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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Rodeway Inn Salem, ficará numa localização central em Salem, a 10 minutos de carro de Salem Riverfront Park e de Salem Hospital. Este hotel está a 4,6 km (2,9 mi) de Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion e a 18,6 km (11,5 mi) de Oregon Garden. As distânci...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Com uma estadia Rodeway Inn Salem, ficará numa localização central em Salem, a 10 minutos de carro de Salem Riverfront Park e de Salem Hospital. Este hotel está a 4,6 km (2,9 mi) de Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion e a 18,6 km (11,5 mi) de Oregon Garden. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Chemeketa Community College - 1,7 km/1,1 mi<br> - L. B. Day Amphitheater - 4,2 km/2,6 mi<br> - Salem Armory Auditorium - 4,4 km/2,7 mi<br> - Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion - 4,6 km/2,8 mi<br> - Willamette River - 5,1 km...

3340 Astoria Way NE, Salem, OR 97303, USA - Salem, Oregon - Estados Unidos - 97303

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Never again

Avaliou em 24 de março de 2022

I needed extra bedroom space for out of state guests. Rode way was close and convenient. BUT DIRTY DIRTY AND NOISY. Holes in wall that they plugged not knowing if cameras were being used or what. NEVER had a breakfast prepared. NEVER A DESK PERSON IN THE MORNING to talk to. This RODEWAY INN SUCKS.


Only if you have to!

Avaliou em 1 de novembro de 2021

The hotel does not comply with state mandated mask requirement. The room was dirty, the bedding old and shredded and worst of all, the pocket door that separates the room from the toilet was stuck open. We tried to pry the latch to get the door to close but no luck, no privacy. Also, there was grunge and mold on the shower door sill. The hotel has a no pet policy but my black sweatshirt was covered in dog hair after laying it on the bed. Frankly I am glad for the no pet's policy, I wouldn't want even my dog to stay here. The view out the window was of a very large, very disgusting, pitiful homeless camp. Stay at your own risk.


Awful, Disgusting

Avaliou em 2 de setembro de 2021

I rated this hotel with one star only because I couldn't give it less and still post a review. I just completed a 48 state tour and this is the only hotel all across the country that was so bad, I would never stay there again. My bad experience began with my reservation. To be fair, I made an error and shortchanged the dates I needed by one. You wouldn't think that adding a day would be a problem, but my reservation was non-cancellable, and apparently, they considered adding a day as a cancellation. I am a Diamond Elite Choice Hotel Privileges member and even Choice Hotels was unable to sway them. Instead, I ended up with a second reservation for one additional day. Great customer service! NOT! Also in my reservation, I clearly stated that I travel with a service dog. When I arrived to check-in, the front desk told me they don't allow pets. I explained that I had arranged this in advance and that this was a service dog, not a pet. The front desk then told me they don't allow service dogs! I explained the American Disabilities Act and that I was certain they would not discriminate against me because I am disabled. He repeated that they don't allow service dogs. I told him that they didn't really have a choice as the Justice Department frowns upon discrimination against the disabled and they certainly didn't want the Justice Department angry with them. During all this the General Manager was pacing around from his office to the Front Desk area, to another "staff only" area. The whole time he was talking on his cell phone in what appeared to be a personal conversation. Not once did he make eye contact with me or stop to address the situation. Finally, the Front Desk Clerk disappeared into the staff only area with the GM only to return and check me in without another word from him or the GM. Great customer service! NOT!!! My next problem came when I found which room they had assigned to me. They gave me the last room at the far end of the hall. There was an entrance/exit door next to the room, but there was a paper sign taped to the door stating that the door was not to be opened and anyone who did, would be asked to leave the premises. So, knowing that the door was defective or something, why on earth would you assign that room to the disabled guest??? It certainly wasn't because the hotel was full. I was only going to be there for a few nights so I chose not to complain about it. Great customer service! NOT!!! When I opened the door the stench of urine and wet musty old carpet slammed me in the face. I have had to stay in some pretty disgusting places in my youth, but this was the worst that I have ever encountered. Again, I chose to suck it up and tolerate it as it would only be for a few nights. The location of the hotel was convenient for my purposes and it was a Choice Hotels property which I always choose. The hotel had two handicapped parking places. One was constantly filled with a work truck of what I could only assume belonged to an employee. The other handicapped parking space was filled with a fairly newer model BMW or something similar. Again, it appeared to belong to an employee ... probably the cellphone talking GM. Neither of these vehicles nor the motorcycle that squeezed in to park between them displayed any handicapped plates or permits. Great Customer service! NOT!!! While walking my service dog on the property I noticed at least two different homeless camps on the property. The garbage in the dumpsters didn't appear to have been emptied in quite some time either. And for some reason, they had multiple signs posted for "Parking for Sleep Inn guests only". That was odd since they were operating the facility under the Rodeway Inn brand. There was no breakfast or even coffee ... "due to covid". There was no housekeeping ... "due to covid". There were also no discounts because there was no breakfast, coffee, or housekeeping due to covid. A sign on the door stating masks were required by all ... apparently, all except employees. I didn't see any hand sanitizer and as I mentioned before it smelled of urine and moldy, wet, old carpet ... not of disinfectant. I'm really curious what the covid measures they've implemented were because they certainly weren't obvious. On checkout, I reviewed my bill to discover they had charged me a pet fee for my service dog in violation of the ADA ... not only once, but twice! Remember, I was forced to have two different reservations because my reservation could not be modified to add an additional day. I caught the GM off his cellphone and he made the corrections for me. I followed up with my bank and indeed he had made the correction. What did I learn from the experience? First, I will NEVER stay at this particular hotel again no matter what brand name they choose to operate it under. Second, I will NEVER make a prepaid reservation again, even if it costs me more. Third, While I love Choice Hotels and will continue to use them exclusively, I will NEVER stay in another Rodeway Inn again.

Bob S

So gross we forfeited our reservation and cost and found a clean hotel down the road.

Avaliou em 1 de agosto de 2021

I read the reviews and for some reason convinced myself that we’d have a different experience. This is the first hotel that we’ve ever walked out of. Absolutely appalling that anyone would stay here. DO NOT BOOK THIS PLACE. PLEASE TRUST ME. There are tweakers in the parking lot, homeless people living in the field behind the hotel,and printed “COVID PATIENTS CAN’T STAY HERE” papers all over the place. Customer service was terrible, the place is gross.

eric s

Awful and sketchy place. Avoid at all costs

Avaliou em 17 de junho de 2021

I’m currently writing this from my car because of a sketchy person who asked “what floor are you staying on?” as soon as we arrive and the Front desk worker reveals our floor and room to him indirectly by stating our room and floor while receiving the key to said room. Immediately afterward the man chuckles and says, “Enjoy.” That is the sketchiest thing I’ve ever experienced at a motel/hotel whatever. As I left I walked down the stairs and noticed 2 bullet holes that have been plastered shut and the entire hotel smells like cigarettes. This place is absolutely disgusting and save yourself the money and mental stress by DODGING THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. You may even save your life by sleeping at a Rest Stop or literally anywhere else other than this garbage trash heap of a place you call an Inn. You may ask for a nonsmoking room but guess what? Smoking I actually allowed in all rooms because the entire place smells like cigarettes.