Comfort Inn Sylva - Cullowhee

Com ótima localização no coração de Sylva, Comfort Inn Sylva - Cullowhee está a poucos passos de Nantahala National Forest e a 3 minutos de carro de Southwestern Community College. Este hotel fica a 27,7 km de Harrahs Cherokee Casino e a 33,1 km de Parque Nacional das Grandes Montanhas Fumegantes.S...

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Quarto, 2 camas Queen, Acessível, para não fumantes

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças


Quarto, 1 cama King, Acessível, para não fumantes

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto standard, 1 cama King, para não fumantes

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto standard, 2 camas Queen, para não fumantes

Máx. 4 adultos e 3 crianças

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Com ótima localização no coração de Sylva, Comfort Inn Sylva - Cullowhee está a poucos passos de Nantahala National Forest e a 3 minutos de carro de Southwestern Community College. Este hotel fica a 27,7 km de Harrahs Cherokee Casino e a 33,1 km de Parque Nacional das Grandes Montanhas Fumegantes.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 77 quartos com ar-condicionado, geladeiras e TVs de tela plana. O Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado e há programas a cabo para sua diversão. Banheiros possuem banheiras ou chuveiros e secadores de cabelo. As comodidades incluem cofres e escrivaninhas, além de te...

1235 E. Main Street - Sylva, North Carolina - Estados Unidos - 28779

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Don't count on sleeping in - recurring predawn fire alarm

Avaliou em 30 de setembro de 2022

This Comfort Inn has a good location and provided a especially comfortable bed. The problem was that at 6:25 am the fire alarm went off, causing guests to jolt awake and leave their rooms as soon as possible. There as no staff person in the lobby, but one guest said that this had happened several weeks earlier. When we checked out, the clerk said the problem was due to very sensitive firm alarms that would go off when a guest was having a hot shower! When we checked in, the keys wouldn't open our room. I went down and got two more keys that also wouldn't open the door. So I went back down to the registration desk and was advised the the battery lock needed recharging, which takes a while, so we were moved to a room on a different floor. The breakfast was okay, although due to my military service I am not a fan of powdered eggs.


Still Shocked at How Bad

Avaliou em 8 de setembro de 2022

I made reservations in June at this hotel wedding block for my family of four to attend a family wedding in August. My main concern was having time to get checked in, and get ready for the wedding at 4:00 (check in was at 3:00). I requested an early check-in when I spoke to the hotel, but got a vague answer that they’d work it out. I had no confidence that we would get to the wedding on time, so I decided to drive up a day early by myself, having to take a second car, just so we’d be sure to have at least one room in which to get ready.. I found out that the wedding was scheduled for 5:00, not 4:00, which gave us an extra hour so we could take one car. When I called on Thursday to cancel Friday, I spoke to a woman, who I found out later was the manager. I explained our situation about the wedding, stressing the importance of our getting to the wedding on time, and having plenty of time to get dressed and changed, hair and makeup, etc., without being rushed. I asked again for an early check-in, and this time she told me that they do not take any early check-ins. She said there was a first come, first served list begun first thing in the morning each day, and she volunteered to add my name to the list early on Saturday morning. That way we would be able to get into our rooms when we got there, even if we were early. Check-in was at 3:00 anyway, so we should be in by 3:00 at the latest. I called at 1:00 on Saturday to let them know what time we’d get there and make sure our name was on the check-in list that morning. An incredibly rude woman named Amber, their IPD Hospitality employee, answered the phone and told me that there were lots of people there wanting rooms that weren’t ready, that I was not on any list, and that we’d be number 10 on the list after we got there. We would just have to wait our turn, period. (In other words, we’d get into our rooms probably after the wedding started). After four calls to the hotel over a two month period, all making the same request, and being assured things would work out, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We got there at 2:45 and I saw several of my family members checking in and my brother and sister-in-law in the lobby. One family member who had spent the previous night in the area, got there late morning with no reservations and was given two rooms and allowed to check in on the spot. My brother who had a two month reservation as I did, had been waiting in the lobby for his room for two hours when we got there. To be clear, the ONLY request I made, or my brother made that I heard, was that we be allowed to check-in to our rooms. We were not difficult guests. Time was getting closer to the wedding and I asked Amber at the desk please to do what she could to get us into our rooms. She shouted at me and threatened me that the conversation was being recorded, to which I said, “Good!” I wanted a record of the way this woman was speaking to me. The same threat was made to my brother and sister-in-law before I got there. At some point later someone said that there was no audio on the recording, so we were probably being threatened with a security camera. Then Amber smugly told me that she had called the manager to come in to “deal with us.” No reason was given. She had refused to call the manager when my brother asked to speak to her earlier. The manager, Taylor Elliott, arrived and promptly told us that she was there for her employees and didn’t want to hear anything we had to say. She had no way of knowing what had transpired from our perspective, nor did she want to know. I believe the manager decided before she came to the hotel, with the help of Miss Hospitality, that she was going to “kick us out” with no place to stay for the night. Taylor called both my sister-in-law and me liars more than once. I was told that we could change clothes in the main floor public restroom, “like everybody else does”. Everybody else does? Really? Taylor told my brother in front of me that, “If you were a nice person, you’d already have a room.” Amazingly he did not react to that stunning insult and confession. That’s really all you need to know. He was perfectly polite when I was there and said nothing inappropriate. Nor did I. Clearly rooms were available as he had been watching people check-in to their rooms for 2 hours. Taylor also attempted to humiliate us to another family member as he walked through the lobby by negatively slurring in a loud voice, “Do you KNOW THESE PEOPLE?” She was good at it. At no time did any employee at this hotel attempt to help us, make any accommodation for us (other than allowing us to use the restroom), treat us with respect, in a professional manner, or even show common courtesy. We were treated with stunning rudeness and disdain. They basically turned out 4 senior citizens and two adult sons attending a big family event, with no place to go for the night. There was almost no cell phone coverage in the area so we were unable to make calls to find another place to stay. It was absolutely the worst treatment by far that I’ve ever experienced or witnessed at any hotel or anywhere in the hospitality industry. I would not consider staying at this hotel (or anywhere those two women work) in the future.


Outrageously horrible experience

Avaliou em 7 de agosto de 2022

We booked 3 rooms 2 months in advance for a family wedding. We were looking forward to the event and very happy until we ran into an extremely unpleasant situation that was not of our making. Reception was already on edge when we arrived and unbelievably rude. They called my wife and my sister liars even though we had our reservations in writing and it was clear they had our reservations in their system. We requested a Manager. They said they didn't have one, which wasn't true. When the manager finally appeared we asked her to review the video of the interactions. She refused and said she was there to defend her employees. She had no way of knowing the facts but that didn't matter to her. She also called my wife and sister liars and told us to leave. We left. I have traveled extensively on every continent except Antarctica. I have never had such a bad experience


Missing many supplies

Avaliou em 9 de abril de 2022

If you expect basic supplies like spoons or tea bags or 1% milk or cup lids, then you will be disappointed. The manager will tell you that these supplies are unavailable due to manufacturer back order. Actually, they can be bought easily from the Walmart just next to it.


Wonderful experience, wonderful place to stay.

Avaliou em 18 de setembro de 2021

This was one of the most beautiful best laid out hotels that I have been to. The area was gorgeous the room was gorgeous I have nothing but praise about this hotel. Along with the front staff it was absolutely excellent. I would definitely come up and stay again with no question.