Fives Hotel Johor Bahru City Centre

Com localização central em Johor Bahru, Fives Hotel Johor Bahru City Centre fica a 2 minutos de carro de Praça da Cidade de Johor Bahru e a 6 minutos de KSL City Mall. Este hotel fica a 11,3 km de Zoológico de Singapura e a 20,6 km de LEGOLAND® Malaysia.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 243 quartos ...

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Suíte família

Máx. 4 adultos e 1 criança


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Máx. 2 adultos


Quarto casal executivo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Suíte executiva

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto duplo luxo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança

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Saída até: 12:00

Com localização central em Johor Bahru, Fives Hotel Johor Bahru City Centre fica a 2 minutos de carro de Praça da Cidade de Johor Bahru e a 6 minutos de KSL City Mall. Este hotel fica a 11,3 km de Zoológico de Singapura e a 20,6 km de LEGOLAND® Malaysia.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 243 quartos com ar-condicionado, frigobares e TVs LED. Seu quarto inclui uma cama de espuma com sistema de memória. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas a cabo para sua diversão. Banheiro privativo com chuveiros apresenta produtos de toalete de cortesia e bidês.Saboreie uma deliciosa refeiçã...

45 Jalan Wong Ah Fook - Johor Bahru, Johor - Malásia - 80000

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 12:00

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Short And Pleasant Stay

Avaliou em 23 de agosto de 2022

Stayed for one night in Deluxe Twin Room but without breakfast. Clean room and service to have safe rectified was prompt including giving bath towel which was not there. Slept well. This hotel is perfectly located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook opposite Komtar JBCC, City Square Mall with McGregor's Bar next door. Also walking distance to Kota Raya and other nearby eateries. The Indian lady at front desk was very helpful and fast in processing my booking. Will stay at this place again.

Govind M


Avaliou em 14 de agosto de 2022

Will give this 0 stars or negative if we can. Booked this hotel because of its close proximity to nearby malls but it is the worst decision ever. 1st room - water heater not working, stained sheets. 2nd room - door can’t be unlocked, tv remote not working, towel rack broken, black out twice and once during shower. 3rd room - strong cigarette smell all over 4th room - door can’t be unlocked, smallest room on the floor and no place to put belongings. Checked in on Friday and wanted to take a shower after a long day but the water heater is not working and there is brown stains on the sheets (room 722). At 11pm a technician was sent up to fix the heater but couldn’t fix it so they gave us another room (room 723). Second day we went out and came back at (9.30pm) but couldn’t unlock our room door with the card. Went to the counter and they reactivated the card. After entering we found out that our room had no electricity because the power tripped. They sent a technician and they fixed the power trip. As I was showering halfway (10.30pm), the room blacked out again. I was so mad because I was showering halfway. Called them and they gave us a new room without apologizing. We had to pack our bags in a dark room. AGAIN, the new room (room 811) given to us was utterly unacceptable, it was filled with strong cigarette smoke smell all over even though it’s a non smoking room. We are non smokers and extremely hated the smell of cigarettes. They apologized this time and they asked if we can accept to have the room sprayed with air freshener. We were really very mad at this moment and refused the proposal. So they gave us another room (room 1220). AGAIN, when we tried to go into the room, it couldn’t be unlocked. We were fuming with anger and went down but had to wait for 10 minutes for someone to attend to us. By this time we already went down to the receptionist 6 times to complain for a 2 night stay. After entering the room we realized this is the smallest room in the whole floor, the normal rooms had two side tables and a headboard to put our belongings. We paid for a normal size room and they changed to the smallest room for us after so much inconvenience and time wasted packing and changing rooms 4 times. Totally unacceptable but at this point but we were too tired to fight with them and we just wanted to shower and sleep. That is not all, all the rooms are like pigeon holes; extremely small. The cleanliness is not up to standard too, and we aren’t even hard to please guests. We just needed a clean place with warm water and air conditioning. The entire toilet gets wet when you shower because it only has a shower curtain. Also, there is no mini fridge (isn’t this a standard item?). This is by far the worst hotel I ever stayed and will not recommend to anyone at all. The only thing they compensated us is giving us the smallest room and allowing us to check out at 1pm (normal check out timing is at 12pm).


