Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Conference Center

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Este acolhedor hotel, pode encontrar-se em Dublin Area.

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Este acolhedor hotel, pode encontrar-se em Dublin Area.

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I've slept in better cardboard boxes while homeless!!!

Avaliou em 30 de junho de 2021

I'm only giving this location a 1, because there wasn't a minus 5 available!!! The pictures for the advertisement have to be for when they opened 50 years ago, because it DEFINITELY DOES NOT look like this now! It is run down, DIRTY and not well maintained at all!!! Only reason I stayed, was because I was wet, cold, tired and it was late!!! (Long motorcycle ride in the rain!) I felt like I needed a tetanus shot for staying there! My room had half rolls of toilet paper left on the rolls, the towels had dirt stains on them (used my own in my bed roll) and trash was overflowing in the cans outside the room!!! Even South of the Border hotel was a serious upgrade compared to this econolodge and thats saying something!!!


Ga Board of Health Dream .. Overnight guest Nightmare!!

Avaliou em 11 de fevereiro de 2021

This place was so disgusting, that we refused to get a shower here, or flush the toilet without using toilet paper on the handle. The Georgia board of health needs to come in, and shut this place down. It’s “that” bad. DO NOT STAY HERE! There was mold on the pillows..MOLD!! You can’t tell me they can’t see that, when and IF they change the bed linens. Something growing on the curtains, pubes and other hairs on the only TWO towels in the bathroom, a good 1/8 of an inch of dust and grime on the chair, (not exaggerating) filth all over the floors. It was apparent that they hadn’t been mopped or swept in QUITE some time!! The list goes on and on. Here are a few photos!!


What's up with this place?

Avaliou em 19 de fevereiro de 2020

Stopped here on a cold night. Heat in the first room had an old broken mechanical thermostat and would not shut off. Once the room reached 80 degrees, went to the office to let them know about the failure. Was told someone from maintenance would come by and look at it. Said it was probably in need of resetting. It was an old motel unit with mechanical controls. Nothing to reset. Also all the switches by the sink/bathroom were wired properly. Had to flip three different switches just to get the bathroom light to come on. Looks like an electrical hazard. NO amenities like hair dryer, ironing board, iron, etc. Why are motels removing this stuff? Finally was offered another room. Heat did work properly. Again, messed up wiring on the switches at the sink, no amenities just like the other room, broken lamps and shades, TV not working properly. An awful experience that will never happen again. This is a large motel that was empty. Maybe two or three other guests. Looked like several rooms weren't even available for rent. FYI, checked out next morning and all of their printers were broken. Could not get a receipt. Promised to get one mailed. Never came. No more Econo Lodges for me. They are too run down and in need of major overhauling.

William E

Health Hazard!!

Avaliou em 22 de fevereiro de 2019

The desk clerk was very friendly. After that the nightmare began. The desk clerk said there is an issue with the hot water mixing valve. You may have to let it rum or turn it off and on to get the hot water to work. Okay, a little quirky but time to get to bed. Got to room, every lamp shade was damaged, one wall lamp had no bulb but there was a bulb in the nightstand drawer. Tried to put it in but previous bulb base prevented that. Cleanliness to include floors and shower with visible mold, strike two. Turned on hot water for 10 minutes and got none. Strike three and beyond the general uncleanliness, a serious health hazard I would think. The positive, the friendly desk clerk did not even argue or offer a different room when I asked for a refund, it was immediately given which tells me this must be a common occurrence. Moved to the Quality Inn across the street (also a Choice Hotel) and the difference was night and day. Where the Econolodge looked like a murder could happen at any minute, the Quality was well lit, clean and everything in the room worked properly. Avoid the Econolodge Dublin, GA at all costs!!

Rob H


Avaliou em 4 de dezembro de 2018

Well this has to be one of the worst hotels I have stayed at in a long time. The rooms are old. Old furniture, paint peeling, mold under sink, ceiling is water stained, tile in shower nasty looking, Refrigerator not working, No hair dryer. No clock. Would not recommend nor will I stay again.