GuestHouse Inn & Suites Sutherlin

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Este agradável hotel encontra-se em Sutherlin. As instalações contam com 79 acolhedoras unidades de alojamento. Este estabelecimento não aceita animais de estimação.

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Este agradável hotel encontra-se em Sutherlin. As instalações contam com 79 acolhedoras unidades de alojamento. Este estabelecimento não aceita animais de estimação.

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Avaliou em 29 de julho de 2021

The building looks fantastic from the freeway and from outside. Front desk and lobby look great- Was a former ?"Wyndham/Holiday Inn like venue. Free upgrade to better room on 3rd floor. Beautiful room. Once inside....suddenly noticed EXTREME NOISE from rowdy guests. Opened the door to discover this screaming child and abusive mother noise was.....10 doors away ...way down the hall from me. Then came all of the door slamming. The hallway was an extreme ECHO CHAMBER. There is no normal insulation in this motel. You hear from inside your "lovely room" EVERYTHING in the next room and room beneath. SHOCKING. it looked so nice Low class guests in what looks like an "business travelers venue" I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOTEL. TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP OR QUIET WITHIN YOUR ROOM OVER PRICED....with rude front desk day clerk.


I slept in someone/something else's URINE.

Avaliou em 28 de abril de 2021

At first glance, this hotel appeared cleanly. However, the first room I was given wreaked of onions and body odor. As tired as I was I was, somehow, ok with this. However, with the screaming children in the room next door, I asked to be moved to save the family the hassle. The second room I was placed in had a similar smell, but also a smell I could not readily identify, and the window had been left open. Being tired, I went to sleep immediately, shutting the window and writing off the smell to a lack of housekeeping. The next morning, the smell seemed worse (after a night with a closed window) and I went to investigate the source of the smell. Well, after pulling back the bed sheets and mattress cover, I found a huge puddle of urine. To be more correct, there were multiple puddles/urine stains across the bed that smelled of cat urine. To further the problem, the stains were not dry. I spent a night sleeping in a urine soaked mattress that had not been treated by any stretch of the imagination. After speaking with the front desk about the issue, and being moved a second time, I was not offered any sort of compensation that was within the realm of an evening spent sleeping in someone/something else's urine. This mattress needed to be destroyed, it was untreatable, and yet they did no such thing. They put new sheets and a mattress cover on, but they left the urine puddle. I am appalled by this and will NEVER stay at a Motel 6 again. I HIGHLY recommend you do the same.


a service dog is NOT a PET

Avaliou em 24 de abril de 2021

I reviewed this place a few years ago, gave it a postile review, SH has changed over the years lemme tell you that! This is my most recent stay and review below: The lady up front called my working service dog a "pet." I told her it isn't a pet and it's a piece of medical equipment. She then said "we call them all the same." This disturbs me as my dog went through years of training to help me with my disability and she is FAR from an ordinary household pet. A pet is what everyone has, a working piece of medical equipment service dog is a whole other story! This staff really needs to educate themselves on the differences between working service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and an ordinary "pet." ALso the room was plain jane, no thrills here folks. The internet was NON EXISTENT! Zero internet at night folks, i called the desk and the guy said "yeah there's nothing we can do about it.' Also, the bed made me itch, i left in the middle of the night and went to another hotel if that tells you anything!

Jordan K

Do not stay here unless you are desperate!

Avaliou em 14 de setembro de 2020

We were evacuated from our home because of the South Obenchain fire. So many evacuees were looking for rooms, we could find nothing - until we found the Motel 6 in Sutherlin. Our room had clearly not been cleaned. Bed made, that's it. There was URINE on the toilet seat! The tub was dirty. We had no towels, except for 1 hand towel. No Kleenex - the box was empty. Stains on the carpet. The mattress was *incredibly* lumpy and uneven. The pillows were postage-stamp sized and full of lumps UGH. Would never stay here voluntarily again! Three positives: The staff was uniformly friendly and nice. They are pet-friendly. They give you a 10% discount at the Apple Peddler restaurant across the parking lot, which is actually pretty good. That's about it for the pluses.


Do NOT Enter

Avaliou em 1 de setembro de 2020

Have stayed here a few times when it was a Guest House Inn. And once as a Motel 6. Cleanliness was almost non-existent. Sinks were dirty, and soap was left behind high up in the show. When we mentioned it to the front desk, they did get us a different room. But with an attitude. And, this room was not much better.