Express Inn & Suites Junction City

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R$ 289


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1214 S Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441, USA - Junction, Kansas - Estados Unidos - 66441

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Excellent stay

Avaliou em 13 de março de 2020

We came to stay the night since we were traveling, and the desk clerk was really helpful when we arrived. The staff overall was really nice and the rooms were very clean. If anyone needs a place to stay the night I very much recommend this place. It’s also at a very affordable price.


Do not book this hotel!

Avaliou em 12 de novembro de 2018

Do not book this hotel! I booked this hotel in September 2018. When I arrived they said that we could not stay there because they had a main water break and had to evacuate the hotel. The lady at the front desk gave me her name and hotel phone # and said to call if I had any trouble receiving a refund, and I have called at least every other day since then, and no one answers, every prompt hangs up on you, and there is not way to leave a message! I have still never received a refund.

Jennifer B

No Water, among other things.

Avaliou em 29 de setembro de 2018

We arrived and there was no soap and then we noticed the mold on the ceiling and the stains-on the door and bed that looked like blood. The pillows were limp and flat and the wifi spotty. There were only 2 towels and no handtowel, but we figured we could manage. At 2:05am the fire alarm went off. There was no ice (broken), the pool was "temporarily" closed, no 24 hour coffee and no continental breakfast. In the morning there was no water, so no shower, no flushing the toilets, no water to drink but then we didn't have a glass anyway. When we went to the desk no one was there and no one came when we rang the bell or tried to call them. We tried to cancel our reservation for the next night and when we finally reached them by phone hours later they said they couldn't do that.



Avaliou em 26 de setembro de 2018

This place is terrible! Dirty corners in the room and bath, no soap, smells funny. Breakfast??? If you like weak, luke warm coffee, fruit loops and Frosted Flakes, hostess donuts. They did not know about our rewards points payment and nearly charged us twice. No ice, no pool.

terry t

Not worth the price

Avaliou em 16 de julho de 2018

The gentleman that check us in was great. First found out there was no pool. The room was okay. The bathroom had an odor to it as well and possible mold on the ceiling. By morning, we found out the hard way that the sink leaked. A bag was put under there for storage and everytime the sink was turned on the pipe leaked onto the bag. All of the clothes in this bag were soaked from numerous people washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and dumping drinks that were left over from dinner. The breakfast was terrible, no variety and hardly anything was put out. So we drove across the street to McDonalds. Talked to the person at the desk and she offered a dryer which I declined since they needed to be washed due to whatever leaked from the sink, I was given a card and told to call back to talk to the manager. I called to speak with the manager later that day and was told to call back in 10 minutes, that he was out of the building. Called again in 10 minutes and was told to call back in 30 minutes, the manager was still out of the building showing his new car to a friend. Called back again and was given the manager's personal number to call. Since the last call, I did laundry at another hotel, got dinner for the kids, made sure everyone was bathed and went to bed exhausted. I've since lost the card and gave up wanting to talk to anyone about my experience and to rectify the fact that I paid a lot of money to a hotel that should be charging about $40 per night.

Heather M