Fiesta Resort

Em Surigao (na área de Mabua), Fiesta Resort fica a apenas 1 minutos de carro de Praia de Mabua Pebble e a 9 minutos de Capitólio Provinciano de Surigao del Norte. Este hotel na praia fica a 8,3 km de Parque Luneta e a 8,4 km de Prefeitura de Surigao.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 14 quartos com ...

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Máx. 4 adultos


Quarto triplo luxo

Máx. 2 adultos


Quarto luxo

Máx. 2 adultos

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Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 11:00

Em Surigao (na área de Mabua), Fiesta Resort fica a apenas 1 minutos de carro de Praia de Mabua Pebble e a 9 minutos de Capitólio Provinciano de Surigao del Norte. Este hotel na praia fica a 8,3 km de Parque Luneta e a 8,4 km de Prefeitura de Surigao.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 14 quartos com ar-condicionado, geladeiras e TVs de tela plana. Os quartos possuem varandas particulares. Nos quartos, a TV a cabo oferece diversão. Banheiro privativo com chuveiros apresenta produtos de toalete de cortesia e roupões de banho.Experimente as deliciosas opções de almoço ou jantar no Fiesta Surigao R...

Sitio. Dacuman Brgy. Ipil - Surigao, Surigao del Norte - Filipinas - 8400

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Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Good value for the price.

Avaliou em 19 de janeiro de 2020

If you're looking for a peaceful place on the beautiful location, surrounded by the friendly local people, from me its recommendation. Rooms are modern and simplistic, air conditioning is great, bathroom is clean, fridge and TV work and are decent. Menu for the breakfast is humble but statisfied me personally. Pools are also great addon. Overall, I'm statisfied.



