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Este sofisticado hotel fica em Shaoxing. O estabelecimento oferece ligação de internet por Wi-Fi nas áreas comuns. Este estabelecimento oferece um serviço de receção 24 horas por dia, para que as necessidades dos hóspedes sejam totalmente satisfeitas a qualquer hora do dia ou da noite.

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Este sofisticado hotel fica em Shaoxing. O estabelecimento oferece ligação de internet por Wi-Fi nas áreas comuns. Este estabelecimento oferece um serviço de receção 24 horas por dia, para que as necessidades dos hóspedes sejam totalmente satisfeitas a qualquer hora do dia ou da noite.

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Salas de reuniõesBusiness center
Serviços de recepção
ConciergeDepósito de bagagens
Sem berços/camas para crianças disponíveisO estabelecimento é limpo com produtos desinfetantesO estabelecimento confirma que está a implementar medidas adicionais no domínio da segurança dos clientesO estabelecimento confirma que está a implementar medidas adicionais no domínio da limpezaSão aplicadas medidas de distanciamento socialApenas trabalhadores de áreas essenciais: NÃORefeições embaladas individualmente disponíveisEstabelecimento para não fumadoresÉ fornecido gel desinfetante para as mãos aos hóspedesLavandariaMedição da temperatura disponível para os clientesOs funcionários usam equipamento de proteção individualA temperatura dos funcionários é medida com frequênciaMáscaras disponíveis para os hóspedesRefeições embaladas individualmente disponíveis para o pequeno-almoçoReceção 24 horasOs lençóis e as toalhas são lavados a uma temperatura mínima de 60 °CRoupa protetora disponível para os hóspedesRefeições embaladas individualmente disponíveis para o jantarInternet sem fios grátisLuvas disponíveis para os hóspedesAs superfícies tocadas com frequência são desinfetadasServiços de lavagem a seco/lavandariaÉ possível realizar transações sem numerárioAcesso para cadeiras de rodas (poderá haver algumas limitações)Sem elevadoresServiço de refeições alterado para aumentar a segurançaÉ obrigatório o uso de máscara no estabelecimentoReceção com acesso para cadeira de rodasAcessibilidade nos quartosApoio para excursões/compra de bilhetesPequeno-almoço disponível (sobretaxa)Bar/LoungePiscina exterior sazonalCofre na receçãoJornais grátis no lobbyJardimTerraçoServiços de conciergeEstacionamento sem motorista grátisServiços de spa no localRefeições embaladas individualmente disponíveis para o almoçoRefeições embaladas individualmente disponíveis através do serviço de quartoTire partido das várias atividades recreativas, incluindo uma piscina exterior sazonal, ou aproveite para contemplar soberbas vistas a partir da açoteia e do jardim. Entre as facilidades adicionais coÉ disponibilizado um serviço de refeições/serviço de quarto sem contacto pessoalPoderá ser necessário reservar para aceder a algumas instalações no localPortaria com acesso para cadeira de rodasÁrea para piqueniquesGrelhadores de churrascoPisos superiores apenas acessíveis por escadasServiço de baby-sitter/atividades supervisionadas para criançasSuporte Unicode true

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Great idea let down by poor management

