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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Stillwater, Lora ficará a 15 minutos de carro de Lift Bridge Brewing Company e de Parque Estadual de Willow River. Este hotel está a 25,8 km (16 mi) de Pistas de Esqui Afton Alps e a 44,8 km (27,8 mi) de Parque Estadual Interstate. As distâncias são apresentadas à...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Stillwater, Lora ficará a 15 minutos de carro de Lift Bridge Brewing Company e de Parque Estadual de Willow River. Este hotel está a 25,8 km (16 mi) de Pistas de Esqui Afton Alps e a 44,8 km (27,8 mi) de Parque Estadual Interstate. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Lowell Park - 0,2 km/0,1 mi - Saint Croix River - 0,5 km/0,3 mi - Warden's House Museum - 1 km/0,6 mi - St. Croix Islands State Recreation Area - 2,7 km/1,7 mi - Lift Bridge Brewing Company - 3,8 km/2,3 mi - St. Croix State Park - 4,3 km/2,7 mi - Loggers Tr...

402 South Main Street, MN 55082, Stillwater, USA - Stillwater, Minnesota - Estados Unidos - 55082

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Beautiful hotel, but highly overpriced with awful service and management

Avaliou em 23 de setembro de 2022

This hotel was very expensive, as in $506.00 for one night in a nice king room, but not a suite or anything extraordinary. Much more than I had ever paid for a hotel room and I've stayed at many high end hotels with extensive amenities, rather than a nice, but simple king room with one small window looking into the side of the adjacent building. However, it was a landmark birthday for my wife and we brought 14 friends for an expensive evening of dinner and drinks at their high end restaurant, so we booked the $506.00 room. My wife wanted to bring our dog along, which is allowed with a $75 fee on top of the $506.00. I asked the desk manager if, considering the significant outlay of $506 for a room and probably another $2000 with the guests with us if they would waive the pet fee. The pet fee included treats and a special bed, which I told them we didn't need. The desk manager said they wouldn't charge the pet fee. The next morning when checking out they added the $75 pet fee. I told the desk manager, who was different than the night before, that it was agreed to be waived. She then responded, "There was a note that they told you it couldn't be waived but you were very loud about it." That accusation/description is absolutely false. I talked privately to the desk manager and explained that I thought it would be a good gesture to waive it and she seemingly agreed. Nothing loud or even within earshot of any other guest. Best that I can figure out is that she was not supposed to waive it and her only way out of the circumstance was to lie about what had really happened. Long and short is very overpriced and awful service and management. If I ran my business in this fashion I would struggle to survive. I don't see this place surviving unless changes are implemented.

Dave B

Beautiful Hotel, Great Location

Avaliou em 8 de junho de 2022

We were so lucky to find this hotel after having a horrible experience at the Grandstay in Stillwater. This is located right on the edge of downtown Stillwater, walking distance from everything. It's in a beautiful old building and they've maintained a lot of the character ( I would've loved to learn more about the history). We had a king room, very nice and had a lot of great little touches which I appreciated, including robes, Aveda toiletries, chairs with foot rests so you don't have to sit on the bed to watch TV, great decor. They have a wonderful restaurant and Bar, Feller which is gorgous and had amazing food they also have an amazing coffee shop, Made which had great pastries, coffee and breakfast sandwiches. It was also VERY quiet I couldn't hear anyone in the rooms next to us or in the hallway which was nice. Highly recommended, amazing hotel!


Beautiful hotel awful vindictive staff

Avaliou em 25 de fevereiro de 2022

We had our wedding here and then stayed two nights in the hotel after. We were told we could charge the wedding expense to the room so it could be one total bill. On the morning of our checkout at around 9am (checkout is 11)I got woken up to one of the front desk workers and two police officers knocking on the door. The woman (short, brunette, late 30s, rude temperament) told me that I needed to pay my bill because it was over a thousand dollars. I told her that we were told we would pay upon checkout. I had actually called a week in advance to clarify this. And she told me that because my bill was so high (over a thousand) and that because a thousand dollars is a lot of money I needed to pay right then, she actually kept mentioning that a thousand dollars is a lot and a liability which is insane. So I was then accompanied by this woman and two police officers to the front desk. Where she told me my card that she had been attempting to debit the day before wouldn’t go through for more than $600 or so dollars. Unless she’s brand new at her job or just incompetent she would have known and come across card daily limits before. Especially at a hotel where the rooms are over $240 a night. Mind you I asked her why if payment was an issue why I wasn’t contacted before the police were at my door and she told me she had called our room the day before and my cell that morning, I asked why she hadn’t called my cell phone before this morning (and I checked she literally called me 15 minutes prior to standing outside our door with the police, and we were sleeping) which is the appropriate route because who’s to say I’m in the room to answer the room phone and she told me they call the room phone to contact guests. Which is wildly inconvenient and unreliable and if you’re going to call the police you would think you would have attempted to really get a hold of me beforehand unless she was just going out of her way to humiliate guests. She told me that every wedding before paid in advance, and I told her that we were told it could be billed to the room. It wasn’t even something I asked for but something that was offered as an option. Why allow guests to do this and then humiliate and criminalize them when they use that option? The bill was paid and the police left and she told me checkout was at 11 and said in the most condescending evil tone “congratulations on your wedding” HUMILIATING experience, and a completely sour evil woman and awful experience. If you get married here pay in advance and stay in a different hotel or your will be treated like trash. That or we were targeted against because my husband is Muslim and I guess that means we can’t pay our bill so the police need to escort us and our debit cards to the front desk two hours before checkout. Thank you Lora Hotel for the outstanding service.


Cute & Expensive

Avaliou em 7 de fevereiro de 2022

Friday night stay for room 404 king size bed was $415. The hotel is quaint and well designed with historical architecture as it’s advantage. Room amenities are high quality and bathroom was very spacious. The window on the other hand was small and the view was of a stairway. Room area is small , for the price we paid we were expecting a little more 🤷🏼‍♀️



Avaliou em 18 de janeiro de 2022

$400 for a single nights stay to sleep in a king sized bed strategically placed in a cubicle with a large shower. 2 days later I received an additional $58.00 charge for the honor bar. The $58.00 charge was for a small bottle of cheap wine, 2 candy bars, 2 cans of pop and a small bottle of water. The room was clean with a fantastic view of a brick wall facing the adjoining building. Save your money and stay elsewhere!

Rod B