Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort & Spa

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Este hotel de praia de estilo tradicional está rodeado por jardins tropicais, situado na belíssima praia Klong Prao, em Koh Chang, a segunda maior ilha da Tailândia. A ilha é acessível de carro ou pelo ar, através desde Banguecoque, pelo aeroporto Trat, mais uma curta viagem de carro e ferry. O hote...

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Este hotel de praia de estilo tradicional está rodeado por jardins tropicais, situado na belíssima praia Klong Prao, em Koh Chang, a segunda maior ilha da Tailândia. A ilha é acessível de carro ou pelo ar, através desde Banguecoque, pelo aeroporto Trat, mais uma curta viagem de carro e ferry. O hotel conta com receção 24 horas, WIFI grátis, restaurante, bar, spa e bem-estar, piscina exterior, serviço de lavandaria, serviço de lancha, autocarro para o aeroporto, aluguer de carros e estacionamento gratuito.

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PiscinaBanho Turco.
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Avaliou em 28 de agosto de 2019

Hotel fascinante! Conseguiu ficar entre um dos hotéis mais lindo que já me hospedei pela Tailândia. Funcionários maravilhosos, estrutura incrível, cada detalhe de madeira cheio de personalidade e beleza. Café da manhã delicioso e diverso. Só o restaurante a lá carts que merecia um menu com mais opções e as que experimentei não gostei muito, mais ao redor tem muitos restaurantes bons.


So scruffy!

Avaliou em 23 de outubro de 2021

This I believe would have been gorgeous a long time ago, however now it is tired, scruffy and full of insects! Myself and my partner booked for 2 night and after the first night I HAD to leave. The rooms are beautiful, very traditionally Thai, however it was FULL of bugs 🤮 ants, ant flies, centipedes, you name it it was in the room - more specifically in the bathroom! This hotel needs some TLC - the building where you get breakfast is like faulty towers and was so dusty and dirty! The hotel breakfast is ok, terrible for anyone who doesn’t want to eat everything with meat and again - ants were everywhere! This hotel would be amazing however perhaps because of COVID this place has lost its touch and needs to get someone to sort out the insect problem and/or pull every building down and make it look less scruffy. The location is also terrible, down a really long road with lots of soi dogs so you can’t walk anywhere easily. I do not recommend this place and hope that the hotel manager/owner sees this comment and If they can, put some money into the hotel.


Very Bad Resort

Avaliou em 19 de julho de 2021

I am not sure if this is a 4-star or a 5-star hotel. No matter what, I got a very bad experience with the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I was not allowed to park my car in the hotel, I had to park outside the hotel because I was told the area in front of the hotel was just for pickup and drop-off only, and the cars I saw in front of the hotel would be moved soon. But in the following morning, they were still there. So was it a kind of discrimination? Did I look not rich enough? Although no one had been allowed to park their cars in front of the hotel, I do not like the idea that I had to park my car outside the hotel. Thank God, my room was big and clean enough, but it did not end there. In the following morning, I had to walk quite far to another building to have breakfast. When I was there, I was told to take my shoes off to enter the restaurant! Yes, I am Thai, and I know we are supposed to take our shoes off when we enter someone’s house or a temple, but it is a restaurant. You are asking your customers to touch their shoes before they eat? Besides, it was a buffet so everybody touched their shoes, then picked up their food. That is gross. And do not tell me you asked your customers to use alcohol gel. It just kills germs, it does not get rid of dirt. And on the second day, it was a la carte, not a buffet, so did waiters wash their hands before they served my breakfast after they touched their shoes? I tried not to think about that while I was eating. So you are so lazy to often clean your floor that you ask your customers to take off their shoes. Moreover, your floor was dirty because my feet were dirty after that. If I had known before, I definitely would not choose to stay at this hotel. Generally, the food was OK, but the waffle was very bad. And I asked for an over easy egg, but I got a sunny-side up egg. What was wrong with you guys? One good thing was that they served iced coffee at breakfast. The WiFi there was a joke. Although the signal seemed strong, I could not be online. I had to use my cellular service. In conclusion, I definitely do not recommended this hotel, and I will not stay there or at any Santhiya somewhere else again.


Mouse problem in paradise

Avaliou em 7 de julho de 2021

We stayed in a private villa suite that had its own pool. The nice part is that the fence allows privacy but there were so many mosquitoes that we couldn’t sit next to the pool nor enjoy swimming in it without being bit. The hotel didn’t spray the grounds and were slow to bring us the incense coils when we asked. The beach and main pool is very nice and there is free kayaks. The a la carte food menu was good (though pricey) but breakfast was simple with few options. Unfortunately we had a mouse in our room who would eat our soap and run around the bathroom and closet. We told the front desk but they didn’t do anything about it except put in a trap which the mouse ate the food but didn’t get caught. We expressed concern and disgust everyday but the hotel didn’t offer to move us or mitigate the problem. They only offered at the very end to reduce our hotel rate if we sign something to say that we won’t provide negative feedback. We did not accept the discount because I felt it goes against free speech and honest reviews. Would not recommend this place.


Good escape

Avaliou em 19 de abril de 2021

We were lucky to get the pool and sea view room. The room was clean and spacious. I loved the bathtub. The hotel had a lot of good smell flower trees all along the walking way from lobby to your room. The breakfast was delicious as well. They provided both Thai and western foods. Staff were friendly.