Taman Ayu Townhouse

Perto do aeroporto e com excelente localização em Denpasar, Taman Ayu Townhouse fica a 5 minutos de carro de Krisna e de Siloam Hospitals. Este hotel para famílias fica a 6,8 km de Praia de Kuta e a 4,3 km de Praia de Legian.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 62 quartos com ar-condicionado, lareiras ...

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Quarto, 1 quarto

Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto luxo

Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças


Apartamento, 2 quartos

Máx. 5 adultos e 4 crianças


Apartamento, 1 quarto

Máx. 3 adultos e 2 crianças


Suíte standard, 1 quarto, cozinha americana (Type A)

Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças

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Saída até: 12:00

Perto do aeroporto e com excelente localização em Denpasar, Taman Ayu Townhouse fica a 5 minutos de carro de Krisna e de Siloam Hospitals. Este hotel para famílias fica a 6,8 km de Praia de Kuta e a 4,3 km de Praia de Legian.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 62 quartos com ar-condicionado, lareiras e TVs LED. Os quartos possuem varandas particulares. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas a cabo para sua diversão. As comodidades incluem telefones, além de escrivaninhas e salas de estar separadas.Vá ao restaurante deste hotel para saborear um delicioso almoço ou jantar. O loca...

Jl. Pulau Galang No.324 - Denpasar, Bali - Indonésia - 80221

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

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Avaliou em 26 de fevereiro de 2017

I'm currently staying here with my sons and parents. We've got the 2 bedrooms apartment downstairs and close from the garden and pool. I've heard this place from a friend then my family stayed here for a month last year. I only hear good things about this place and decided to stay here on my long holiday since I have toddler I need somewhere quite and safe for family. The staffs are friendly and helpful My dad especially knows everyone's name since he's been here before and he enjoys himself like he was in his own village. My family often visit us here and there's no problem at all. The small cafe provides daily needs and they cook amazing Indonesian food with very affordable price. We love it here, it's lovely beautiful property and safe for family holiday. I would come back and definitely recommend this place to our friends back home. Thank you to Bu Putu for being helpful and so accommodated to our needs, your helps is greatly appreciated! 😊


Value for money and good location if you stay long in Denpasar

Avaliou em 9 de setembro de 2016

We stayed in one of its two bed rooms apartment for one month. This property is consists of one or two long building of 2 floors each, with one or two beds room unit. It also has detached two floors houses. The place is nothing special even looked very an appealing surrounding. But wait until you enter the gate as if it was quite small premises but when you walked thru all the way down to the end, and turn left you will see the this premises quite big.It has small cafe as well as private medium size swimming pool.You can feel quite and peaceful ambience while in the premises and within minutes you will find busy road once you step out of the premises. Our apartment was in ground floor. The furniture were quite outdated and basic but very well maintained and clean. The staffs clean our room every morning or sometime in the afternoon, depends on our request. They were quite flexible. Mbak Putu the lady in charge for the rental, was very helpful and friendly. She had always been very accommodating to our request. Few times we needed the cooker to be fixed she then called the technician to have it fixed. Location wise, is perfect. It is within walking distance if you want to go to ATMs, shops, street food along the road, small cafes, few local restaurants. It takes only 30 minutes to get to the airport, Kuta area (beach and hotels) by taxi or self driving ,40 minutes to Nusadua areas or Seminyak, 30 minutes by taxi to the town centre of Denpasar city. We consider to stay in this apartment again next time we plan to stay longer than a week in Denpasar city.


Just Perfect to stay in Bali

Avaliou em 15 de agosto de 2015

Very pleasant to stay in quite and peaceful ambience, staff always smile and helpful.. It is very reasonable price for spacious 2 bedrooms unit, not far from sunset road. Will back again for sure. Breakfast is good with very good price and the pool is big👍👍 Very recommended..


Great value and very clean

Avaliou em 14 de março de 2015

we are currently staying here and find the place excellent for what we were looking for. Quiet, Central and very helpful staff. Putu is wonderful. We can do our own cooking and a good quality meal at an excellent price is available in the complex. The pool is wonderful. We would come again.



Avaliou em 24 de outubro de 2014

I stayed in Taman Ayu and at first I thought it was lovely till I got a lot of money stolen. I had to do a visa run to Singapore, I left at 6 in the morning on a thursday, the night before I got some money out of my hiding spot and thought that the pile looked alittle less but I put it back as it was late and we were up early, locked it up and hidden. I stayed over nite in Singapore and keep thinking of the money, as soon as I got back the next nite I checked my money and $3000 was stolen the nite I was away. It very easy to see 3000$ missing without counting. I spoke to the manager who called the owner, he came over sunday morning we talked about going o the police basically he was trying to talk me out of it. I keep thinking about going to the police but he tried even harder and I met a friend of his who as a police office. After about a week of this and he offered us to watch the cctv camera but amazingly enough it was erased the day before. The next Monday after everyone at Taman Ayu treated the situation as if it didn't happen, I call the manager and said I was going to the police as its not right for that amount of money to be stolen and NOTHING been done about it. Next minute the owner Made come screaming in his car bullying me about going to the police and that my daughters nana maybe have stolen it and kicked us out. I had paid for the month so we had a month, it was the worst month he treated me as I was the thief not his staff. On the 17th of September I asked the manger why did we have to go as I decieded not to go to the police as it was more important my daughter was happy, she loved it there as the money was gone so no point. The manager told me I had till the next morning to go, ok I found a new place and thought I had the next morning to pack after my daughter whos 5 years old, goes to school and not to upset her. A 3 oclock that afternoon the manager and security guard march in and told me I had to leave then and there the owner Made had emailed the manager and told her to kick me out. I raced and picked my daughter up from school and thank goodness my lovely neighbours helped me to pack up and off we went, my daughter was crying and very very upset as she didn't understand mind you Im a single mother and we went to Bali to start new. I went back 3 days later to get her bike as I couldn't face that place or owner before that. I got to Taman Ayu and drove in to get her bike with in a couple off minutes Made the owner told the security to kick us out again and never come back. Now, the owner Made has sent a message to all his staff " PLEASE go ahead and steal anything you like no matter how big, small and how much, because the person you have stolen from will be kick out if they even consider going to the police"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There aren't any safe deposite boxes there so your things aren't safe at all and nor are you. Do not be fooled about the place it looks good but you thing will never be safe now

Misha's W