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Localização Do Estabelecimento Uma estadia Quality Inn Dunn coloca-o no coração de Dunn, a 2 minuto(s) de carro de General William C. Lee Airborne Museum e a 6 minuto(s) de Clarence Lee Tart Memorial Park. Este hotel está a 10,1 km (6,3 mi) de Chicora Golf Course e a 17,1 km (10,6 mi) de Campbell Un...

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Localização Do Estabelecimento Uma estadia Quality Inn Dunn coloca-o no coração de Dunn, a 2 minuto(s) de carro de General William C. Lee Airborne Museum e a 6 minuto(s) de Clarence Lee Tart Memorial Park. Este hotel está a 10,1 km (6,3 mi) de Chicora Golf Course e a 17,1 km (10,6 mi) de Campbell University. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Dunn Area History Museum - 1,4 km/0,9 mi - General William C. Lee Airborne Museum - 1,6 km/1 mi - Clarence Lee Tart Memorial Park - 2,5 km/1,6 mi - Betsy Johnson Hospital - 4 km/2,5 mi - Jernigans-Nursery - 4,7 km...

1011 E Cumberland St, Dunn, NC 28334, USA - Dunn, Carolina do Norte - Estados Unidos - 28334

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Older hotel in need of repairs

Avaliou em 17 de fevereiro de 2023

We stopped for an overnight stay on our way to Virginia. The hotel is right off I95 and the traffic is loud in the afternoon but didn’t notice it so much at night. It is convenient to several restaurants. The carpet at the door was frayed and the lamp shade had rust on the rims and the foot stool was stained. It was clean, but obviously in need of renovation.


Nasty. It would be better to sleep in your car.

Avaliou em 17 de outubro de 2022

We were traveling after dark on 10/9/22 and needed a last minute place to sleep. Unfortunately we came across this place in Dunn, NC. This is the nastiest hotel I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to see. Our shoes actually stuck in the carpet. Not to mention they charged us $113. We didn’t stay and no refund since the desk person was too busy sleeping. I recommend sleeping in your car to staying here.


Quality Inn @ Dunn Should be Condemned and Shut Down

Avaliou em 14 de outubro de 2022

I don't ordinarily leave reviews, but our stay here was so bad that I feel I should warn others. If you need to stay somewhere, don't stay here. This particular Quality Inn should be condemned and raised to the floor. The front desk looks like it has had water damage and that right there was a bad sign. When we checked in, we were assigned a room on the first floor. Right off the bat things were off to a bad start. The room door was a struggle to open. When we finally did get the room open, we found a room that had a real bad smell like if the place had been closed for years and suddenly re-opened without really doing anything to upgrade the rooms. All the lamp fixtures were severely rusted. The leather chair looked like it had mold. So was the Kleenex dispenser. The roof looked like it had a leak and the smoke alarm was chirping. The king bed also looked like it had been slept in or made really sloppily. It was so disgusting that we went back to the front desk to complain. They did give us a new room on the second floor. That room had similar issues as the first plus more. The cloth chair had numerous stains on it and the bath tub had its porcelain chipped in a number of places. The electrical outlet was roached. Out of the two queen beds only one bed came with pillows and they looked dirty. It was late and we stayed the night since we were just passing through Dunn. When we woke in the morning you could tell that the building has structural issues. We didn't push our luck with their breakfast and left as early as we could from that place. After we left and finally arrived in Williamsburg, we noticed that the room small had come with us. From the clothes we were wearing to our overnight bags, it took two days to get rid of that smell.


Don't stay here. The same complaints are listed in reviews going back to 2019.

Avaliou em 11 de outubro de 2022

Filthy carpet, stained blue walls that look nothing like the photos on the website. Musty smell, bathroom is very dirty, stained, rust in tub. Rusty metal. Reviews for the past 3 years have the same complaints. Dirt, bugs, smelly.



Avaliou em 27 de setembro de 2022

The only good thing I can say about this place, is they refunded me my whole weekend. My husband went to the hotel before me, checked in and then left (didn’t look at the room). He was on his motorcycle and had an event to get to and I was shortly behind him in the car with our luggage. I was so angry when I walked into this hotel room and smelled nothing but a musty moldy smell. The room was hot so I thought, maybe cutting the A/C on would help after a little while. No. It didn’t. After such a long drive, I go to use the restroom and literally squatted over the seat like it was a public restroom because of how disgusting this bathroom was. The more I look around, this room reminds me of one of those that you usually only reserve per hour, if you know what I mean. I immediately started taking pictures. I’m not a confrontational person so I initially call my husband, on the verge of tears, because there was absolutely no way I could sleep in this room. There were burn holes on my bed. Mosquitoes and gnats on the ceiling and walls. My door barely latched shut and looked as if it had been kicked in numerous times. The photo with the fly on the rusty refrigerator was my room. The other room had the microwave and coffee pot in the bathroom by the sink on the counter. I didn’t even want to sit my clothes on the chair because it looked like it had blood stains. The office chair they have on their desk had all of the leather peeled off of it. My husband has me come meet him at the event and show him the pictures. The pictures Ive attached are of two different rooms. We had another group with us that we reserved a room for as well. Who also just checked in and left with my husband. When I showed him these, he’s just as disgusted. I was able to find another hotel across the street with great reviews and accommodations and booked with them. We leave our event and go back to the hotel to get our stuff and I turn in our key. She tells me she knows she can refund Saturday night (the next night) but doesn’t know about tonight (Friday night) because we were checked in for more than 30 minutes. At that point I told her I understand but that’s also why I’m turning in the key so that they don’t think I’m staying the night there and that I will follow up with corporate in the morning with the photos, etc. She tells me to come in the morning when the manager is there to talk to them. I come in the next morning (different clerk at this point) and she says the manager is not in but she will give them a call because of the whole not being able to refund me for Friday night. We, at that point just leave. She calls about 5 minutes after we left to say the owner said he has refunded us both nights. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice people working there but their pictures online are an absolute lie and misinterpretation of what their establishment actually looks like. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to even a roach. Shoot, they probably wouldn’t stay there either. We didn’t stay long enough to figure out where their “complimentary breakfast” was. I’m also still waiting on my refund. They said it takes 3-5 business days. So we’ll see. So glad Country Inn & Suites (Angelique) was able to help save us that weekend.