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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Rosenberg, OYO Hotel Rosenberg TX I-69 ficará a 15 minutos de carro de Fort Bend County Fairgrounds e de Sugar Land Town Square. Este motel está a 18,4 km (11,4 mi) de Smart Financial Centre de Sugar Land e a 30,6 km (19 mi) de Katy Mills Mall. As distâncias são a...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Em Rosenberg, OYO Hotel Rosenberg TX I-69 ficará a 15 minutos de carro de Fort Bend County Fairgrounds e de Sugar Land Town Square. Este motel está a 18,4 km (11,4 mi) de Smart Financial Centre de Sugar Land e a 30,6 km (19 mi) de Katy Mills Mall. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Fort Bend County Fairgrounds - 1,7 km/1,1 mi<br> - Parque Histórico de George Ranch - 17,8 km/11 mi<br> - Smart Financial Centre de Sugar Land - 18,4 km/11,4 mi<br> - Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land - 19,4 km/12,1 ...

28382 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471, USA - Rosenberg, Texas - Estados Unidos - 77471

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Avaliou em 27 de agosto de 2021

When I arrived my first reaction was to keep driving . I travel a lot because of my business And I’ve been on lots of hotel properties and I never seen a hotel exterior as bad as this . And I agree with the one review I read : “ it’s the section 8 of Rosenberg, Texas. Now for the rooms . The rooms aren’t that bad It was clean . And they are fixing it up as best as they can . But it is for one to Two nights .


Broken window on roo

Avaliou em 9 de maio de 2021

Got met for room window was shattered and held together with packing tape. Opened room the room was filthy had old clothes in it and trash. This place is an rat hole. They do not want to give my deposit back. Don’t book an room here at all costs.


Make a reservation at your own risk!!!!!!

Avaliou em 13 de novembro de 2020

I recently made a reservation at the OYO hotel in Rosenberg, Texas. I had to cancel my reservation due to contracting COVID. I cancelled my reservation before the deadline, however, the hotel would not give me a refund and they charged the whole amount to my credit card. DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION AT THIS HOTEL!!!


Only If You Have No Other Choice

Avaliou em 1 de janeiro de 2020

Welcome to Rosenberg’s Section 8 Housing Project. Many of the tenants look like they have been here a long time. There are plants and Christmas lights they have put in the windows to make it more homely during their stays. For many people this place and places like it are the last stop before becoming truly homeless when rent has become too high or your credit has been damaged. It was Christmas time when we visited here. The place was not at all festive except for resident-placed decorations. My room was supposed to cost $772 plus approximately $130 in taxes. All in cost ended up being $940 after a $100 security deposit. I do not have much, but I like to share my perspective to shed light on how places are and the conditions they expect people to live in or contend with when they visit. On arrival, the lines in the parking lot were badly faded or gone completely. The ditches on two sides of the hotel are filled in which explains the water damage in the bottom floor units. There were potholes at the entrance filled with water. The parking lot was badly cracked. There was roof damage and there were signs of water leaks and termites in the roofing outside. When I could not figure out how to use my room key I had to ask for help. The key touches the door sensor but does not go into or slide through a card reader like most hotels. One of the staff called out to me to get my attention by yelling out,” Hey, (skin color not given) guy!” I’ve been called worse but in my experience it is never polite or professional to call out to someone using the color of their skin to get their attention. Fortunately, I am not sensitive to this particular reference. I have been called many things by many people in my life. I went about my business after being flagged down this way. It was another staff member wanting to show me how to use the room key. Thank you. Learn some manners. Air conditioner in room did not work well at all. It cooled off faster when I opened to room door and allowed cool air in from outside. Forget sleeping during the day time hours - not possible. Pounding running foot steps overhead. Dogs barking. Loud, booming rap music being played at times. Kids playing trash can basketball in the court yard. Occasionally someone turns the bass all the way up and blasts their speakers for a few minutes. The dogs here go crazy when this happens. Empty snack machine and coke machines. Stayed empty for duration of visit. Manager in office was on phone when I walked into office second day of my stay. Made me wait five minutes for him to finish call before greeting me and providing basic customer service. I had gone in for something simple. He asked me what my occupation was and then assumed he knew about my life based on how I looked. He seemed a bit condescending. The mark of a professional they know never to assume anything about anyone without verifying the assumption as fact before presenting with the assumption outwardly. Coca Cola machine on site was on, but visibly damaged and sold out. There is a second one in a hallway outside next to a very dirty ice machine. If you want a soda go to the office. Plenty of places within walking distance for food and drink. ATM is onsite but it is in the old office which remains locked at all times so you cannot get to it. There is no pool or continental breakfast as says there is. There are no accessible kitchen facilities - stove is locked up in old office. There is a microwave and a mini fridge in the room. Broken clothes washer outside, maintenance spilled red paint on it and left an out of order sign on it. It was unplugged. Washing costs $2.00. I called the Coinmach company to report the broken machine and they do not own or service these machines anymore even though the stickers are on the front of the machines. Maintenance has been painting the outside of the hotel. They are not using drop clothes or tarps to cover the cement and are dripping red paint everywhere. They are leaving spent paint rolls on the cement. The maintenance men are tenants who live here in the Motel. This place should be stripped of its two star status and inspected by the health department to force them to do repairs. Mold around edges of bathroom door and along base of the drywall from flooding inside during Hurricane Harvey. Rather than trying to fix the damage they covered it up with black vinyl trim along the base of the wall. Four total machines to wash and dry, one washer broken, all machines exposed to weather but under overhang, machines visibly dirty German roaches in units Weatherstrip at bottom of hotel room not attached to floor Housekeeping overrides dead bolt if you do not answer door for them, they usually come around between ten and eleven a.m. to pick up your towels. Walls, ceilings, furniture in rooms visibly damaged Toilet paper dispenser ripped off of wall and missing from bathroom Open hole in ceiling over shower with wires hanging out in wet area, electrocution and fire hazard Damaged electrical strip mounted to front of desk where kids can reach in and touch wires Maintenance mops units with a dish rag duck taped to a square mop head. The dirty dish rag is reused without washing it. I have pictures to prove this. The floors in our unit were so dirty with grime that our feet turned black from walking in it. We could not go barefoot in room. Bath tub had an extremely slow, border-lining on fully-clogged drain when we arrived in the room. None of us had long hair fortunately but even small amounts of dirt were retained in the bottom of the tub because of the drainage problems. Bring your own bug spray and treat your room before bringing in your stuff. Ortho or Bayer work great. There is a lot of trash on the ground here, especially cigarette butts and beer cans. Maintenance does not do a good job cleaning up the grounds from day to day. Plusses - hot water, bathroom recently redone, directv cable with some movie channels, granite countertop at bathroom sink, good access to I-69/Interstate 59, there is a lot of new construction of restaurants and gas stations nearby, affordability is great compared with other places but the drawback is that the deposit adds an extra $100 to your cost on top of the $100 for taxes and $772 for room and board. In short: Money being paid in is not be applied enough to keeping this place looking decent or up to code. This could easily be a nice place to stay if they did some basic maintenance and cleaned it up. Recommendation: Educate staff on right way to clean, repair, maintain hotel. Fire anyone who does not do their job. Hire professionals to do the needed repairs. Respect your guests.


rude front desk and bed bugs !!!!

Avaliou em 16 de dezembro de 2015

This place charged my card twice in one week, the front desk argued with me and didn't want to give back the money! This place has bed bugs were the worst experience ever ready to file a claim against this place this place is not worth staying !!!

sherry z