Knights Inn North Attleboro

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Este despretensioso hotel encontra-se em Attleboro Area.

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Este despretensioso hotel encontra-se em Attleboro Area.

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Watched, but not in a good way.

Avaliou em 5 de julho de 2020

I received an unfriendly greeting and the only other time I saw any of the staff was when they were pacing back and forth in fron of my rooms window. Pointing the camera side of their cell phones into the room as if trying to record something.



Avaliou em 8 de abril de 2019

These people are scamming people’s pet friendly online reservations no fee when you get there 25.00 fee plus another fee a bill your quote is 70 dollars more if love cockroach this the place is the place to stay. When you confronted them about all these fee they don’t have nothing to do with the prices online I give them a zero I would . They need to hire better house keepers plunged the toilet then walk through room with dirty plunger dripping on the rugs gross.

Rebecca R

Crappy Customer Service

Avaliou em 26 de outubro de 2018

A person one would think that if you were staying three weeks for work that if you called and asked them why you’re missing NBC and Fox on the TV that they would try to fix it? But after calling for days this week TV still doesn’t work the World Series is on and they are very very rude. Went down to ask nicely if there was something they could do or someone they could call and he was eating his dinner behind the counter with his shoes off and feet up in the chair and was like nope can’t help you won’t help you so just very very rude customer service and it’s time to go to a different hotel tomorrow for the last 14 days I’m sure someone else will want our business!!


Too good at the rate

Avaliou em 26 de setembro de 2018

69USD weekly rate is too good for 2 weeks. Have microwave and freeze and AC all in working condition. Access Uber flawlessly On the S Washington Street Wallmart Gasbarro very near Little outside noise but at this price point it is OK Breakfast bread, coffee, bagels, waffles


Spend a couple more bucks on something better

Avaliou em 28 de agosto de 2018

I stayed here for one night while seeing a concert nearby. The lady at the front desk wasn't particularly friendly. When I called the front desk because the wi-fi wasn't working, she basically said it wasn't her problem and gave me the phone number for the internet provider, making sure to remind me not to use the hotel phone to make the call. Additionally, there was a loud group of people whose rooms seemed to surround mine. They were frequently gathered right outside my door, drinking and smoking past midnight. Also, the ice machine didn't work! I know this place is cheap and frequently I'd file this under "you get what you pay for", but I'd definitely shell out a few more bucks to avoid this place next time.