River House at Odette's

Em New Hope, River House at Odette's fica só a alguns passos de Delaware Canal State Park e de Delaware River. Este hotel fica a 8,3 km de Peddler's Village e a 25,8 km de Sesame Place.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 38 quartos com ar-condicionado. Wi-Fi de cortesia está disponível para manter voc...

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Quarto solteiro standard

Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto casal

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças


Quarto solteiro standard

Máx. 2 adultos e 2 crianças


Quarto casal standard

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças

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Saída até: 11:00

Em New Hope, River House at Odette's fica só a alguns passos de Delaware Canal State Park e de Delaware River. Este hotel fica a 8,3 km de Peddler's Village e a 25,8 km de Sesame Place.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 38 quartos com ar-condicionado. Wi-Fi de cortesia está disponível para manter você conectado. Banheiro privativo com chuveiros apresenta chuveiros com efeito de chuva e produtos de toalete de cortesia. As comodidades incluem cofres e escrivaninhas, além de telefones com chamadas locais grátis.Experimente as especialidades de um dos 2 restaurantes neste hotel. Relaxe com uma bebi...

274 South River Road - New Hope, Pennsylvania - Estados Unidos - 18938

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Amazing room & bathroom, but service leaves much to be desired

Avaliou em 16 de janeiro de 2023

What started as a great stay at a very fine looking establishment deteriorated into a 3-star experience in the morning during breakfast and checkout. Story below: We got to New Hope at 12noon with our 2 year old and saw the local sights and grabbed a bite before heading back to the hotel at 3p to check in. I pulled up to the valet and got all my bags out and headed upstairs to check in. The first thing the check in desk asked me was if anyone at the valet asked me if I needed help with my things, since she noticed I was carrying all my stuff myself. Honestly I hadn’t thought about it, but after being asked, it did strike me as odd that no one did - I had a lot of stuff with me (travel crib, suitcase, bags for baby, etc). We got up to our room - which was very nice, especially the rain shower and bathroom amenities - and rested for a while before heading out to dinner at 530. We then got back at 730, put the baby to sleep, and retired early. The next morning, we headed downstairs to have breakfast. When we got downstairs, there were several people seated in the restaurant, but there was no host at the podium to check us in. We waited 5 minutes with our baby and then finally had to ask someone at check-in to seat us. It was strange however, because we were in eyeshot of check-in the whole time, but they for some reason didn’t take any action to call someone over to seat us. Once we were seated, we got our menus and ordered. We asked to substitute the meat in one of the dishes with avocado. The waiter took our order, then after what seemed like twenty minutes, he came back and let us know that they didn’t have sliced avocado, but mashed avocado. We said that was ok. When we got our food, it turned out to be Guacamole. We wouldn’t have minded if he said Guacamole, but it certainly wasn’t “mashed avocado.” Not sure how you could have guacamole but no avocado - are they buying the guac in bulk instead of making it fresh? So far so good - still overall a 5 star experience, but this is where it goes south. We got our check and put our credit card down. First thing we noticed was they upcharged us for the “avocado” - whatever, understand that they may have to. However, after putting our card down, ten whole minutes go by and our waiter hasn’t come back to pick up the check. We finally have to flag someone down (again!), and so the Hostess comes over. She looks a little distressed, but is talking to us. Finally, we ask if our $30 dining credit would be applied to this check as there was no place to put down our room number to charge it to the room. She replies “well that’s because he didn’t charge it to your room” - um, that’s exactly what we were saying. Not sure what the defensiveness was about. We were already waiting far too long for our waiter to come back, and then we got a snapback from the next person we flagged. Anyway, she takes our card, re-runs it so that it charges our room, and comes back for us to sign it. We finally got up at 11:20a - a full hour and a half after we first got downstairs to have a simple breakfast. The whole thing felt extremely uncoordinated and for the price you pay, I expected not this. So now we’re late to check out because of the huge delay in processing breakfast, so we attempt to go upstairs, but find that our keycards are no longer working in the elevator. (Because it is past 11??). So then we have to wait another 10 whole minutes at the check in desk - because they are very busy! - just to get our keycard re-enabled so we can go upstairs, get our things, and check out. This was the final straw because I haven’t seen this happen at any hotel I’ve ever stayed at in my life. It just added yet another barrier to what should have been a smooth experience from start to finish, but I’m sorry to say we encountered a lot of friction along the way. At $400+ a night in a small town in PA, I expected a delightful stay. While the place looks and feels amazing, the operations were quite clunky and we had selected this destination so we would have a smooth ride having a toddler in tow. I didn’t ask for compensation at the hotel, but I am hoping someone sees this and is kind enough to consider doing something for us.

