Cascadas Family Resort

Com excelente posição em Sunny Beach (na área de Chaĭka), Cascadas Family Resort fica a apenas 15 minutos de caminhada de Action Aquapark e de Praia Ensolarada. Este apart-hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 1,6 km de The Bridge - Sunny Beach e 2,1 km de Casino Hrizantema.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 2...

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Estúdio standard

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Estúdio luxo

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Apartamento luxo, 2 quartos

Máx. 6 adultos e 5 crianças


Apartamento standard, 2 quartos

Máx. 6 adultos e 5 crianças


Apartamento luxo, 1 quarto

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças


Apartamento standard, 1 quarto

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças


Large Standard Studio

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças

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Saída até: 12:00

Com excelente posição em Sunny Beach (na área de Chaĭka), Cascadas Family Resort fica a apenas 15 minutos de caminhada de Action Aquapark e de Praia Ensolarada. Este apart-hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 1,6 km de The Bridge - Sunny Beach e 2,1 km de Casino Hrizantema.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 220 quartos com ar-condicionado que apresentam cozinhas americanas com geladeiras e cooktops. Os quartos possuem varandas particulares. As TVs de tela plana com programas digitais garantem sua diversão, enquanto o Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado. As comodidades incluem micro-ondas e chaleiras...

149 Chaika St. - Sunny Beach, Bourgas - Bulgária - 8240

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 12:00

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WARNING- many rooms are private apartments nothing to do with the hotel itself. The apartment was awful.

Avaliou em 11 de setembro de 2022

This is a privately owned apartment in the Cascadas resort (apartment A39 in block 9). This apartment is nothing to do with the hotel, you can’t check in at reception or even get a map of the resort from reception but you can use the pools and grounds which are stunning. To get in the owner uses WhatsApp to Google translate and sends an employee of hers to meet you. The Employee knows about 3 words of English- once you are shown to the apartment she then takes the £200 Bulgarian levs off you in cash but will not give a receipt- we asked for one several times. So already felt on edge and like we were going to be ripped off. We arrived late at night - be aware there is nothing at all in this apartment so couldn’t even make a coffee or get a drink as all the resort shops where shut. We went straight to bed- there is a double bed and single arm chair bed that is only suitable for a child (I was staying with my mum and was expecting to be able to use the small bed but couldn’t). The bed has a very firm mattress which at first seemed good but both of us were waking up aching especially as the pillows are the thinnest pillows I’ve ever known and lumpy. The air conditioning is also directly over the bed so you can either sleep with the air conditioner blasting directly on you (it’s freezing) or be too hot by turning it off, neither of us got more than a few hours sleep each night due to being so uncomfortable. In the morning is when we saw the state of the room, it’s described as a deluxe apartment but there isn’t even a toaster or microwave. There are jars in the room that have obviously been used by other people but not cleaned as powder is all over the jars, there is a sandwich toaster in the room but it was filthy covered in someone’s old cheese!!. We put up with this as we knew we wearnt going to be using the room much, The bathroom was our biggest issue, it is tiny but has a washing machine shoved in there. There are no shelves or full length mirror. The shower tray wouldn’t drain, there wasn’t anything obvious blocking it, but also the tray was leaking at the bottom and soaking through onto the bathroom floor, and the shower door didn’t shut fully so had to shower at a funny angle to avoid even more water on the floor, as the week went on this got even worse everyday and my mum ended up slipping and hurting herself, it meant the bathroom was filthy dirty. we contacted Agoda to see if we could get a refund for last two nights stay and move to another hotel but Agoda & the owner refused, the owner sent round the lady who took our deposit and her husband who had a look - he plunged the shower but couldn’t fully fix door or the leak at the bottom. And said he would speak to the owner and be back in 5-10mins- he never returned- the owner then WhatsApped to ask what time we were leaving the following day, I asked when someone was coming back to sort the shower but she ignored me, the following day 10 mins before we had said we were leaving a plumber turned up!! The owner obviously used us to let the plumber in!! The owner knew there was a problem with the room hence having to get the plumber in but still wouldn’t give a refund (we would of changed hotels a few days prior if we could of got a refund) The lady did come and gave the deposit back which was very annoying to have 200 Bulgarian levs left on our last day!!. Agoda did not assist in any way to help try and resolve our issues, we felt very trapped as had paid such a big deposit on arrival- Agoda just say there is nothing they can do as the contract is with the owner not them. My advice is that the resort is so gorgeous if you can find another apartment (looking at different websites other apartments look much nicer- toaster microwave, fitted kitchen and bathroom- rather than items just placed I.e fridge and washing machine) then you might have a much better holiday- this is apartment a39 in block 9 - it is advertised as deluxe but is lower standard than bad student accommodation/ cheap motel. Also there was a previous guests coat left in the wardrobe, leak under the sink and there is no WiFi in the room only WiFi is down by the pools and reception. The pool areas are amazing so beautiful there really is 10 pools, all nicely decorated and good size with beautiful gardens all around. The cascadas restaurant we had two breakfasts at- very expensive though, first time was nice second time was very unwelcoming.

Jenny C

Nice grounds…The same can’t be said for the room, staff or food!!

