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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia M Star Hotel Brewton em Brewton, ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Neil Colonial Center e de Brewton Heights Shopping Center. Este hotel está a 1,6 km (1 mi) de Jefferson Davis Community College e a 5,8 km (3,6 mi) de Country Club of Brewton. As distânci...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Com uma estadia M Star Hotel Brewton em Brewton, ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Neil Colonial Center e de Brewton Heights Shopping Center. Este hotel está a 1,6 km (1 mi) de Jefferson Davis Community College e a 5,8 km (3,6 mi) de Country Club of Brewton. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Neil Colonial Center - 1 km/0,7 mi<br> - Jefferson Davis Community College \- 1,6 km/1 mi<br> - Brewton Heights Shopping Center - 3,4 km/2,1 mi<br> - Country Club of Brewton - 5,8 km/3,6 mi<br> - Blackwater River State For...

611 South Blvd, Brewton, AL 36426, USA - Brewton, Alabama - Estados Unidos - 36426

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Avaliou em 28 de maio de 2017

I knew we were in trouble when the OWNER of this establishment WOULD NOT HONOR the price that HE quoted us! Should have driven away then. My family was attending graduation. We knew that Brewton was not know for the convenience stays but this was a bed and a bathroom so.............. I called approximately 3 weeks in advance and low and behold, the owner answered. I explain to him that we needed one room for three nights in BREWTON, AL. I brag that we are attending the graduation of our two grandkids from T. R. Miller there. He seemed pleased and gave me a price of $50.00. I answered with "and we also have an AARP". He gives me a price of $45.00. On May 26, at approximately 6:50 p.m. we arrive at a motel of sorts...... being "remodeled" and I walk in to get what I considered to be a decent room for three nights at 45.00 per night, plus taxes, etc. WRONG, WRONG. They proceed to tell me that I didn't call Brewton. They tell me I call Atmore and that the rate there is $45.00. I do think I know where I call. I am a grown up. They refuse to honor my price quoted BY THE OWNER. I "suggest that they call him". They tell me he is "out of town". Funny, because they finally call him and his wife answers and he immediately gets on phone. Here is where the rubber meets the road. The owner is obviously wanting to give Brewton somewhere that friends and relatives can come and stay, some Brewton badly needs, Right? The OWNER REFUSES to stand by the quote of 45.00. I explain that he is the one that gave me the quote. I didn't pick it out of the air! Still refuses. They insist that I called Atmore! Why would I want to stay in Atmore!!? I suggested that they really didn't want me to review their lovely establishment - however that did not seem to faze them.... SO Walls were faded in places and painted in others. Bathtub was cracked and no drain cover to take a bath(would not have anyway, looked suspicious, but I had bleach). Sink faucet was so loose i actually could have packed it in a bag. A/C worked however, Sorta. carpet was clean but torn. bathroom floor was dirty upon arrival(again I had cleaner). Doors were dirty. Did have small refrigerator however I placed a bottled water in it and it froze within minutes!. microwave dirty (yep, you guessed it, I cleaned). Dusty, dusty, dusty, but....no need to say, I dusted. I will say that the bedding was relatively new but I just slept on top of the bed, on top of my blanket, covered by another of my blankets. TV had 11, yes, 11 channels and your remote had no way to just channel up or down. You got to manually enter each channel. And then of course, there was the hour long after midnight entertainment of man vs. woman verbal fighting for an hour, slamming doors, cussing, pushing, running up and down stairs. We needed Jerry Springer!! My suggestion.......Keep driving. And we didn't stay 3 nights.



Avaliou em 10 de fevereiro de 2017

Unfortunately, there isn't much to choose from in Brewton for hotels. This is a motel, and a bad one. The only good thing about the room was that the fridge worked. They still had the Quality Inn sign up, but it is no longer a Quality Inn. No cable (no TV for that matter). The ice machine had cobwebs on it, so obviously there was no ice. WiFi was iffy, only worked part of the time. Half of the lights in the room didn't work. Only found two outlets that worked. Every piece of metal in the room had rust on it. The carpet was was disgusting, I kept my shoes on until I went to bed. I asked for a non-smoking room, but this room had been smoked in before. I could keep going, but I'll just quote Alabama native Charles Barkley. "This room was turrble". Drive the 25 miles to Evergreen and stay in a decent hotel.


Quality OUT!!

Avaliou em 21 de maio de 2016

So ... OK. The room was clean, the bed OK and the shower worked. Those things are important but ... Undrinkable coffee in reception - not sure what it was - and nothing edible for breakfast. My friend's coffee maker would not drain into the pot - just filled up the coffee bag holder and overflowed. Mine leaked all the hot water from the base. My friend had a hair-dryer, and a place for an iron. I had an iron, and a place for hair-dryer. Only one 'snowstorm' channel on the TV - remote not working. Noisy a/c. 50% of the lights didn't work. Bits missing off the microwave. Both bath and sink taps dripped, and I think the cleaner was quite short as she seemed to only be able to clean the bottom half of the bathroom mirror. Dire!!

Patric D


Avaliou em 17 de maio de 2016

Ugh this place makes my skin crawl. Ancient TV, horrible wifi signal (if any) and no "fitness" room like it says on the website. Rooms feel dirty and cheap, definitely nowhere near a $70 value. Stayed on behalf of a business and will not be returning

Kent B


Avaliou em 9 de maio de 2016

Save your money. Sleep in your car. This place is nasty, nasty, nasty. No TV remote, ancient TV, no coffee maker or cups (but there's coffee!), disgusting carpet, trash next to the fridge, broken furniture, and it smells like there's a dead animal in here somewhere.