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With a stay at Park Avenue Villas Hotel in San Juan del Sur, you'll be steps from San Juan del Sur Beach and Lake Nicaragua. This hotel is 0.5 mi (0.8 km) from Petroglyph and 0.6 mi (0.9 km) from Church of Saint John the Baptist.Property LocationWith a stay at Park Avenue Villas Hotel in San Juan de...

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With a stay at Park Avenue Villas Hotel in San Juan del Sur, you'll be steps from San Juan del Sur Beach and Lake Nicaragua. This hotel is 0.5 mi (0.8 km) from Petroglyph and 0.6 mi (0.9 km) from Church of Saint John the Baptist.Property Location With a stay at Park Avenue Villas Hotel in San Juan del Sur, you'll be steps from San Juan del Sur Beach and Lake Nicaragua. This hotel is 0.5 mi (0.8 km) from Petroglyph and 0.6 mi (0.9 km) from Church of Saint John the Baptist. Distances are displayed to the nearest 0.1 mile and kilometer. Lake Nicaragua - 0.1 km / 0.1 mi San Juan del Sur Beach - 0....

De Rest. el timon 2 cuadras al norte 1, San Juan del Sur 48600, Nicaragua - San Juan del Sur, Rivas Department - Nicaragua - 48600

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DO NOT STAY - Lyndie Sterling is a two faced…

Avaliou em 22 de dezembro de 2022

DO NOT STAY - Lyndie Sterling, the building manager is two faced. She’ll tell you all the things you want to hear to get you in a unit and then go back on her word! The first night I moved in I had a friend over for 30 mins for sunset and shortly after we left I received a text message from Lyndie saying verbatim: “fyi no over night guests ✌🏼” I was upset and insulted that a 70 something year old lady would 1) insinuate my friend was staying over and 2) told no guest were allowed unless we paid a fee and registered them upon entry Like what? We’re in a tropical paradise why are the rules so tight She said it’s because of prostitution and if anything got damaged they’d know who it is. That’s f*cked. It’s a place of living, not a brothel, people should be trusted The rules here are as strict as they come… A laundry list of things to follow Felt more like what a prison would feel like in my opinion Can’t have a pair of shorts drying on a chair out front of your door without her knocking minutes later… Was blamed for hammering a nail into the wall that she had the other property manager look into… Was promised things upon moving in that never happened Ants in the unit they wanted to fumigate for Freezer that doesn’t freeze stuff And to make matters worse upon move out she told me I wasn’t allowed to have my own water pre filters back that I purchased and had installed with my own money She stated that now that it’s attached to the building “it’s hers!” I was infuriated, I ended up detaching the set up myself which led to a small leak because I wasn’t able to tighten the plastic fitting well enough The move out inspection led to me paying $23 US for the services she made up in her mind about what it would cost to have the repair man fix the leak This place is currently an old folks home with negative people. And nobody has anything good to say about their living situation there It’s just up the road from the loudest, busiest, nightclub Arribas in town. The music is felt through every unit on a deep bass level. I wore ear plugs every night and it took time to get used to the noise levels. Dogs barking in the alley to the left side of the building The owner isn’t regarded as the nicest man and doesn’t take much into consideration if/when problems arise. I wouldn’t stay here. I wouldn’t recommend this place and I feel like I got ripped off right at the end of my stay. I spent 30 mins writing this just to help people avoid the nightmare in the future. A couple nice thing I can say about this place are: The other building manager Elias is great! Cynthia, the cleaning staff member is lovely. Other than that it looks good on paper. I hope this helps you when making a choice on where to stay in San Juan del Sur. I’m happy I could write this for you! Let’s see the response this generates… ✌🏼❤️ @coreyrottenbucher


Robbed - DO NOT stay here!

Avaliou em 2 de fevereiro de 2020

At first we thought we had hit the jackpot with this place! Quiet location, staff were friendly enough, the view was great and we even splurged to have our own private balcony! This was until we caught the manager sneaking into our room from the attached room (which was supposed to be locked at all times!!) he said it was an accident when we confronted him and that he forgot we were there (we had been there for 2 weeks!!). We went to dinner that evening and came home to discover that our money was all gone!! They left our laptops, passports, credit cards all that were available to take but just stole the cash. We spoke with the Texan owners the next morning and as stated in other reviews he spoke down to us and blamed us for keeping cash in the room - very condescending and wouldn’t address myself as a female only spoke to my partner directly. We spoke to others around town after this and discovered this has happened here many times before. There are many other places that are much more trustworthy for the value and price you will pay for peace of mind! Hopefully this saves someone the hassle that we experienced and the feeling of being unsafe in your own apartment.



Avaliou em 11 de novembro de 2019

PARK AVENUE VILLAS HOTEL AVOID this place. The place is nice, but a little noisy. But the big problem was that money was stolen from my safe in the apartment even though I was informed at the check in, that only I and the owner had a key to the safe. I lost between 600 and 800 dollars It toke me a few days to get the prove that money disappeared from the safe. Once I had the proof I contacted the manager and the owner of the hotel. The manager was very professional and of course chocked, but he could do nothing without the owner. I tried several times to get in contact with owner by mail and even meet him twice, but he refused to talk to me and had the very arrogant attitude that I now understand from other people, is a normal attitude to clients and it is absolutely not the first time that clients are missing money and valuables. I tried one last time by E-mail to get and answer about how it was possible that money was stolen from a safe where only him and I had a key. I got of course no answer. Just to make everything clear: 1. I have proof and the hotel has them also, so there was never any doubt that it happened. 2. I have been correct and polite in the whole process and never ask about refund of my loss. And this, my first negative post ever, is not about I want money, it’s only to warn new tourists or others coming to San Juan against this very bad experience with this unpleasant and arrogant person in nice and pleasant San Juan. There is so many nice places here.


Our 3rd visit here, can't wait to go back again!

Avaliou em 1 de novembro de 2019

This was our 3rd stay at the Park Avenue Villas, all trips between 1-2 week stays for vacation. We love the friendly and hospitable staff and the balcony with the best view in SJDS! We have rented the Ritz, the Palace and the Seville condo-like suites - all three have been great and they all come with a kitchen, so you can cook some meals at 'home,' the staff will do you laundry if requested and will take care of any need you may have - if you just ask! The hotel is well built and take care of, thought out for space and daily use and situated just a block from the beach with access to the countless restaurants in town and the market and shops. Ralph and Renda will help you plan your visit, give you recommendations and can even take you sailing with their Exploradores Marinos (Sea Scouts) / "Sailing Nicaragua" on the Ericson 38 Eagle Dancer. STAY HERE and have a wonderful time - relax and sleep well.


Another great visit.

Avaliou em 2 de outubro de 2019

This is the only place I stay when I visit SJdS. The suite is very comfortable and quiet. I enjoy sitting on the balcony and checking out the village activities. The best place in town to watch the sunsets. The area is very peaceful. I definitely will return.