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O hotel situa-se num penhasco à beira do mar em West End, a ponta mais ocidental da Jamaica. Daqui terá uma vista deslumbrante para o mar. Após cerca de 5 minutos de automóvel alcançará o centro da cidade de Negril e a praia. O hotel localiza-se a cerca de 90 minutos a oeste do aeroporto de Montego ...

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O hotel situa-se num penhasco à beira do mar em West End, a ponta mais ocidental da Jamaica. Daqui terá uma vista deslumbrante para o mar. Após cerca de 5 minutos de automóvel alcançará o centro da cidade de Negril e a praia. O hotel localiza-se a cerca de 90 minutos a oeste do aeroporto de Montego Bay. O resort-boutique termal, reinaugurado em 2006, contempla instalações naturais e holísticas, bem como serviço individual, de forma a realizar todos os desejos dos hóspedes. Os 32 quartos, as 6 suites de 2 quartos e a moradia de 6 quartos localizam-se em 10 cabanas que reflectem a vívida herança...

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THEFT & riff raff in the ghetto

Avaliou em 22 de fevereiro de 2020

DONT STAY HERE, unless you protect yourself and have nothing of value. I am very disappointed and I feel completely violated after what happened last night. In the middle of the night someone opened the door to my room and pushed the curtain aside. In the perfect angle to watch me through the glass doors. Perhaps they were waiting for me to fall back asleep so they could rob me. When I got up to relock the door, I saw a man outside my door. So, unless you like people in your room when you sleep, don’t stay here!! Other than that, everything else was good. Nice staff, nice location, nice views. I later realized this hotel is located in the “ghetto” and not worth the risk.


I feel I got scammed.

Avaliou em 10 de novembro de 2019

First of all, when I arrived, the lady at the reception was confused when I told her I had a reservation. Although I clearly had a confirmation from Airbnb, she had no idea I was coming. On a positive note, this lady was extremely friendly and nice. Just like with other places I've seen in Jamaica, it's been worn down and not taken care of properly. The pictures they put on their Airbnb profile are clearly from better days. But so far not even a problem for me, I would have still have gone for that. But... The deal on Airbnb was for a "serviced apartment" (there was another cheaper offer for a standard room on Airbnb as well). When I checked in they degraded me to a standard room. I couldn't even go talk with anyone at the reception in the evening, because the 24/7 reception was closed. When I talked to the owner through messaging the next day, he said for the offered price I couldn't get more than a standard room and that "something must have gone wrong". I could get the apartment if I would pay more. I reckon if they made a mistake in putting the deal online, they should not make their guests take the fall for it. Also, the restaurant and bar were out of business when I arrived. They conveniently "forgot" to mention that on Airbnb where they like to pretend it's a lively place. On top of that, I couldn't even take a shower because of lack in water pressure on the pipes and if that's not enough, the Wi-Fi did not work there either! After confirming my reservation, I immediately sent a message to the owner with a request. I never got a response. Only after I complained to the personnel the next day about not having a proper shower and I was put in the wrong type of room, the owner got back to my via messages through the Airbnb website. I never got to see him or talk to him directly. I had to go to another place for a drink so I could use their Wi-Fi to sort out this madness. I was supposed to stay for a week, but I left after the first night. I did get refunded partially, but ended up paying a lot more for one night than I supposed to.



Avaliou em 25 de abril de 2019

Me and my boyfriend booked this “hotel” for three nights. We booked it because the pictures showed a great resort and the price was good for what we wanted which was just a place to sleep since we had activities planned for the daytime. When we got there at 5:40 front office was closed for the day we had to get the room key from the bartender. No check or sign anything just straight to the room. Mind u we had to wander around for 5 minutes prior to find the bartender. There were cracks in every wall mildew on every concrete area outside and every single one of the cabanas are broken down the middle. We definitely were not staying there we booked another hotel and left about 30 minutes after getting there. The only positive is that the receptionist was really nice the following day and gave us no trouble when we asked for our money back. BUT BEWARE DO NOT BOOK I DONT KNOW HOW THERE IS A REVIEW SAYING IT IS GOOD DURING THIS YEAR.


Nice upgrades and beautiful views

Avaliou em 12 de março de 2019

Me and my girlfriend visited Negril Escape for 6 days in March. The property is well manicured and the buildings have a little wear. They had security and a gated parking lot and property. Check in was easy , with keys and wristband to hold onto it. They offered to carry our bags and let them bring our heavy bag. The room was clean with the needed supplies. Good working tv with dressers and comfortable beds . The bathroom had toiletries and clean, fresh towels . The hot water was being worked on and worked perfectly with good pressure when fixed. The property itself is a little rustic, but they have a nice pool area with chairs, mattress and couples cabana . The lighthouse is fun to jump from and has been reinforced with easy exit from the sea. We did not eat at the restaurant , but we did try to order drinks this time but the bartender said there wasn’t a drink menu. We visit a lot of places anyway so this wasn’t a deal breaker . We look forward to our next visit .


Sleep in Dive, snorkel, sun, dine.... repeat

Avaliou em 4 de janeiro de 2019

Amazing location on the cliffs in NEGRIL which is great for snorkeling, sun and diving amongst great people but the resort itself is very outdated.... I prefer the cliffs to the beach for the immense character and health of the reef, there is a tidal swell which makes entry and exit out of the water interesting at times and not for the light at heart but this place was perfect for us and I will even say that it had everything we needed to include a great free breakfast and a comfortable mattress.... our unit actually had a decent sized refrigerator and a small gas range but it lacked adequate utensils and water pressure from the kitchen sink. All of the amenities in the room were grossly out of date but the air-conditioner worked and we had what we needed but some darker Curtains would’ve been nice to keep more of the light out and the water pressure was certainly lacking in the shower but it worked. This place could be world class with some simple renovation but you can’t beat the location. They have weddings there on the weekends because the view of the ocean is so great and you will often times smell the guests taking advantage of the local wares. Definitely a weed friendly property. I enjoyed the relaxing nature of the management because there really weren’t any rules per se, which I appreciate because I like to dive from the cliffs and jump into the pool at any hour of the night which they didn’t seem to mind. The waters are a gorgeous blue color. The visibility was about 50 feet and the health of the reef was quite good, I never saw any larger aquatic life while snorkeling or diving but we saw dolphins occasionally swim past the resort. I was impressed with the health of the reef and there were a lot of tiny fish which are always fun to watch. I thought the diving with their local dive master, named Andrew, was simply fantastic and he took us on some great shore based dives and even taught my girlfriend how to dive and took her diving despite not having a certification. We were even allowed to use spearguns to capture some of the local bounty from the sea and they were even able to prepare it for us to eat, we were able to catch lobster, crab, snapper and even lionfish. There are some really amazing restaurants not too far from the property and everywhere serves amazing jerk chicken but some of the best places to eat were not easy to find because they were in gated communities for specific resorts but any searching of trip advisor will point them out but you need to try harder than one would think to find any of them, I liked Cool Vibes and Blue Mahoe very much. The sunsets here are second to none, try to request a room that actually has an ocean view because alot don’t... Everyone is on island time and be prepared to wait for just about anything..... We got a rental car and it was really nice to have and I for one, did not have a problem driving around but it does take some getting used to, driving on the opposite side of the road from America.