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Este agradável hotel está situado em Jacksonville Area. O estabelecimento dispõe de um total de 82 agradáveis unidades. Não são permitidos animais de estimação nas instalações. Os hóspedes que cheguem de carro podem deixar o seu veículo no estacionamento do alojamento.

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Este agradável hotel está situado em Jacksonville Area. O estabelecimento dispõe de um total de 82 agradáveis unidades. Não são permitidos animais de estimação nas instalações. Os hóspedes que cheguem de carro podem deixar o seu veículo no estacionamento do alojamento.

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Avaliou em 6 de março de 2015

Hotel agradável, café da manhã bom, quartos e cama grande. bem situado, funcionários bem educados , perto de mercados, restaurantes e cidade bem gostosa para conhecer, juntamente com o forte CAMP LEJUNE


Love this place!

Avaliou em 24 de novembro de 2021

I come to Jacksonville to see my family members 3 times a year. This was the first time I stayed at Quality Inn. The hotel looks beautiful. The staff invited us for lunch as they were celebrating an employees birthday. Everyone was so nice and the hotel is very clean. I especially liked the breakfast because Jojo hooked it up in the kitchen. She made corned beef hash with scrambled eggs. There was bacon and sausage with biscuits and gravy. Best I ever had! Kudos to the staff and management. Job well done!


Best of the best

Avaliou em 23 de novembro de 2021

I visited Jacksonville to see my friend who is a Marine. He told me the Quality Inn was owned by a Marine so I stayed there. They just renovated the property and the hotel looks very modern and clean. Staff is great and they're one of the only hotels that still offer a full breakfast in the morning. I enjoyed everything about my stay and I would stay again if I return.


Stay somewhere else

Avaliou em 9 de outubro de 2021

We were traveling around North Carolina for a week to look at different areas and visit family and friends. This was the fourth hotel on the last leg of our trip and a complete disappointment. We checked in and after entering our rooms we decided to check right back out. It was sketchy and questionable from the moment we pulled up and proceeded to get worse from there. There were a few people hanging out around the entrance who looked either homeless or potentially up to no good. We quickly found out they were in the room next to us. Another gentleman rode a bike into the lobby while we were checking in carrying a garbage bag of clothing and asked if he could leave both there - the front desk clerk said okay. We weren’t feeling too safe at that point. We had reserved two rooms for our family of four. One had a large stain on the bed and when we pulled that comforter back, it revealed a bug IN THE BED. The second room had 2 large dead palmetto bugs on the floor. I understand they live in the area but combined with the other surroundings just made it seem even dirtier. Not to mention this was the fourth hotel we had been in in a week and the first time we had seen any bugs- let alone three in a matter of minutes. The security lock/deadbolt on our door was broken off which only added to our feeling of unease. Feeling unsafe in rooms that were poorly “cleaned” -each with their own unpleasant odor, we quickly decided we couldn’t stay there. We felt it would be safer and more comfortable to drive around at ten pm to find someplace else to stay than to remain where we were. On the plus side, the front desk clerk was pleasant and helpful and didn’t give us any issue checking out ten minutes after checking in.

Jessica H

Unacceptably Dirty

Avaliou em 5 de julho de 2021

My husband and I stayed at the Quality Inn for a short stay last weekend—and we won’t ever make that mistake again. First, we booked online (and I distinctly remember checking I wanted a non-smoking room). When we checked in I was told the room was a smoking room, and it was “all that was available”. I was advised I could “open the window” in the room. Strike one. Next, the room was in ill repair. Old, cracked wall plate covers, outlets so old that appliances like curling irons don’t stay plugged in, an iron that appeared to be from the early 80’s that didn’t work, a giant, messy plumbing patch on the bathtub the size of a salad plate, etc. strike two. Last (and most important): THE ROOM WAS FILTHY. Absolutely, unequivocally filthy. Strike three. First the ice container and coffeemaker were kept in the bathroom—yes, the bathroom! That means all the fecal matter that misted in the air every time the toilet flushed was in/on all those items. Disgusting. We found what appeared to be beard or pubic hairs on the back of the toilet and in the tub. The countertop wasn’t cleaned, and we were assured the room hadn’t been sanitized. COVID isn’t eradicated—ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. My husband and I went to the nearby Dollar Tree and bought bleach cleaner, disinfectant spray, rubber gloves and sponges. We went through the room and cleaned it all—tub, shower, toilet, counters, fridge, phone, desk, sprayed the bedding and pillows with the disinfectant spray, EVERYTHING. That was likely the most sanitizing that room has seen in years. It was awful and if I hadn’t pre-booked we would have left. We just slept and spent no other time in the room during our stay. We paid well over $100 a night, too. Room shouldn’t have been over $60 for the condition it was in. Traveler beware. The staff were lovely people (hence the second star) but the place is not being sanitized. It’s not worth the risk to your health to stay here.