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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Tides Reach Resort em Ilha de Taveuni, ficará em frente à praia, a 18,3 km (11,4 mi) de Igreja Católica Missionária de Wairiki e a 20,9 km (13 mi) de Parque de Bouma Falls. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 25,7 km (16 mi) de Bouma National Heritage Park ...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Tides Reach Resort em Ilha de Taveuni, ficará em frente à praia, a 18,3 km (11,4 mi) de Igreja Católica Missionária de Wairiki e a 20,9 km (13 mi) de Parque de Bouma Falls. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 25,7 km (16 mi) de Bouma National Heritage Park e a 26,2 km (16,3 mi) de Lavena Coastal Walk. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Igreja Católica Missionária de Wairiki - 18,3 km/11,4 mi - Parque de Bouma Falls \- 20,9 km/13 mi - Bouma National Heritage Park - 25,7 km/16 mi - Lavena Coastal Walk - 26,2 km/...

Matei, Fiji - Taveuni, Northern Division - Fiji Islands - 0000

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Paradise on Earth!

Avaliou em 10 de outubro de 2022

We had a great time at Tides Reach. Everything was as described, only better. The villas are bigger than they appear, the beach is just perfect for lazy afternoons in the shade of an old tree, the food.... oh the food.... it was just amazing! Consistently fresh, varied and tasty. Not once in our 2 weeks did we get tired of eating in the same restaurant. The only limit on variety were our requests for repeats, for example for the coconut ceviche which we couldn't get enough of. All the staff were just wonderful and took great care for us including our 1 year old without being over the top. Add to that great diving and hiking, and I'm really struggling to think of another resort, big or small, anywhere in the world that provides all this in 1 place.


Quaint and Remarkable Authentic Fijian Experience for the Whole Family

Avaliou em 27 de junho de 2022

We stayed at Tides Reach for four nights as part of our two-week Fiji trip and we couldn’t have been happier staying here while on Taveuni. Every person and every moment, from our welcome greeting with Maria and George, to Manasa and Rosalita our waiter/waitress along with Lesu, Alfred and Niu who took us on excursions and shared some of the Fijian history with us were the absolute friendliest. Because the resort is small (only 4 bures) we had the opportunity to really get to know the staff and our fellow resort mates. The intimate setting made for such a lovely experience and we felt so well-taken care of the entire time. The bure was spacious and incredibly clean for the five of us and we all slept beautifully! Our highlights were kava with the staff nightly and the Meke night. What an incredible experience! It was so wonderful and we’d go back in a heartbeat!


Happiest place on earth

Avaliou em 10 de maio de 2022

I was told this place was very special, that the people were so warm and genuine, but I couldn’t fathom what we experienced. As a very frequent traveler I have never encountered such kind staff, super efficient and responsive yet so warm you feel you are with friends and family. I could rave about the villas - super spacious and tastefully done, or the activities - great diving, snorkeling, waterfall hikes. The staff goes so far above and beyond and their enthusiasm for pleasing their guests is palpable. (There is one exception - the booking agent Melissa from Fiji travel was very disagreeable). The resort is run by families from the local village, they are so compatible and happy together that effusive kindness is the rule - its infectious. An unbelievable relief after 3 yrs of global stress…. Just what we needed yet couldn’t have imagined any place could be so happy post Covid. Heavenly.

Renee K

Wonderful Trip!

Avaliou em 27 de março de 2020

We recently spent 7 amazing nights here! We are a large family group ages 8-70. We have traveled the world staying at mainly five star accommodations. This place tops our list. Checking every box we require: amazing food, secluded beach, privacy, culture kind people, great service and wonderful excursions. The people are like done we have ever met, so kind, warm and accommodating. Two members of the staff guided us on all activities. Keeping everyone safe and carried water and towels everywhere we went. If there was something we wanted or needed it was amazingly there within minutes. They even had a family fun day where the entire staff competed in games with our family. You'd be surprised as the fun we had playing musical chairs as adults. The memories we made here will last a life time. We highly recommend Tides Reach and we all hope to return sometime soon! .


Very disappointed

Avaliou em 22 de fevereiro de 2020

The resort is run down and I must say I was very disappointed with my stay., definitely not worth the price. What is written on their website is simply not true. In room wi-fi - it does not work and all the other guests told us the same about their rooms. Tv - the lady who showed us the room turned on to show us how it works. It did not work and she just left it on without saying anything, she didn’t even turn it off. I went to the office to ask about tv, she told me that she will call a technician. 2h and nothing, so we asked again and again this is what we heard. Third time another lady said that they did not pay for the tv, so I need to wait till the lady who actually showed us the room will come back and make the payment… Crafts & activities for children - this is simply not true. We asked about it the first day and they said that they don’t have anything and Agoda misled us. Then I remember reading it on their website, I asked again and they said that they don’t have anything. When I said that it is actually written on their website, the lady from the bar was very confused and asked me to wait. After about a few hours I asked again, as she never came back to me and she said that we they can organise a crab race for my child. It was nice, but when you write on your website that there are “Crafts & activities for children” it would be nice to actually have them. Turndown service - this was not really working. We had an additional bed for our child and it was never opened. Daily housekeeping - on the end of our 4 day stay we collected so many bottles on each night stand that it was actually funny at some point. They kept bringing new ones but never cleaned the ones that have already been there. Furnitures run down table tennis is in a vary bad shape, the rackets are almost impossible to use. The cushions have big holes, the wooden deck is dangerous for children, as the wood is sticking out. We had a couch in our room and it turned out that under a white cover it is all covered in mould, which I discovered because when I was sitting on it it smelled like mould. In a shower there was only very hot or very cold water. We gave a bath to our daughter the first night, bath was not cleaned for the next 4 days. We had a problem with door, they did not close. It seemed impossible to fix this problem and when I said that it needs to be fixed, they used a sculpture to block the door. In general whenever there was a problem nobody knew how to deal with it and they were avoiding us. We were the only gusts in the resort at some point, they cleaned all the cushions the night before and did not place it back till we asked the next afternoon. Even then they put only two of them for me and my husband. There are 5 in general, the place is very small. It literally looked as if they were waiting for us to leave. Our driver told us while driving us to the airport that they won’t have guests for some time, so I guess this is what they were doing. I must also say that the staff was not the friendliest. The person they mention which is supposed to take care of you - our was very difficult to find, so whenever we needed something we needed to ask someone in the bar for help and they did not do anything to help except for saying that they will. They used to leave buckets and equipment to clean in from of our door, s owe woke up to this view. In the swimming pool one lamp was partly floating as it disconnected. Nobody seemed to care. It was a bad experience in general and I was very disappointed. Definitely not worth the money or even half of it. There are many beautiful places on this island fro way less and I regret that I did not make a proper research before I booked.

Marta G