Callaway Gardens

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17800 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, USA - Hamilton, Georgia - Estados Unidos - 31822

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Lugar relaxante!

Avaliou em 29 de abril de 2014

Surpreendente!A cabana que ficamos é completa e fica no meio da floresta.O local tem 12 lagos. Voce pode levar a família e fazer compras para preparar a alimentação local. tem um campo de golf com 18 buracos, além de opçōes de museu, passeios, bicicleta..Muito lindo!



Avaliou em 13 de setembro de 2022

Had an awesome time. The bird show was amazing! I was so impressed with how well trained they were and how the staff handled them and how well behaved the birds were. Simply amazing! The butterflies were magnificent, breathtaking, and there were so many. The scenery was beautiful as we road through. There is so much to see and do. I'll have to go back because one day was not enough. We had a little car trouble and the staff was right on it to assist us. In fact, the youbg man who helped us went above and beyond the call of duty. The staff...superb! I was not disappointed. I highly recommend if you love nature.


Not Clean

Avaliou em 26 de agosto de 2022

My husband and I were originally going to stay until 8/22/22 but we chose not to due to the uncleanliness of the villa and issue with the door. The first issue I had with the villa was the fact that the door to 1052 was not locked and the latch was not across it. I was unable to lock it, so I called to report it and informed the lady that I did not feel safe at all. She said she would send a maintenance person to the villa to see if he could fix the door before contacting anyone at the front desk. I begin checking the closets, under the beds, the other doors and windows in the villa to make sure no one was in the villa (1051-1052) and to make sure all the other doors and windows were locked. The door located to the screened in porch behind the fireplace wall was unlocked as well, but I was able to lock it. Eli came down and was unable to lock the door after a few attempts. He finally pressed his weight up against the door and he was able to get it locked. He stated that the door had swollen from the rain and it was off track. I inspected properties for a living and this villa was not clean. Listed below were the issues with the villa 1051-1052: KITCHEN: (see pictures) 1. The paper towel holder in the kitchen had a dirt/brown stuff on the plastic top portion of it. 2. The stove was not clean. There was brown residue around the section where the time, bake, self-clean etc. is located in the crease of the rectangular. 3. The knobs on the stove had black stuff around them and on them that look like mold. 4. The receiver to the phone that hung on the wall in the kitchen had residue all over it to include the base of the phone as well. I did not use it because I have a cell phone. 5. There were brown burn marks on the vents on the oven. DIN/FIREPLACE: (see pics & video) 1. The little white lamp located on the table had black spots on it. 2. There were 4 areas on the fireplace with the holes in them were filled with spider webs that look like that have been there for ages. There are 2 located at the top of the fireplace and 2 located at the bottom of the fireplace and they are filled with spider webs. The one on the left side at the bottom even had a piece of read paper in it and the one on the right side at the bottom had a dead spider hanging in it. (I also have a video of the fireplace vents, which you can see all the spider webs in them better). UPSTAIRS BATHROOM: (see picture) The vent in the bathroom upstairs had mildew on the wall next to the vent, in the vent and water droplets on it. DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM: (see pictures) 1. One of the extra pillows in the bedroom closet had dried up saliva all over it that left yellow stains on the pillow, which is disgusting. The pillow should have been thrown out and replaced immediately once the last guest checked out. From the looks of it, it seems that the pillow has been there for quite a while. 2. The bottom cloth/dust cover under the box spring on queen size bed closest to the closet, was coming off of the mattress hitting the floor. The other bed had pictures under it and a small amount of trash. DOWNSTAIRS (1052) FRONT DOOR HANDLE: (see picture) There was very thick dust around the door handle on this door. DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM: (see picture) The vent in the downstairs bathroom had rust and mildew on it as well. The Manager, Ms. Cindy Miller did not offer me anything for my inconvenience once my husband and I informed her of the issues with the villa. I showed her a picture of the molded bathroom vent and she asked me if I could email it to her. She provided me with her business card with her email address on it. I She said she was not going to charge me for Sunday, ,8/21/22, but she could not charge me anyway because I checked out before 11 AM. I did not feel like a valued guest. She also explained that the Villas were individually owned, and they did not tolerate them not being up to par and they may have to kick them off of the rental program. If Callaway Garden has a key to their property, they are just as responsible for the villa as the person who owns it because they are getting paid by the owner of the villa to manage that individual's property, which means Callaway Garden is just as responsible for the issues with the villa! See how she tried to put all the blame on the owner of the villa? Also, the room was advertised as $179, but by the time they added all of the fees to the discounted price, we ended up paying $348.64. They added an extra $169.64 to the discounted price. We did not take advantage of any tours of the gardens because by this time, we were disgusted and disappointed with all that occurred. This was my first time ever visiting Callaway Gardens and I am sad to say, it will be my last.


Lovely property, but advertising misleading

Avaliou em 21 de agosto de 2022

They bill themselves as a resort, but resort implies high end and they are not that. Gardens is in their name but there are few to see. Things are on the rustic side and it’s more like a summer camp or state park than anything else. The best features are nature. We were there during the week and the special attractions were closed. In fact, other than the hotel & conference center, the whole place seemed closed and it was summer! Several sections of the vast property had clearly been closed for years and the dilapidation was disturbing. My friend visited summers as a child and said it was a thriving family vacation destination once. It’s not that now. The hotel and cottages close by were nice, but pricy. The hotel cafe was good, but you don’t want to eat all your meals there. The little town close by has a few good places. It seems to be a place having an identity crisis and past it’s glory days. We did like the nature aspects, though.


Nice resort

Avaliou em 15 de agosto de 2022

Nice resort, Clean rooms, very good resort for price for the price. Nice activities in park, most areas walkable and nice bike trails. Gardens needed some improvement for this time of year, but nice nature trails through the gardens. Overall was a good experience and will go back again, maybe for the park Christmas celebration.