Avaliou em 7 de setembro de 2022

Not sure where to start with this review, 1st impression on arriving were ok, it’s a big complex with lots of different areas! We were a family of 7, 4 adults, 3 children aged 17, 12 , 8. Before we arrived (4 weeks) I emailed the hotel asking for our rooms to be as close together as possible, this was not granted & we were in 2 separate blocks completely, 12 & 21. We payed close to £6000 HB for 1 week so our expectations were quite high! We booked a 2 bed deluxe and a 1 bed deluxe apartment. After arriving in the 2 bed apartment (3 adults & 2 kids) we were highly disappointed, we were on the 6th floor in the furthest corner possible, it was like it was a spare room no one had stayed in for quite a while, cobwebs all over the windows, dust on the floors, bedding & pillows were badly stained. The balcony was tiny with a small round table & 2 chairs, could barely fit one person on it let alone 5! Dining table with 4 chairs! I rang reception straight away asking to be moved, was told by a very rude receptionist that this wasn’t an option as they were fully booked! Things got worse when our son went to the loo and the whole toilet seat and lid fell off! Reported to reception along with an issue where the shower tray flooded the whole bathroom after one shower which meant we were all wading in each other’s dirty water as the water did not drain, this was all reported Friday evening, .nothing was fixed until Wednesday! My other half decided to fix the toilet seat as we got sick of waiting! The girl and boy on reception basically don’t care especially if you’re English, half of the resort is owned by Russian/Polish so they are favoured over English! Food was awful, stale and warm at best! Same every other night! The saving grace of this ‘hotel’ and I use the term loosely as it’s more of a residential complex , are the grounds, pools and pool bar! The only member of staff who took the time to even say good morning etc was the lifeguard at the waterfall bar pool! Staff are rude, service poor, not once was our roomed cleaned or bedding changed, we had clean towels left twice in seven days and that’s it! I have put a complaint into Jet2 and am still awaiting a response, it was my 40th birthday whilst we were there and we made the most of a crap situation, we ate out most nights & made our own lunches the food was that bad. The reviews that says it’s the best AI they’ve ever had are fake reviews or it’s the wrong hotel as AI is not an option here! AVOID!



Avaliou em 2 de setembro de 2022

MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!! Avoid if you are English... Food on half board was disgusting, absolutely terrible quality and SELECTION. Staff are SO rude, especially in the Italian restaurant and the 'chocolate cafe'.... so much to learn about hospitality when tourists are bringing money into the country and keeping alot of people in jobs.!! Totally mis sold about what the resort has to offer, only the 2 restaurants open, the only bar shuts at 6 and hardly any entertainment, no 'theme nights' and 'show cooking' as advertised. Alot of Russian owned apartments on the resort and we felt extremely uncomfortable with the attitude towards the British. Pools all freezing and tiles falling off everywhere, 2 of our party received bad cuts due to this. We will not be returning to Bulgaria anytime soon, and are taking complaints further with Jet 2. AVOID!!!!


Not bad - but not worth the price!

Avaliou em 1 de setembro de 2022

We did a bit of a tour of the Black Sea coast and spent 3 days at Cascadas resort. For our 3 days we paid around 360leva (£160). We were shown to our apartment in the huge complex - the apartment all very new and modern, however attention to detail was poor. It wasn’t clean, very dusty, floor dirty, and the draining board had mould on it. We also found open service panels (water etc) that really took away from the feel of the place. The complex has a lot of facilities - however a lot of them aren’t working or really aren’t up to standard! We asked about a few things on the complex map with the reception and their knowledge of the complex was poor. We asked where the therma spa was to be told ‘somewhere near here’. It infact was not in operation and we were informed by a cleaner it had not been open for a long time. The fitness centre is poor. Very limited facilities, no staff, and patrons hogging equipment. The spa in the gym wasn’t working, empty jacuzzi and no sauna. The ‘turkish bath’ is just a hot room with a couple of sun beds, and a steam room. It smelt of mould. No ‘hamam experience’ as advertised. The massage centre was closed. The buffet was closed. The restaurants are expensive compared to others in the area. The complex mini market is expensive, just outside the complex are 2 other shops for almost half the price of the hotel one for a lot of essentials. A lot of the pools are overshadowed by the huge buildings, difficult to find somewhere nice to sunbathe. The hotel is around a 10min walk from the strip, 20min walk to town centre. This was 15leva in a taxi in the day, 30leva at night (night rate). The cleaners only come every 3 days so replenish towels and other supplies, we had to ask reception for toilet roll and were told we had to buy it from the complex mini market. We found a friendly cleaner who gave us some extra (2 rolls supplied in the room for 3 days). The maps around the complex are outdated and it can be difficult to find your way around - our apartment block was newer and not even on the maps around the complex! We will not be returning. Several other hotels in the area have similar facilities for a similar price - will try those out next time!


If British I wouldn’t recommend this hotel

Avaliou em 20 de agosto de 2022

Staff have very poor English and couldn’t help with the removal of an hornet nest under bedroom window and on balcony reported 5 times even one of the staff came to look. And said we get it removed, never did!! my disabled son is allergic to wasp!! Couldn’t open the window or sit on balcony , toilet seat broke day after we got there , toaster blew the electricity, breakfast was really standard flys would be all over the items that weren’t covered. Soons as other guest knew we was British they would snap there neck to look down at you and point at my sons wheelchair and look disgusted that he was walking!! Just because is legs aren’t broken doesn’t mean he don’t need it not all disabilities are visible!! If thinking of going to this complex do you research before hand and find a British oriented one