Avaliou em 11 de abril de 2017

Listed on Fiesta's website are an email address and two Philippines mobile phone numbers, the email address doesn't work, my email to them became rejected, and during some two weeks of trying I have never managed to place a call to nor receive a text message answer from either of the phone numbers, either they are out of coverage area (switched off) or there is no reply. During that two week period I did manage to receive one reply, but only one reply to my two communications, from their facebook page who did provide me with a third mobile phone number, for a week or longer I experienced the same problems as with the other numbers. They did list with AsiaTravel although their rates there are some 15% higher, obviously to offset AsiaTravel's commission charge. Accepting defeat of ever communicating with Fiesta directly I proceeded with a booking with AsiaTravel, duly provided my card number expecting it to be an instantaneous reservation … Oh no, it was merely a reservation request and AsiaTravel would get back to me within 24 hours and once they had contacted Fiesta … Which I knew wouldn't happen because Fiesta are uncontactable! Sure enough within the 24 hours AsiaTravel got back to me except that they lied telling me that Fiesta was fully booked however within that 24 hour period I had actually managed to get a reply from that third (ex directory) mobile phone number, I had successfully made my reservation and during my subsequent stay at Fiesta of their 14 rooms I was their only guest. I checked in with the receptionist and made my way to my room, only a few minutes later I realised that I needed the wifi password, making my way back to reception the receptionist had gone and had been replaced with a sign that she was in the restaurant … WHERE IS THE RESTAURANT? Then I went to take a shower, despite my best attempts I couldn't get the hot water heater to heat the water whilst the shower head holder is at a fixed height of just 150cm above floor level, great for washing one's feet but pretty much useless for anything else! So I took a cold shower before venturing out to what I can best describe as Fiesta's roadside 'eatery' where it seemed the only staff activity was to be found. They showed me to what they call their 'VIP Area' that consisted of a coconut lumber and plywood table and five plastic chairs, the waitress brought me a menu, I asked her if I could have a beer but she declined to go and fetch it for me until I had ordered food to go with it so I ordered chop suey (which when later delivered consisted of 75% cabbage, was bland, boring and without a good taste). But having ordered my chop suey the waitress returned to the gaggle of staff not doing anything in particular and after ten minutes of waiting I had to walk across to ask “CAN I HAVE THE BEER I ORDERED 10 MINUTES AGO PLEASE?”. Then I asked for the wifi password but for the wifi in the accommodations it was a different password to which she told me I needed to ask the receptionist, I told that I would if only I could find the receptionist once again questioning “WHERE IS THE RESTAURANT?” however by the time I had finished my meal and drinks the receptionist had returned to her post, I obtained the password, made my way to my room but after some 15 minutes of trying it became apparent that I had been provided with an incorrect password, making my way back to reception, believe it or not, the receptionist had disappeared again, her bag and jacket were there but she was nowhere to be found, after a further 15 minutes I bumped in to another staff member in the corridor who provided me with the correct password so after some 2.5 hours of trying I eventually managed to log on to their internet! Listed on their website are such room amenities as a coffee port, an interphone and room service, indeed on their website there is a telephone pictured in a room. Trust me, these amenities do not exist, there is no coffee port, there is no telephone and if there is no telephone then how the hell does one order room service, particularly with no menu in the room? Then I ventured back to the bathroom, the toilet seat and cover are totally dilapidated, broken and long in need of replacement, there is no toilet roll holder, the wash basin was broken and had been botch repaired with 'Vulca-Seal', the towel rail was hanging off the wall whilst wrapped around it was a power cord coming from a hole in the ceiling that when I plugged it in to the power outlet the hot water heater of the shower burst in to life … How dangerous, something like a 5kw appliance being plugged in to a standard ring main with just a standard plug, not even a heavy duty plug, and in a wet room … Not just dangerous but ridiculous! In the room there is a small table and two wicker chairs with their seats covered by cushions, as I went to sit on one chair I literally fell through it, the seat of it was collapsed but with no thought of replacing it. As I retired to bed the headboard, well it's not really a headboard, is uncomfortable whilst the pillow inadequate, the bathroom window looks out on to the corridor, it is paned with clear rather than opaque glass, it is permanently open, and too high up the wall to be reached to be closed, but even if it were closed with the clear glass any pervert could look in to the bathroom! The bathroom door was also broken, it wouldn't close on to it's latch so with both the bathroom window and bathroom door open I couldn't shut out the noise from the corridor, from other guests had there been any but, in particular, from the staff as I was to find out particularly at 5:45am the next morning when one of them was continuously knocking on a room door, so what with the uncomfortable headboard, pillow and corridor noise I did NOT enjoy a good night's sleep. So for breakfast I made my way back to their roadside eatery where there are signs “Breakfast is served in the Resto”, this was now my 2nd day of repeatedly asking “Where is the Resto?” and I never did receive a reply, it seemed that there roadside eatery is their Resto, that there is no restaurant as listed and pictured on their website. So I ordered a coffee and experienced a similar difficulty as when ordering beer(s) the evening before, nobody will look one in the eye and acknowledge the order and after some five requests of “CAN I HAVE A COFFEE” eventually I was shown a selection of some four all-in-one (coffee, creamer and sugar) sachets. Explaining that I don't take sugar, that I order coffee, not sugar, after some discussion I believe they had to go off to a local shop to buy two sachets of instant coffee. Then came to ordering breakfast, they clearly aren't accustomed to accommodating overnight guests, they have no breakfast menu, the owner was in the kitchen and her best offering to me was egg, vegetables, rice and hot dogs, replying that I don't eat junk food she asked me if I would like some bread, “Does it have sugar in it?”, “Yes”, “Try offering me something that doesn't have sugar in it!”, then the waitress offered me scrambled eggs with tomato and onion (in Philippines scrambled egg = omelette), accepting her offer what duly arrived was a totally unseasoned omelette with tomato, onion and a green vegetable (that I had not ordered) inside. So, all in all, Fiesta is the worst offering of accommodation that I have stayed in for many a year (and I have been in the Philippines for six years), they say it was opened in 2009 which is I presume when the website pictures were taken and the accommodations most recently renovated, even the fire extinguisher outside my room has been there so long some of it is no longer present, it has rusted away, and when I checked the pressure gauge of it it is well down on pressure and in the event of emergency use is unlikely to be effective and more likely to blow up in the face of the person using it. When I arrived a pool disco (live musicians) party was in full flow, they offer the locals use of the pool for PHP120 per head and they can bring their own food and drink, that evening the loud music was playing until around 9pm and by 9:30am the next morning it was already playing at an unacceptably loud volume, it would seem that Fiesta have long since given up providing any quality of accommodation having realised their niche lies in offering locals use of their swimming pool, Fiesta isn't accommodations with a pool, it is a pool with dilapidated accommodations and I would NOT recommend anyone to stay here.


This time we stoped by for dinner

Avaliou em 3 de setembro de 2016

With a couple of our regular restaurants in Surigao having closed and, stuck for choice, I took my wife to Fiesta for dinner ... She loved it, not just the good quality of food but the location, the ambience, just to be out of the city. I have a feeling she'll be asking for us to come here again :)


We Stopped By Just For Lunch

Avaliou em 6 de abril de 2016

It was a hot and humid day in Surigao City, we just happened to have our car with us so we took a drive and stumbled upon Fiesta Resort to take lunch. After the heat and humidity of the city Fiesta is located just across the road from the beach, the sea breeze was delightful and most welcomed. We enjoyed an informality and humorous banter with the very pleasant staff and we both enjoyed our lunch with the quality of the dishes being very reasonable and the prices also reasonable. Just maybe 10 or 15 minutes drive from the city, a different world beside a quiet beach.


Good resort but bad location

Avaliou em 26 de julho de 2015

The facility of this resort was good, the rooms are spacious but the AC was lacking juice to cool our room that it took some time for us to feel the room is already getting cold. The beach was located across the other side of the street from where the resort entrance is, the water is good clear but pebbles and other big rocks are present under so it's not really an ideal place to dive around plus it's really hard to walk barefooted. My network provider had also a hard time reaching my phone signal making it inconvenient for me. In the end it was still a good experience for me and pool was also clean.