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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Montpelier, Quality Inn ficará com ligação ao centro de conferências, a 15 minutos de carro de Williams County Fairgrounds e de Stoney Ridge Winery. Este hotel está a 15,1 km (9,4 mi) de Spangler Candy Store Museum and Tour. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 mi...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Em Montpelier, Quality Inn ficará com ligação ao centro de conferências, a 15 minutos de carro de Williams County Fairgrounds e de Stoney Ridge Winery. Este hotel está a 15,1 km (9,4 mi) de Spangler Candy Store Museum and Tour. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Williams County Fairgrounds - 6,2 km/3,8 mi<br> - CHWC Montpelier Hospital - 6,2 km/3,9 mi<br> - Stoney Ridge Winery - 13,5 km/8,4 mi<br> - Spangler Candy Store Museum and Tour - 15,1 km/9,4 mi<br> - Bryan Hospital - 15,5 km/9,6 mi<br> - Harrison Lak...

13508 OH-15, Montpelier, OH 43543, USA - Holiday, Ohio - Estados Unidos - 43543

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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No plans to return. A dump. Especially for $125. $60 would have been high.

Avaliou em 25 de junho de 2022

The hotel clerks were pleasant and the bed was clean. Everything else was dirty. I had to ask the clerk to clean the entrance to our room. It was cleaned on request but the excuse was given that they were renovating. That is a poor excuse for a $125 room. Garbage bin was left in side entry to hotel. Carpet nasty throughout common areas. Bathroom toilet lid was a malfunctioning catastrophe. Room looked worn. Had an room deodorizer pop-up on a.c.; not nice touch. Breakfast area had tacky black curtains condoning off food from tables. Looked unclean and was not appealing to appetite. Makeshift at best.. Quality Inn needs to send inspectors or pull license. Stayed in 6 Choice properties on trip and this by far the worst. Pay more to stay at HI next door or less to stay at Rodeway across street.


Don't trust these people with your credit card!

Avaliou em 3 de dezembro de 2021

Worst hotel experience ever! Doubled charged me for 3 rooms. When I called to complain they gave me money back for 2 rooms. When I called them back they claimed they only put the money on hold and its my banks problem not theirs! if it was on hold then why did the money come out of my account! I've spent at lest 15 hours on the phone and the last time they just hung up after they said they were putting me on hold! Not to mention the place was disgustingly dirty! Don't stay!

Becky E

Avoid at all costs!

Avaliou em 22 de agosto de 2021

Please do your best to avoid this property. Our experience ranks as possibly my worst hotel experience, and that's significant. The place is large and old and rather shabby. That would have been okay for a quiet night of sleep (we had been driving for 8 hours), but that was not to be: a high school reunion was literally going on outside our room (facing onto an indoor courtyard) with unbelievably loud music, including a pounding base line. This was not just music. It was literally ear-splitting. I wish TripAdvisor had an audio feature! And the party was scheduled to go on until 11 PM. The manager told us that the event was paying them way more money than we were paying. Customer Service Lesson Not to Do 101. She insisted we had been told about the event and in all fairness, that is probably part of their spiel when one books by phone, but the person who took our reservation was very harried and did not tell us. We would not have booked if we had been told. They refunded out money, but then told us to to leave the hotel. The rudeness was unnecessary. Thank goodness we were able to book another hotel 30 minutes away. AVOID!


Very Dirty and No Anti-Covid Protocols

Avaliou em 6 de novembro de 2020

I could have overlooked the beaten down room, dirty carpet, grungy bathroom, and corridors that were littered with crumbs and debris IF the hotel enforced masks and other anti-Covid policies, but they don’t. When I arrived to check in, while the lobby was filled with people not wearing masks to protect themselves and others from Covid. The restaurant attached to the hotel was at capacity, and there were a dozen customers crowded into the lobby waiting for tables. Meanwhile, the one agent working at the front desk had her mask covering her mouth but not her nose, as she spent at least 10 minutes chatting with an unmasked guest. We were first given a room that had no windows and was located in some back, unused part of the hotel. It resembled a dungeon. Absolutely appalling. They eventually moved us into a new room, but it required a long walk down a dirty corredor - with no mask policy - and the room was not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The entire check in process took 45 minutes. We were assured by the front desk staff that each room had a “specially cleaned” sticker - and that’s true, there was a sticker. For the sake of staff and future guests, I hope their anti-Covid policy extends beyond stickers.


Check these things for a restful stay

Avaliou em 2 de outubro de 2020

We stayed 6 nights in a King Suite with walkway overlooking huge open Conference room. The room was spacious and the hotel mammoth. We travel all the time and there are always issues, small &/or large. We had four issues: 1. Spotty wifi & No Sprint/T-Mobile coverage really hindered our work 2. BEWARE One night there was a wedding reception w/speakers reverberating in our room. I talked to the desk clerk and she said we have to call and ask what events scheduled (esp Rock Concert or Wedding w/DJ) for dates we want in the future. 3. The first room we were in had a strong sewer or drain smell. They graciously moved us to another room which was better for 4 days until it started again in it. 4. With no windows to the outside, our room was very dark. On the high side, this is the only affordable decent motel in 25+ mi. We appreciate it, but with these caveats. We will stay here again (no other options), but exercise caution, request a room with window at a time with no events. Since all suites are on that 2nd floor, we'll stay away from the suites.