Nope just nope

Avaliou em 3 de julho de 2022

Room is small n cute like my storeroom, comes with a waddling pool(see photo), toilet drainage scent FOC. Bring antihistamines if you have dust allergies, you might find a long strand of hair on your bed with compliments from the hotel too. Breakfast…omgosh it’s like Black Friday without the sales, very exciting as u need to Q to get in, Q to get coffee(1 machine that needs a restart every 4 cups of coffee) Q to get toast and the famous croissant fastest fingers fast(literally). Once it’s out hoards of hungry ghosts will rushed following the heavenly smell of freshly baked croissants and some impatiently picks it up sans tongs. Can you blame us though? There weren’t enough food to go around, guests were holding empty plates and the only thing that was topped up regularly was erm… lettuce and beans. A little girl was almost in tears when mummy told her she’s only having cold toast and lettuce, “later mummy bring you eat better breakfast okay?”. Wait what.. isn’t breakfast included in our stay, we paid for it. *screams in Karen* Like those Queue-cutters at the customs, the cutting of Qs continues at fives. oh and to make sure you don’t forget what the morning jam was like coming into Johor, be prepared to be stuck in traffic whenever you are returning back to hotel too. Reminisce the good times again. On the contrary, the most patient and friendly service staff especially those dealing with hungry ghosts during breakfast. It’s not their fault that the machine keeps breaking down or the empty food trays at the buffet line. Kindly wake up your idea please dear hotel management.


Hotel Review

Avaliou em 27 de maio de 2022

Superb location.. next to Kontar and city square.. easy to access .. Good breakfast.. Cups in hotel room need to be further clean.. No toothbrushes provided. Room rather small for big size people..otherwise good for simple 1 night stay..


The worst experience I had from a hotel in JB

Avaliou em 20 de maio de 2022

I've checked in to Fives Hotel 15th of May for my business trip and stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights. Upon arrival at 5.30 pm for check-in I was told by the receptionist to wait for my room to be make up by housekeeping and she can't promise me how long must I wait. I ask her I need my room as soon as possible cause of driving from KL and she said that she still can't promise me. (5.30 pm room still not done yet!). I urged her to call the manager and she told me manager was upstairs. I ask her to call the manager down and she quickly go into the reception office. (Means the manager is nowhere to be seen at that time). Suddenly she said she upgraded my booking to family room with no extra charges. (I was alone and ask to stay in family room! What a good hospitality ethics by the hotel!!). Next day I have no problem staying there. By the third day when I came down to 6th floor for breakfast. I was told that my booking does not include breakfast. (I booked via agoda with breakfast for everyday and pay extra for breakfast!!). The man at the coffee house double confirm with reception and reception told that NO BREAKFAST FROM MY BOOKING!!! I show him my booking and he admit maybe there is a mistake from the system. (system make me ashamed to others guest at breakfast!!). He asked me not to worry and enjoy my breakfast and he will correct this matter personally. (A good employee, Hope he get the best employer in the near future). After I finish my business matters I back to the hotel about 3 pm and my room still not make up yet (even though I put PLEASE TIDY UP MY ROOM sign before I left my room at 7 am). So I take my choice to get some coffee at the mall in front of the hotel (because I don't enjoy my breakfast that morning) and back to my room at 7 pm, my room just tidy up PARTIALLY! cup that I used to drink coffee is not washed and garbage bin is not been emptied. The third day I still TRAUMATIZED FROM BOOKING WITHOUT BREAKFAST. So, I make my choice to take a light breakfast in my room. The last day I check-out early at 7 am. And ask the receptionist to clarify to me does my booking with breakfast or not? She said YES with breakfast. How come I go to the coffee house and inside the list don't have my room number for breakfast? I ask her don't apologize but ask the management and executives to look deeply in this matter (By the way still I don't see the manager in sight. Maybe he/she work as a grab driver in the morning. Who knows?!). For me this is the worst hotel for a stay. Majority of my experience is bad staying in this hotel. From my experience the best employee in this hotel is the man at the coffee house that assist me and the boys at the parking booth (they are very nice and humble people who need ATTENTION FROM THE LAZY MANAGER AND UNCOMPITENT EXECUTIVES IN HANDLING WORK ETHICS AMONG STAFFS). So, for this hotel if you read my review don't apologize to me. I had enough with this hotel even to hear the hotel name I still can't hear it.