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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em La Grange, American Inn & Suites ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Burr Ridge Village Center e de Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital. Este motel está a 6,7 km (4,2 mi) de Creekside Park e a 7,3 km (4,5 mi) de Willowbrook Community Park. As distâncias são apresenta...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento

Em La Grange, American Inn & Suites ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Burr Ridge Village Center e de Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital. Este motel está a 6,7 km (4,2 mi) de Creekside Park e a 7,3 km (4,5 mi) de Willowbrook Community Park. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo.
- Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital - 3,6 km/2,2 mi
- Burr Ridge Village Center - 4,5 km/2,8 mi
- Creekside Park - 6,7 km/4,2 mi
- Willowbrook Community Park - 7,3 km/4,5 mi
- AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsda...

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Motel of horrors! AVOID - AVOID - AVOID !!!

Avaliou em 18 de agosto de 2019

Motel Bates on Route 66 !! Some people shouldn't even have the right to operate motels! That motel is the PERFECT example! WORST MOTEL I'VE BEEN IN MY LIFE!!! Nasty! Filthy! Dirty! Horrific! A real dump! Despicable staff !! Don't even know where to start .... Let's just say that IF that's the only place that has available rooms in the area ... SLEEP-IN-YOUR-CAR !!!! We booked there for one night, and that's what I did! We got there on May 19, every hotel around Chicago were fully fully packed! We searched for hours .. it was getting late ... couldn't find anything! Checking online, we saw that it was pretty much the only motel that still had rooms to rent ... (no wonder why now) ! The place is call the "American" Inn & Suites .... we got "welcomed" (and that's a VERY strong word to described it as we didn't even get a hello or a welcome) ... Let's just say that there was two ... Indians I believe or people coming from somewhere around India, I don't know ... and they were barely speaking English !?! American inn ... yeah right! We ask for a c-l-e-a-n non-smoking room with 2 double beds ... It cost us $135 for the night ... and no breakfast included at this price! WTF?? $135 for that motel ??? They're crazy! But no other choices around .... so we booked ... we checked out the room ... and YEURK !!! It literally smelled like a fully packed ashtray ... carpet was filthy ... the wall were decorated with many colorful stains of, I don't know what?!? We stopped there and went back to the front desk that was yes, behind a 3 in. bullet-proof glass !!! Told the two dudes that I was apparently disturbing while they were watching their TV show, that I wanted another clean non-smoking room ... He insisted on telling me that it was a non-smoking room ... I told him to get out his office and come check it out for himself!! Both came out to inspect the room and they were looking at us with knifes in their eyes! ... inspecting if we did anything in the room ??? And they were checking out everything we had with us with weird eyes as if they were checking it out to come to rob us in the middle of the night ... luggage, electronic stuff, etc ... while we were gathering our stuff, the weirdest of the 2 dudes was lurking at us in the window ... creepy! It felt extremely unsafe as a place to stay We were in there for like 20 seconds!! I told him I wanted to have another room! "Why ??? This one's okay" I strongly advised him to switch us rooms and get us one that was in a better shape then this one ... he finally agreed but clearly was very mad about it! The only difference in the 2nd room was that it didn't have carpets but cheap wooden floor ... and it smelled a bit better but the wall were still decorated with many colorful stains... bathroom was so disgusting that I wouldn't even dare to remove my clothes to take a shower! The floor had all kinds on weird stains on it and had mold growing in some places. All electrical outlets, for the very few the room had, were blackened (disturbing) ... there was bubble gums stuck to the headboards of both bed ... We had to check behind the furniture to find outlet to plug & recharge out cameras & cell phones ... bad idea ... the amount of spiderwebs and dust balls behind them flabbergasted us !! The floor was so sticky that our shoes were making succion noises at each of our steps! I didn't even want to check the bed, bed sheets or pillow because I was afraid to find crawling bugs as I was sure there was some ... Told myself, that's it ... I want to be refund ... but ... "No refund sir" ... we didn't even stayed for 3 minutes in the room! ... we haven't touch or disturbed anything in the room ... "No refund sir, no refund" Told them to give me a suite instead ... no suite, no other rooms ... you have the best one left" I knew that was a load of BS because the parking lot was not even half full! I've argued with him for like 7 minutes to get refund and thought about calling the cops on them ! My wife told me to quit it as those two are such scammers that they won't bulge! Told my wife to put the luggage back in the truck ... and everything else we took out of it ... let's go to Chicago to spend the night as we were suppose to ... and maybe we would calm down a bit ! But it messed up our entire night thinking we had to go back ... We did but I couldn't do it ... we left everything in the truck ... and we slept in it as well! Leaving the motel in the morning was like waking up from a very bad nightmare! AVOID AVOID AVOID AT ALL COST !!!!



Avaliou em 17 de setembro de 2018

My wife and I booked a room here because it appeared clean and was affordable enough. Upon arrival, we noticed a police officer patrolling the parking lot, the clerk let us choose our own room out of several (which just doesn't happen at a decent hotel) and the rooms we didn't choose smelled horribly), and we were informed that no employees were available that evening to clean or assist us. When we did choose a room, the light bulbs in the lamps were various colors, the bathroom wasn't clean, and there were holes in the sheets!! My wife and I decided that even if we had to eat the cost, it was worth it to find another hotel to stay in for the night. DO NOT STAY HERE.

Scott S


Avaliou em 30 de junho de 2015

the room wreaked of cigarettes, all of the towels but one were dirty, the toilet paper was never replaced, there was no fitted sheet making it so we ended up sleeping on the nasty mattress multiple times in one night, and the cable TV had old, unavoidable porn on it if you decide to channel surf.

Andie I

good stay

Avaliou em 8 de novembro de 2014

good customer service..... and good price too staff are very helpful..... nice location ...... hotel has free internet but some doesn't work...... room was clean and everything was okay no complain.......

jerry d


Avaliou em 16 de outubro de 2014

I've stayed here before years ago and i really think this place improved. All the rooms have new bedding and furniture they even have 40 inch flat screen tvs. The place is now owned by new management and they were very helpful. I stayed here with my family for a week and payed 275$ There is cable and free wifi. Free calling and coffee in the lobby. The room also has a fridge and microwave. Will be coming back.