Las Cuevas Beach Lodge

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Las Cuevas, Las Cuevas Beach Lodge ficará à beira-mar, a 15 minutos de carro de Las Cuevas Beach e de Maracas Beach. Este hotel de praia está a 13,2 km (8,2 mi) de Blanchisseuse Beach e a 26,4 km (16,4 mi) de Shoppes of Maraval. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Las Cuevas, Las Cuevas Beach Lodge ficará à beira-mar, a 15 minutos de carro de Las Cuevas Beach e de Maracas Beach. Este hotel de praia está a 13,2 km (8,2 mi) de Blanchisseuse Beach e a 26,4 km (16,4 mi) de Shoppes of Maraval. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Las Cuevas Beach - 0,6 km/0,4 mi - Maracas Beach - 8,1 km/5 mi - Blanchisseuse Beach - 13,2 km/8,2 mi - Shoppes of Maraval - 26,4 km/16,4 mi - Ellerslie Plaza - 27,1 km/16,9 mi - Jardim Zoológico de Emperor Valley - 28 km/17,4 mi - President's House - 28,1 km/...

North Coast Road, Las Cuevas, Trinidad and Tobago - Las Cuevas, Trinidad - Trinidad e Tobago

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Avaliou em 16 de agosto de 2022

Water was constantly leaking in the bathroom of the Deluxe room. The taps were not attached properly, and were loose. The toilet was dirty from the prior guests, and wasn't cleaned prior to our arrival. There were no thrash bins in the room. The bedspread was dingy. The TV didn't work. Internet reception was poor. The yard was muddy. This place is very run down. We were shocked on arrival. It's more like a house. Don't spend you money on this lodge which has little to offer, for the overpriced fees. We left early to get away from this despicable lodge!


Cosy ambience, great view, nice food, beautiful beach

Avaliou em 23 de julho de 2022

Great location overlooking the bay. It is 3 min from the magnificent beach. Wonderful sunset view. The owners are soooo nice. Local and delicious food. Local options for breakfast (try the callalou!). Easygoing and trustful place. Go for the terrace with the perfect view, the relaxed ambience and the food. Rooms are ok, big with small balcony, everything is old, but there is everything you need incl aircon.



Avaliou em 21 de maio de 2022

We arrived about 2:00, waited awhile before getting attended to, cause only one woman taking stock, cooking and had to be by the front desk. She finally gave us the key to the room. When we entered the room, the scent of the room was horrible!!! The cupboards and draws were very dusty, lots of mosquitoes, and the wifi wasn't working. We took a beach bath and decided we can't stay there. The back gate where the room was had a lock that couldn't lock. When we told her we couldn't stay cause the room smelled and the sheets were dusty. she offered us another room and said if I had told her before she would've opened up the room...isn't it the responsibility of the owner to clean the room without being told they should when expecting guests that paid a nice fee to stay🤔 We didn't get a refund, we just wanted to get out from that horrible place.


A little piece of rustic heaven

Avaliou em 23 de novembro de 2021

I strongly urge you as a completely an interested party to disregard any of the rubbish you read about this delightful comfortable little hotel. Personally I would call it a guesthouse because one feels more like a guest than just a person passing through. It’s not too easy to find if you arrive by the hours of darkness which because of flight delays we had no choice about. There is a very steep slope up to where you can park the car, but don’t be put off by that. We were greeted taken to our room given our towels and made to feel more like houseguests than a client. We were told that the kitchen closed at 8 o’clock, but we had time for a couple of well earned gin and tonic‘s after the slightly hairy drive to the hotel. Again, don’t be put off by that. When you arrive you may wonder where you have come to. The next day when you see the location you will be in Ratched. This is a far more rustic hotel that we are accustomed to using. Indeed, we were a bit taken aback but we were absolutely in captured by the warmth and friendliness of the place we join the one other guest and the family on the comfortable breezy terrace. Dinner was freshly caught local fish. Indeed, the fisherman was on the terrace with us. We enjoyed everything that we ate. The room was simple but had everything you needed. The shower worked perfectly and the air-conditioner was efficient and kept the room at a very pleasant temperature. We are not great fans of air-conditioning so tend to turn it off during the night because of the sinus problems it can cause but we slept like a pair of logs. The kitchen does close at 8 o’clock, but if I had one minor criticism it would be that menu start being thrust it to you to make up your mind at about 6:15. This is a might early by most tourists standards but probably not Americans who think that dinner after 6 o’clock is in unimaginable It is very hard to describe the sense of peace and tranquillity that we experienced here this was more like a family home then a hotel. Indeed, the name resort may be confusing to people come from Europe and expect swimming pools, bars, entertainment, and complimentary everything. There is thank God none of it there is a road to cross to go down to the beach but it is literally 150 m away. That said, you have quite a slope to negotiate going back up. The beach was closed while we were there but that is no fault of the hotel but the pandemic but unfortunately persists. Nevertheless cover this was honoured more in the breach than the observance and we had a most pleasant walk among the most beautiful scenery. One small warning, this is rustic Trinidad and they started cutting the grass opposite the hotel at 6:15 in the morning. As we have gone to bed comparatively early by our standards we didn’t care. In fact, the cast of the world do not permeate here much is a oasis of tranquillity and peace and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone


Management is Failure!

Avaliou em 17 de janeiro de 2021

So...2nd time at this venue, went last year November for a family members birthday, was excellent! Decided to visit and stay today, with my wife, everything again was excellent, service, food, staff... however there was 1 person, not sure if she is a part owner etc...her name is Vidya...if she is a part owner or manager...she needs to distant herself from that establishment.. See..thing start with..she claimed she upgraded us to another room free of charge, reason being, she chose to give our initial room which we booked online to other persons as they were a group and wanted them have rooms side by side...this was understandable, however when we got our room..the ac was non functional, when we mentioned it, she said it was a free upgrade...lolz... 2nd thing...asked for a bowl to make a chow...well that turned into a shootdowm on her staff members, as apparently, we are not even allowed to make a chow onsite....not a pot of food inno...a chow!!! This place is fine if you wanna go and stay in your rooms all day, all night, and escape to the sea, otherwise i wont waste my time. Your experience wil be great, but when you book online, just call to ensire Vidya is not there that weekend... I am accustomed travelling, i have satyed at the most expensive and the cheapest hotels/resorts, the 1st thing you will notice if you do the same, is management will do their best to accomodate and will most likely never say "no" Stood outside the kitchen, hearing this woman talking about all need to talk to him she said, he cant have that... next time, i will walk with my owm bowl to make chow...😀 Anyways, next went through all that, ofcourse you knw i and my wife feeling uncomfortable now, but still i say lets stay for lunch, only to hear that checkout is at problem there, but, if i decide to purchase lunch, can i not stay till we eat, without paying a late checkout fee? I mean any rational sane thinking person will know thats a profit!! So, wofe said, shes not feeling comfortable, so we decided to leave at the 11am based on them wanting more money while we ate.... cleared the room, only to reach to checkout, apparently there was some small charge we had to pay additional, not sure for what, seeing as we paid in full...never the less paid it, again..any rational thinking person regardless of what would have waived the $74. Based on the fact tht we did not even have an Ac... Again this is not on the staff..staff was excellent..and even felt bad... This review is purely based on the idiot named Vidya... not sure if thats the spelling...may be I...D...I...O...T... Keep it up...