend. Other members of the party—including the bride and groom—stayed here two nights, and we all got ready here the day of the wedding. The owner was passive aggressive from the beginning. Apparently, the owner doesn’t like hosting weddings because “something always goes wrong.” What a way to start the exciting weekend! The second I walked in the morning of the wedding, Michael greeted me by asking in a hateful tone if I had spent the night there. He asked me why two guys were sleeping on couches upstairs. I had no idea. I just got there. At this point, the groom is in the foyer with us. Michael centers in on the groom and begins cussing both the groom and me out. Apparently, two of the groomsmen were sleeping on the couches in the sitting room, and this was “f**ked up” because we didn’t rent that room. I can understand the frustration, but keep in mind: no other guests were staying here besides us. We also paid for 8 guests. There were exactly 8 guests who stayed. We did not sneak extra people in. Michael was also mad that the groomsmen were sleeping with display quilts. I can also understand why that would be upsetting, but there were no signs or any indication that the quilts were for display only. Also, this was not a significant enough issue for the owner of a bed and breakfast to look his guests in the eyes and tell them that he is “p**sed off” and that our actions are “f**king unacceptable.” He told us he would never host another wedding party ever again. He cussed the groom and me out for a couple more minutes before the groom calmed him down by profusely apologizing and promising to get the boys out. The groom went upstairs to get the boys out and then went back downstairs to apologize again to Michael. He finally calmed down and acted somewhat pleasant despite the undertones of aggression. Things seemed okay again, but we were all walking on thin ice. Michael continued to be rude to everyone who walked through the door that day, even to the vendors. He made rude comments to the hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, and mother of the groom. I understand the stress of hosting a wedding party, but the way the owner acted was incredibly unprofessional. Please do not offer to host large parties if you will not be kind to them, especially when it’s A WEDDING. My advice for anyone with a large group (especially a wedding party) looking to book here: don’t. Go somewhere else.


45th Wedding Anniversary and 3rd time here.

Avaliou em 15 de agosto de 2022

This was our 3rd time here. Caldonia is small but there are plenty of things to do within a 30 or 45 minute drive. Walk down the street to the Mercantile and get the best ice cream ever. Michael and Frank are the best innkeepers. Michael is a fabulous cook and I highly recommend having him cook dinner for you. You will have to pre-arrange dinner reservations. Breakfast is included and amazing. His inhouse made goat cheese and fresh farm eggs are delicious. This is our 3rd time here and we will be back. I joke with them that we have been there in the spring, summer and fall. We will now have to go back during the winter and use the hot tub and sauna.