Avaliou em 9 de agosto de 2020

Really wanted to like this property and this Chinese boutique hotel brand (they have three hotels: this, Zhujiajiao and Qiandaohu). On arrival, the lobby was nice and the service was efficient and polite, and that's kind of where it ended. We booked into the newer rooms, not the 5-6k a night restored villas, but were happy we hadn't gambled on the expensive rooms. The design of the room was minimal but very stylish. On closer inspection, however, everything started to come apart — this was true of the whole hotel. The bathtub was covered in black scuff marks, dozens and dozens of them. In the shower, the wall was dirty, as if someone had killed a mosquito against the wall and forgot to clean it up. In one corner of the shower, the tiles did not meet each other, leaving a hole into who knows where. The garden of the room was lovely and wild, though there were many dead branches rotting on top of the greenery. Just outside the door, the exterior wall was in poor shape, with big bubbles in the paint, and much of the paint coming off in wide peels. Maintenance pipes were put through walls and never painted over or maintained. Call me picky, but if I'm paying three hunded US dollars for the CHEAP room, I expect a baseline of upkeep. Still, I was willing to overlook this. Until dinner. When we checked in, they gave us a voucher for a set dinner. It turned out to be five extremely cheap dishes served backwards. They served us the dried vegetable soup and the dessert tangyuan at the same time, followed by a stir-fried spinach and an indistinguishable fried pancake. When we asked if this was it, they said it was. In fact, they had forgotten to serve the "expensive" seafood dish and when we asked about that, they insisted they had already served us. They hadn't. Finally a manager stepped in and corrected that, but gave us two slices of an inedible cake while we waited for our main course. Breakfast the next day was even worse. The staff uniform, we observed, was an Artengo polo shirt, which is bought at... Decathlon, the inexpensive sporting goods store. There's more but I think this is enough to get the point across -- this is a beautiful property ruined by a lack of upkeep and maintenance. When we finally had to fight to check out early and get our unused deposit back, they admitted that the number of customers on the weekend is outstripping their capacity to keep up. Think twice before spending on this hotel.

c s

A nice getaway

Avaliou em 10 de abril de 2019

This property is only 2 hours drive away from Shanghai, and yet very close to the city center of Shaoxing. A hidden Gem! Very impressive old residential houses restored or moved here, set in a slope of Mt. Guiji. They have a beatiful creek and a lake in their own compound. The room (the duplex) I got is a newly built one. I will try next time their rooms with balcony next to the lake. The service is not bad. The breakfast offers limited choices which is disapointing. They need a queue management SOP to control the flow of guests in the restaurant area when the breakfast is serve. The outdoor pool looks cute, but is too early for anything. The cherryblossom is awsome. My family will be back soon.


Stay like in a chinese ancient village - a pure paradise for nature and historical lover!

Avaliou em 27 de dezembro de 2018

Impressed by this project of a private Chinese Investor, Mister Qin Tongqian/Shanghai, who like to keep some ancient houses and herewith a part of the Chinese history. He start the build the Ahn Luh Hotel Group and moved a Chinese Village from the Ming Dynasty to this beautiful place near Shaoxing. Please be sure to book a ancient Villa, because they offer also standard suite room in a modern style. In general the level of hospitality is unbelievably high, they really like to make there guests happy. The whole surrounding is like to stay in a old Chinese Village, great experience! The Chinese Restaurant offers a wide range of different dishes, sure you will find your taste. Impressed by the wide range of the breakfast buffet, with a open kitchen. Highly recommended for people who like to explore a part of the Chinese History in a luxury surrounding, Activities around the Resort are hiking.

Harald G


Avaliou em 25 de novembro de 2021

一直想要来一场说走就走的旅行可是现实是一个人根本不想动 总算等约到人有空了一起出发 。看了好久选了这 里面最便宜的房型 风格偏中式其实和很多商务酒店差不多 优势可能是多了大大的玻璃窗,推开有个独立的小露台四周都是山可以呼吸新鲜的空气 看了下还是老宅有特色 这家店能爬到香炉峰 规划早上5点出发先去打卡日出 再爬香炉峰有时间去逛逛大禹陵 附近吃个午饭再去市中心逛 体验绍兴的慢生活 从酒店后面爬上去竟然还有个摩崖石刻 被历史冲刷的看不出写的是什么了不过也算是个景点了 爬到半山亭就爬不动了日出也没看到不过这风景很不错 酒店就像是在山谷里 既然不能对日出许愿那就对着山谷许愿吧 租了自行车在酒店里面骑了一下路挺适合骑车的 在酒店逛逛也挺不错的。这里还有很多的活动,有些都要提前预约好,自助的早餐东西挺多主要还是偏中式的菜 这凤爪好吃 拿了好几笼呢 这里有家粤菜馆,吃的环境挺有感觉的,美团上有活动吃的挺不错的。



Avaliou em 25 de novembro de 2021