Holiday Inn Express & Suites Heber Springs

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Este agradável hotel está localizado em Heber Springs. O imóvel consiste em 79 quartos de hóspedes. Este hotel não aceita animais de estimação.

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Este agradável hotel está localizado em Heber Springs. O imóvel consiste em 79 quartos de hóspedes. Este hotel não aceita animais de estimação.

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Very Clean

Avaliou em 5 de setembro de 2021

Clean - the type of place that could make me rethink my loyalty to Hilton. There is a good catfish restaurant walking distance away that is very good. Also a BBQ place that is closer that I did not try. There is a Daylight donuts and gas station next door.

Harry R

Very Disappointed in This Stay

Avaliou em 19 de abril de 2021

To be transparent, I have stayed at this hotel previously with no problems, actually just 6 months ago. But this stay was NOT like my previous ones nor was it what I expect from IHG hotels as a Platinum Elite member. Also at the time of my review, I have left my name and number for the manager to contact me and I have NOT heard from them still to report these issues. First, I waited behind 2 other people for 25 minutes to check in. The front desk person was friendly but the process was not efficient and I guess no one else was working and that is a management problem when it is check in time on a Friday and only one person working. Second, both beds in our room looked as if they had been haphazardly thrown together, including the lower bedding being all out of order. It was hard to tell if the sheets were actually clean. When arriving back for our second night, our door was cracked open and we know we closed it but the front desk took no responsibility for this issue and did not care. Additionally, our room had NOT been cleaned and we had not been told it would not be cleaned. That needs to be clearly spelled out at check in, especially since you can request the daily cleaning...we need to be asked one way or the other. Then, none of our 4 room keys worked for that second something definitely was wrong with our room. When I called the front desk about our keys not working, the phone rang at least 25 times. The girl finally answered but I know for a fact that she had been sitting downstairs across from the desk with a male who appeared to be her boyfriend, so she was busy with him and I was apparently disturbing her by calling the desk. She refused to bring us new keys. When I asked about the boy with her she stated he was a "guest." So either she is a very friendly hotel worker late at night, or she was lazy and lying. The breakfast was as expected and the same older lady was working it that was there on my previous stay. She was working very hard and really could have used some help because several people were waiting for their breakfast (they are still packaging meals to go). Then, finally the hotel was covered with signs stating that masks are required. Of the six hotel workers I saw over the weekend, the older lady serving breakfast was the only one wearing a mask. So, either take the signs down (Arkansas has removed their mandate) or if IHG requires them, keep them up but have your employees follow the rules. Hopefully, the manager will indeed call me and can rectify these issues so that they don't happen again. (also, the rooms were higher in price than 6 months ago, and we received less adequate service so that is an issue too)


Good room , good bed, good overall

Avaliou em 4 de outubro de 2020

We’ve tried to stay in other places around town but the slight difference in cost isn’t worth the poor value. This holiday inn is nice, consistent, easy, clean, up-to-date, well appointed and worth the money. The simple breakfast during the pandemic is mediocre at best. We keep coming back; nothing in the area matches this place.


Under renovation

Avaliou em 7 de junho de 2020

Hotel is clean and under renovation. We had a room with sleeper sofa. Room was recently renovated and very nice. The staff was having disagreements with workmen and cleaning people. They were nice to us.


Very impressed

Avaliou em 29 de outubro de 2019

This hotel really stood out to me compared with others I’ve stayed in recently. First of all, our room was a lot more spacious than most with a whole sitting area with a couch and desk in addition to the bed area. There was also a kitchen area with a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and Keurig. The bathroom was huge. And most importantly, the bed was extremely comfortable. The bedding was of a higher quality and all of it was white and freshly washed instead of having a questionable bedspread or a super thin blanket. The fitted sheet and mattress pad actually stayed in place, and there was a washable waterproof cover on the mattress. There were even two types of pillows to choose from with “soft” and “firm” labels, and they were the proper size for a king sized bed. I also appreciated that the shower curtain liner had a detachable part that was washable so I didn’t have to worry about mildew. There were even name brand, full-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, AND body wash mounted on the wall of the shower. The free breakfast was good, too. I ate oatmeal made fresh from scratch, and the bacon and sausage was good as well. I did discover a flea biting my ankle when I sat on the couch for a while, probably due to whoever stayed in the room last having a dog, but when I told the hotel staff they immediately offered to move me to a different room and I had no more problems there. They also let me check out a day early with no questions asked and a complete refund for the night I didn’t stay. I would definitely recommend this little gem in the middle of Arkansas!