Birun Kumbet Dag Evi

Nas montanhas em Dereli, Birun Kumbet Dag Evi fica a 9 minutos de carro de Kümbet Yaylası. Este hotel para famílias fica a 50,4 km de Giresun Üniversitesi.Fique em um de nossos 44 quartos com TVs LCD. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas digitais para sua diversão. Banheiros apr...

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Bangalô, 1 quarto, sacada, vista para a montanha

Máx. 3 adultos e 1 criança


Bangalô família, 2 quartos

Máx. 4 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto luxo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto standard

Máx. 3 adultos e 1 criança

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Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

Nas montanhas em Dereli, Birun Kumbet Dag Evi fica a 9 minutos de carro de Kümbet Yaylası. Este hotel para famílias fica a 50,4 km de Giresun Üniversitesi.Fique em um de nossos 44 quartos com TVs LCD. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas digitais para sua diversão. Banheiros apresentam chuveiros, produtos de toalete de cortesia e secadores de cabelo. As comodidades incluem telefones e cofres. Além disso, o serviço de arrumação nos quartos é fornecido diariamente.Saboreie uma deliciosa refeição no um restaurante ou experimente os petiscos servidos na cafeteria. Este hotel t...

Kumbet Koyu, Kockayasi Mevkii - Dereli, Giresun - Turquia - 28950

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

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Avaliou em 10 de outubro de 2022

We came here as part of a tour group. We are from Thailand and one member of the group is from GB while the other two in our group were from Iraq. The highlight of our day was coming to this restaurant because the staff was very friendly, the architecture surprisingly unusual from what we had seen in our month of touring around various regions in Turkey AND the food was delicious. We came on a foggy day so couldn't fully appreciate the beautiful mountains and the various homes available for stays on this property.


Magnifescent place

Avaliou em 13 de outubro de 2021

Magnfiscent place , stayed there in good hotel with coaperative staff. It is above high mountaines 1800 meter above sea level with alot of pine trees and beautiful scenic view. We needs this calmness and place change after work in crowded city


Beautiful location, amazing views but hotel staff not friendly or welcoming

Avaliou em 3 de julho de 2021

We stayed at Birun Kumbet for 2 nights. On arrival, we had to drive throuh thick fog due to the height of the hotel but that was not a problem for us and was quite a fun experience. We could not see much of the views when we arrived but we come from a hot and sunny city so we were happy to see different weather. The next day, the weather was clear and sunny and we could really appreciate how beautiful the location is. There are some kids parks and things to do but for people who are not looking to chill out on holiday or go on walks, this might not be the place for you. We stayed in a wood cabin which was nice enough but nothing too fancy. Breakfast is included with the price, and the breakfast really was amazing. A good range of foods to eat and the kuymak (cheese fondue type breakfast) was amazing! We also had dinner here one night which was really nice too, and a good selection on the menu to choose from. However, the staff that worked throughout the resort were not very friendly or welcoming. Often we would say good morning or try to have a conversation (in Turkish) and would be met with silence. We did not feel that the service from this hotel was very good, and staff could make more an effort to talk with guests, as this does make a difference to the experience of the guests staying. On the second day, there was an issue with a water pipe and the whole hotel did not have any water. This of course is not the hotels fault at all, but nobody thought to inform us to let us know, and we only found out after calling the reception after 2-3 hours of no water. We were also not made aware once the water problem had been fixed, so we were still waiting for the water to come on after it had been repaired. There is just a lack of communication from the staff, and even though myself and my husband speak fluent Turkish we did not receive good service or friendliness from most of the staff, so it was not a language barrier issue. There was a lady working the reception however who was very friendly and helpful. The internet here was very good and we had no problems with connecting or slow internet speeds, and it reached to our wood cabin just fine. This place really is beautiful and is absolutely worth the visit. We did notice that some locals had driven up for the day to have picnics on the areas outside the hotel, and so personally I would recommend staying elsewhere and maybe just coming here for a day visit. For the price tag of the rooms, I do not think we received a good enough service to go with the expensive cost of staying here.


İlgisiz çalışanlar! (careless stuff!)

Avaliou em 5 de agosto de 2018

TR: Giresun yaylaları gezimizde yolumuzun üzerinde olan Birun otelde bir gece konaklamak için vardığımızda bize önce doğrudan fiyat söylediler, tamam deyip odayı görmek istediğimizde odayı göstermek istemediler (kirleniyormuş, kalmama ihtimalimize karşı göstermek istemediler). Bu bir rezalet! Bunu Giresunda diğer insanlarla paylaştığımızda birçok kişiye de böyle davrandıklarını öğrendik. Umarım tek bir konaklamacıya muhtaç kalmazsınız!. EN: Birun otel was on our way of our Giresun plateu trip. We inquired a room from reservation stuff and they directly asked for money, and we asked to see the room however they did not want to show us the room in case we see and make the room dirty and not stay in the room. This is ridiculous! When I shared my experience with the local people in Giresun city, they told me same story for several other local people and expats.I would not offer you to prefer to stay there if you have no other choice.


Beautiful nature

Avaliou em 15 de julho de 2018

My husband and 3 children arrived a bit early. Check in was after 14 (we got there at 12:30). Had some lunch first at the restaurant which was a bit difficult with a waiter who had a bad day -don’t we all once in a while- and the children played at the playground. The ducks were gazed at with big awe and we gazed at the breathtaking environment. It looked great and felt like a good decision to come here! At 14:30 we went to the reception to check in, but we were told we couldn’t because the house wasn’t cleaned yet. I got pretty angry, because they knew for quit some time we were there. We have 3 small children who really needed their sleep. We agreed that it wasn’t in their best interest to keep us waiting any longer. They cleaned the house with 5 people while we put the children to bed. It was clean in no time and then we all slept for a few hours. Mmm, start the vacation now! The surroundings are just breath taking. The view is amazing. The mountains, the forests. Everything smells like pine. Soooo amazing! Maybe it’s not the most convenient place to be if you have a 1 year old. The 3 and 4 year old could manage just fine (just be aware that no one runs down hill! They will be launched!) but for the 1 year old it was really difficult. The house was difficult because of the stairs where he could climb on and off -and fall on and off- and was a bit old. The shower wasn’t functioning very well. We always had to be very aware of the youngest and the slopes are difficult as well. When the youngest is 3, I think it will be a better choice to stay here. Breakfast was great! Black Sea bread is the best and such nice honey and tahin (sesame paste). We could keep eating that. Best breakfast we had during 3 weeks of different hotels. And with that view, wow! Everything tastes even better. But be aware of the weather. Black Sea area is known for its rain and fog. (We had our fair share as well!) People in town are also very hospitable and amazing. We drank some tea somewhere and the people whom we never met, paid our bill because we were guests in their town. We did check out 2 days early, because with small children it was to difficult for us. But we will come back again!