ATLANTIC Hotel Münster

Com ótima localização no coração de Muenster, ATLANTIC Hotel Münster fica a poucos passos de Museum of Lacquer Art e a 4 minutos a pé de Teatro de Variedades GOP. Este hotel fica a 0,5 km de Ludgeriplatz e a 0,8 km de Museu da Cidade de Muenster.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 224 quartos com ar-c...

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Quarto luxo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto executivo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança



Máx. 3 adultos e 1 criança


Suíte (Prinzipal)

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Quarto conforto

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Com ótima localização no coração de Muenster, ATLANTIC Hotel Münster fica a poucos passos de Museum of Lacquer Art e a 4 minutos a pé de Teatro de Variedades GOP. Este hotel fica a 0,5 km de Ludgeriplatz e a 0,8 km de Museu da Cidade de Muenster.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 224 quartos com ar-condicionado, frigobares e máquinas de café expresso. As smart TVs com programas digitais garantem sua diversão, enquanto o Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado. As comodidades incluem cofres para notebook e escrivaninhas, além de telefones com chamadas locais grátis.Saboreie uma deliciosa refeiçã...

Engelstraße 39 - Münster, NRW - Alemanha - 48143

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Do not stay here. Ever.

Avaliou em 27 de junho de 2022

This was a horrible experience. We had to reserve two rooms for our family of four. This is pretty standard in Europe but unnecessary. Our little kids could have easily fit on a roll-out if they'd been willing to do this. One of the rooms was not ready at the check-in time as advertised. We huddled in one room and waited for the other room to be cleaned. This did not get done. We asked again to get our room ready. We were told it would be done shortly. It again did not get done. Finally, on the third try, it was cleaned for us, and we were able to get in about an hour-and-a-half late. Then, we were charged twice (double charged) for our rooms. I realized this the day after we had moved on from Muenster. I called immediately that next day, and the TWO different people with whom I spoke could not help me. I sent an e-mail as requested with my credit card statement attached. I received a reply over a day later. No apology. "We'll send it on to accounting." Still no response after a week. I wrote again. No response. You get the picture. The error was probably caused by their online booking system, and while an error like that is forgivable, the response is not. The customer service was just overall awful. To top it off, there was a kitchen fire and we had to evacuate the building on the morning of our checkout! Do. Not. Stay. Here. Ever.


Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart!

Avaliou em 21 de junho de 2022

This fabulous hotel did me a favor I will always be extremely grateful for. I didn’t actually stay the night (next time!), but because I arrived in Munster at 1am and had to catch a train at 3am, I needed a place to charge my electric wheelchair and my iPad for two hours without going to the hassle of paying for a room. Besides, nobody in Munster had available rooms anyway. The night staff at the Atlantic Hotel were super sweet, kind, and accommodating—they welcomed me in like family and helped me plug in my electronics in the lobby for the two-hour period I was there. Not all hotels will be as receptive to “guests” like myself who ask for this in this peculiar situation…but I was very impressed by this property! I encourage everyone to book a stay here while in Munster. I know I’ll be reserving a room at the Atlantic when I come to Munster next time. Thanks to all the staff present at the time for being willing to help me find a place to charge up, despite it being 1am! I will always be eternally grateful.


Beautiful hotel, but still teething problems

Avaliou em 3 de junho de 2022

This new hotel opened in August 2021. It is easy to reach, and to find the inside parking place. Parking places allow broad cars (e.g. SUV.’s) to park safely. The reception staff and the restaurant staff are very welcoming and helpful. We got a room upgrade : a spacious room with seating area and a spacious bathroom with shower. Bed and mattress of premium quality. There is enough storage space. There are enough lights, and a good bedside reading light. The WiFi is fast and free, although not secure. There is a safe, a coffee/hot water machine. There is, in theory, every day a complementary bottle of fresh water, coffee pods, teabags, sugar and milk. There is a very good and varied breakfast buffet. We also had supper : very good meal, very good wine. This is all positive …. but …. There are a lot of negative and irritating issues : the housekeeping staff works rather randomly and “forgets” to check if there is enough shower gel, water, coffee, shoe cleaning stuff, … Either their job does not interest them, or their education/formation leaves a lot to be desired, or, and I think this is also the case, their line manager is not strong enough to keep these essential workers motivated. One day the cleaner did not come (was waiting to go home, probably). As we were both tired of walking the whole day in the city, we would have enjoyed a nap in an freshly made bed, after having taken a refreshing shower. Alas, the bed had not been made, there was no coffee, so I had to go to the reception to ask for a cleaner to come, which he did. But he was in a foul mood, brutal with objects, banged the closet doors, banged all the objects he had to lift and replace. He was not brutal with us, probably because his German was not very good, if he knew any. We stayed there four nights : there has not been one day that I did not have to ask for missing things. On the day before we departed, the shower gel bottle was empty. The cleaner had already come and had not refilled it. So, again I had to contact reception. Of of the drawers containing glass cups always fell down, which was stressing and irritating (see also the intervention of the cleaner). He banged the drawer, which made a lot of noise. Eventually we emptied the drawer, so as not go be responsible for breaking cups and glasses. It is clear that this was a construction error, for which an immediate repair would not have to be expected. The water evacuation from the shower was not good, with constant risk of flooding the bathroom. I presume this is a maintenance problem, which I mentioned at the beginning of our staying, but which was not treated. The vapour evacuation system in the bathroom should be verified : it was impossible to take a shower, and afterwards get shaved: the mirror remained fogged for quite a long time. The vapour concentrated to water on the walls and on the door. There were no manuals for the coffee machine and the cooling/heating system, telephone. There was no “do not disturb” card and no “you can clean the room now” card.

It is a shame. This hotel should deserve four stars, but it is let down by some members of its staff. Maybe we can call this the teething problems of a new hotel. I can also imagine that it must be difficult to get good personnel for some functions. There might be a shortage of staff for the maintenance sector. I do not want to provoke gender issues, but sometimes I think women are better qualified for this kind of work from the beginning. Not because they are women, but because they probably perform the same tasks at home or for their parents, and are more experienced to see certain problems and to resolve them. The housekeeping staff needs a supervisor with enough “clout” to get these people working, and follow the procedures. I realised this specific personnel lives in its own world, with its own rules. Problem for the hotel’s direction ! Would I go back ? Certainly, it is a beautiful hotel, with a lot of possibilities, but it should address its problems. This is the reason why I cannot give a higher score than "average". What a pity !



Avaliou em 12 de fevereiro de 2022

We nipped in here for a quick drink and we were served by Saskia in the downstairs lounge. Super friendly, super fast and helpful. She brought the wine and then we moved upstairs to the sky bar. Also found out about weekend deals. Will definitely visit again



Avaliou em 11 de outubro de 2021

Pathetic, hotel staff is rude. Being in hospitality business you has to be polite but here except one receptionist everybody was arrogant. Most of the times they don’t know how to talk to international guests even manager.