Naman B

COVID Friendly Hotel

Avaliou em 2 de dezembro de 2022

I would definitely not stay here in the future. Both my husband and I got COVID and called to see what our options were. Basically, we could come being sick and very positive with COVID or lose our money. They wouldn't even consider giving us a credit for a later date which seems very reasonable and no one is out money. They said they were getting a lot of the same calls as ours with people coming down with COVID and trying to cancel. Most likely if you're staying here, you're with someone who is sick with COVID and didn't want to lose their money. We thought about it ourselves, but in the end we felt terrible and our conscience wouldn't let us. This hotel is more worried about $$$ than anyone's health at their hotel. There are other hotels that seem to get better reciews in the area we'll try next time.


Nice facility, terrible sound proofing

Avaliou em 21 de novembro de 2022

The room was nice and the view was nice - but you would expect as much at $500/night in New Hope PA. However, what is absolutely unacceptable is the inadequate soundproofing of the rooms. What is the point of the peaceful view if you can't even get a full night of sleep? Had a room by the elevator and people coming out at 1AM, 2AM, 7AM, etc. and when they are talking, it literally sounds like they are in the room with you. Mentioned it to the front desk and they gave me a "sorry about that."


Best view in New Hope, PA!

Avaliou em 3 de novembro de 2022

I do not take my reviews lightly and this place was one of the hardest ones I ever tried to write. I wanted to love this place. The view is so wonderful. It is the best view in all of New Hope and Lambertville! The Amazing: The view, the seating, including the bar stools and outdoor furniture. The entertainment, especially Thursday night with Jersey Gina. The hotel rooms are modern decor and clean. The bartenders are great and very efficient at their job. They have a decent happy hour which is hard to come by in the aftermath of Covid on the restaurant businesses. They have bikes you can use on the towpath. I brought my own bike, so I did not use theirs. The Different: They call the roof top location ROOF. To see this part of the building you must be staying at the hotel or buy a membership. I heard the memberships started at $1,000 the first year and are now over that and there is a wait list. I do not get the allure and prestige of ROOF. We slept there and took our key (your Key lets the elevator open to ROOF) up to the ROOF. The view is nice, but it is nice from the restaurant too that is open to all. They have a different menu on ROOF, but it was not impressive at all, but it is more $$$ than the regular restaurant, which is saying something! On a hot day the sun beats down on ROOF and the shady spots go fast. The regular restaurant seating is better for a sunny day. The Average: Sorry we have eaten her many times. Everything from lunch to dinner to breakfast and happy hour. Nothing stands out. Nothing is above average. We have returned the hearts of romaine because there were no hearts of romaine in it! We have paid 100 plus tax and tip for a breakfast for four people. No one ate the potatoes they were served cold and over cooked. My poached egg came out broken! They waitress even said sorry about that? Who does that? You should have had the cook make another one. The waitress was telling us she had no idea why the Restuarant is so empty for breakfast because the view is so nice. She said more locals should come out and enjoy it. Considering that it was one of the worst breakfasts of our lives and very $$$ and we complained about the potatoes being served over cooked and cold. Nothing was done about it. I paid and left. I would never have breakfast here again. We had to check out of our rooms. So, I could not sit around and complain about it. The Rooms: They are more than nice. They are modern HGTV decor. The showers are great! Nice TV's too and comfortable beds. If you sleep on the street side, you will get about 20 mins of morning rush hour traffic going by. Not too bad. The locals have to get to work. The views and the balconies on the river side are beautiful and great for having a before dinner glass of wine. The cost of a one-night stay can be near $500.00 to over $1,000.00 depending on view and size of the room. As far as I can tell no room has a soaking tub so to me it is not worth the price, but many people stay here so it is worth the price to them. They get some of the highest prices for an overnight stay in the New Hope area. The Convenient: They have a great elevator. {that is wonderful because I have been coming to this area for 40 years and not every Inn or restaurant has an elevator or one that works all the time.) The piano bar is beautiful with cozy seats and the public bathrooms are clean and pretty. The Disagreeable Side: You pay for parking even if you get a hotel room. Parking is $20.00. The drinks are the most expensive in all of Lambertville and New Hope with Logan's inn coming in second. They make a big deal about ROOF, it is very overrated. When you ask a customer how is everything? Then they tell you the potatoes are all over cooked and came out cold you should do something about it. I mean it was all four breakfast plates. Next, will I be back? Yes, the view will take me back. Especially, the view, in the Fall! This place could be so much more though. Look at your menu and compare yourself to Zoubi where the food is amazing, and they get the prices you ask for. You should strive for excellent food, not just average, to below average food.


I’m a zombie today with 0 sleep!

Avaliou em 5 de setembro de 2022

If you want to sleep stay somewhere else. The hotel was built to perfection. The rooms are quite comfortable and all have a very large balcony onto the beautiful river front. The rooms are pricey so you expect top drawer. I didn’t sleep a wink. The rattling noise from the air conditioning unit and the inability to lower the temperature any further was unacceptable. More attention needed to the glass windows and the spiderwebs all throughout the balcony area. Other hotels do it believe me this hotel could handle it