Rome Vatican Suite Caio Mario

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Este agradável hotel está situado em Vatican. Os viajantes podem usufruir da ligação Wi-Fi nas áreas públicas.

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Saída até: 11:00

Este agradável hotel está situado em Vatican. Os viajantes podem usufruir da ligação Wi-Fi nas áreas públicas.

Via Caio Mario, 12, 00192 Roma, Italy - Roma, Lazio - Itália - 00192

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Me senti em casa

Avaliou em 16 de março de 2016

O local é muito aconchegante. Fui com minha esposa e nos sentimos em casa. Os funcionários são muito atenciosos e prestativos. O local é limpo, confortável e com decoração bastante moderna. O elevador é uma experiencia à parte :) Está localizados a apenas algumas quadras do vaticano e tem acesso fácil ao transporte publico (metro e onibus). Apesar de estar com carro alugado, usei o transporte publico para ter acesso ao centro de Roma.

Marco B

Vizinho do Papa

Avaliou em 30 de julho de 2013

Fica perto do Vaticano, dá pra ir à pé. tem Metrô perto também. Na verdade é um super-apartamento que foi tranformado em hotel. O quarto é amplo, o banheiro bom. Tem um café da manhã ótimo (com direito a uma Nespresso), apesar de ser servido na cozinha do apartamento, mas nada que abale a qualidade. O Hotel é gerenciado por dois irmãos que poderão te ajudar, pois falam inglês e dão boas dicas. Dica extra: se precisar ir para o aeroporto, peça indicação de uma carro com motorista que eles indica, pois é luxo total e o preço bem honesto!



Avaliou em 11 de novembro de 2018

Was in August 2017 with a friend. A grandiose place that causes a feeling of admiration from the structure and architecture itself. Murals, statues and domes leave an unforgettable impression. I believe that everyone who visited Rome should visit the Vatican.


Convenient for the Vatican

Avaliou em 30 de abril de 2018

Just a 10 or 15 minute walk from the Vatican Museums and convenient for transport systems to reach other areas of Rome, this place is comfortable but not the "hotel" that we may have been expecting. Rooms are in an apartment and welcoming, helpful staff are available to check you in and provide breakfast. Apart from that nobody is present at other times. Breakfast is sufficient with a reasonable choice. The owner will book taxis if required and give advice where necessary. The rooms are simple, but comfortable enough for a couple or three nights in Rome. Ideal location with plenty of local restaurants and bars.


Poor way to treat customers!

Avaliou em 17 de setembro de 2017

We booked the Rome Vatican Suite after seeing that it had free parking, apparently good Wifi and a good location. The location, admittedly, is pretty good. A five minute walk to the metro station and about 15 minutes to The Vatican. That's where the good stuff ends. On arrival, parking was a nightmare. It's all on-street, you have to pay as all the free parking spaces are never available, despite what the hotel management say, they are very narrow and every other car is full of dents. Also, you need to re-new the ticket every eight hours. So if you go into Rome at, say 10 in the morning, you would have to return at 6 to re-new the ticket which is then free from 8pm to 8am. A bit of a nuisance when it says there is free on-street parking. Don't believe it. The manager took us to a parking garage but it was shut and then that was that! When we finally got to the "Suites" we were welcomed warmly, but told to go away and come back again as the room was not ready. It was 38 degrees outside and midday so not the best thing to have to do. We finally checked in and were then told that the credit card machine was not working and that we'd have to pay cash. This was not a problem as there was a cash machine around the corner. Stupidly, we did not get a receipt. The Wifi was non-existent, by the way. It simply did not connect. When we mentioned this we were just told "Oh, it normally does" and, again, that was that. Breakfast is almost comical. There were a few ham sandwiches a few different yoghurts and some cereal to choose from. We had no cups for coffee so had to use the ones from the rooms. The "breakfast room" is actually the end of a corridor and right outside the door of the room we stayed in. We could hear the manager clanking about from very early on and it was just a bit annoying. However, the strangest thing was that if you are a party of four, you cannot sit together as tables are just for two. You can, I suppose, perch another chair on the end of a table. When some other guests arrived to eat, it was really quite uncomfortable. It was like eating breakfast in a stranger's hallway! The coffee was only lukewarm and no-one showed us how to use the other coffee machine either. This may have been, however, because the manager was absent dealing with our "key" situation. My partner had gone downstairs at 8am to put more money in the parking meter and, on returning into the building, the key snapped in the lock. This was no-one's fault - just something that happens. However, after reporting it to the manager, she then came to our room saying she had some "bad news". The owner wanted 50 euros to fix the lock. We, of course, refused to pay. It's not as if we had done anything malicious and, after a brief conversation on the phone we said we would not be paying again. We checked out shortly after with the whole thing leaving a bitter taste in our mouths. It got worse, though. We discovered a few days later that, lo and behold, the credit card machine must have been working as they had managed to charge us for the stay again - remember, though, we had no receipt for the cash transaction we had made. Luckily, we managed to sort this out with and the money was returned but only after the owner of the "Suites" had contacted us via email, telling us we had "behaved badly". When we asked what this was meant to mean, she simply screenshotted a review we had left on claiming we were lying. All the above happened. It's all true! It's a real shame as the place has the potential to be superb, but it just isn't yet.