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Localização Do Estabelecimento Uma estadia Suite Laguna Hotel coloca-o no coração de Antalya, a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Torre Hıdırlık e a 10 minuto(s) de Migros Shopping Center. Este hotel para famílias está a 2,2 km (1,4 mi) de Mesquita de Alaaddin e a 2,6 km (1,6 mi) de Torre do Relógio. As dis...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Uma estadia Suite Laguna Hotel coloca-o no coração de Antalya, a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Torre Hıdırlık e a 10 minuto(s) de Migros Shopping Center. Este hotel para famílias está a 2,2 km (1,4 mi) de Mesquita de Alaaddin e a 2,6 km (1,6 mi) de Torre do Relógio. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Museu Arqueológico de Antália - 1 km/0,6 mi Ópera e Ballet de Antalya - 1,1 km/0,7 mi - Parque Yavuz Özca - 1,2 km/0,7 mi - Mesquita de Murat Paşa - 1,4 km/0,9 mi - Atatürk Culture Park - 1,4 km/0,9 mi - Kışlahan Çarşısı - 1,6 km...

Bahçelievler, Teoman Paşa Cd. No:53, 07150 Muratpaşa/Antalya - Antalya, Mediterranean Region - Turquia - 07150

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

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Rude, cancelled on my family last day

Avaliou em 22 de outubro de 2019

Me and my wife booked this hotel for 10 days using booking dot com, and we booked this hotel for 10 days in the month of September 2019, and we booked our reservation 1 month in advance. As we flew to another city to catch our connecting airline, the hotel cancelled our reservation the day before were supposed to arrive. As I called booking dot com and asked why they cancelled my reservation they said they tried to charge my credit card and my credit card didn't work. Which is a complete lie because my American credit card works in every country. And when this happened, I received an email from booking that said I had 24 hours to put in another credit card. Within 2 minutes of me receiving the email they cancelled my reservation due to my American credit card not working, I immediately put in another card just in case. And the hotel immediately cancelled my reservation. I then called my credit card company and they said no one had even attempted to charge my card. So this hotel cannot be trusted, as they will cancel your reservation and then lie and say your cards don't work. Do not trust them!!! My wife and I last minute had to find another hotel, so you can imagine the stress we had being in another city and the hotel cancelling our reservation for no reason. Update- After we flew down to another city, and the following day we flew to their hotel, they cancelled our reservation with no explanation. They tried to lie and say my credit card didn't work, but I called my bank and verified and they never even attempted to charge my card. So they cancelled on us less than 18 hours before we arrived. You can imagine how me and my wife felt being in another city and knowing now we had no hotel for the next 10 days of our trip. We then flew to Turkey, walked by their hotel just to see it after what they put us thru. It's dirty, far from the beach, in fact there is no beach by their hotel. It's a 50 foot cliff that's roped off so people don't fall. You must take a taxi 20 minutes to the good beach which is in another area. Avoid at all costs.


Nice hotel

Avaliou em 5 de agosto de 2019

The location of the hotel is very good since its near to the beach and old town.near the hotel there are also stores. the rooms are clean however i didnt like the bathroom it was very small and the wifi is really really slow


ignore the negative reviews it's fabulous !!!!!

Avaliou em 15 de setembro de 2018

We chose this hotel as it was in between the beach and the Old Town, decided to ignore the bad reviews as we're not the type of people who let a crack in a sink ruin our holiday. We were so pleased with our room it was modern and large, i've never had a room with so many storage and surface areas !! ( very important to us women), our beds were a bit hard and we told Kemal (one of the wonderful managers who got housekeeping to sort it, they placed 3 mattress toppers on our beds and that sorted it. The managers and staff are so friendly and helpful, during the day it's kemal who is a lovely man and a super host, the little touches meant a lot like the days we missed breakfast after a heavy night and he would bring us a coffee by the pool. The night manager is Benjamin (aka Nicholas Cage !!) he loved it when we came back from an evening out and we joined him for a few late night drinks at the bar. The housekeeping ladies work so hard and are a credit to the hotel, every time we returned to our rooms they had been cleaned and provided with fresh towels. The restaurant staff were all super were all the Turkish people. It was a bit too hot for us during the day so we mainly chilled by the pool ( a green oasis of tranquility)..many times we had this pool to ourselves, we didn't get any rashes and used it more than once each day( I really miss my swims in the pool). Most evenings we went into The Old Town which is a magical place with many lovely bars and restaurants. Taxis were everywhere and very cheap and we used them constantly as it was too hot to walkabout. The barbers opposite the hotel is a must if you want the Turkish shave experience, I watched my partner have his shave and haircut, such skill !!! The nearby beach is a great way to spend a few hours, it is pebbly and although there are wooden paths to walk on around the sunbeds...I would recommend some slip on sea shoes as it is sore on the tootsies !! The Aquarium is worth a visit too, so many places we would like to see so we will go back in either May or October when it's cooler. The aircon was also brilliant and we couldn't have managed without it.The food was always wonderful and very varied to suit the many different cultures that visit.Also, please ignore review that said you couldnt bring water etc..into your rooms, we did daily and we bought milk for tea and coffee ect plus snacks from the little shop next door to have by the pool (ran by a lovely lady). We were so impressed by the hotel staff and can't rate them highly enough, please visit and enjoy !!!!! Sharon & Dave from Woking, England

sharon k

Well recommended !!!!!!!!!!

Avaliou em 24 de julho de 2018

we stayed here on the back of the recent good reviews given to the hotel and rightly so we were not dissapointed at all the Hotel is in an excellent location as it is only 10 mins on foot to the old town and marina etc and probaly the same to the lovely beach which we really enjoyed. The cleaners employed by the hotel do an excellent job and are a credit to the hotel and keep the rooms very clean. Also the waiters and the manager of the hotel are very friendly and cant do enough for you. The rooms are clean and adequate we had the large family suite room the only criticism i would have is that one of the bedrooms did not have air con but we eaisly got round this my moving the beds into the spare seating/dinning area. The pool is fairly small but is clean and more than adequate to have a swim or to cool down.The gardens are small but pleassant. The breakfast and the evening meal were excellent and we were not dissapointed. The hotel can get busy as i think it used by tour companies as a stop over but this does not affect the guests as these groups literally come in the eve and are usually gone after breakfast the next day. we had a grerat time at Laguna suite hotel and would definitly recommended this hotel to family and friends who are looking for a nice clean hotel in Antalya . I would definitly re-book if i ever come back to Antalya.


Below average - wouldn't recommend

Avaliou em 7 de julho de 2018

We decided to stay here due to the above average reviews however I can honestly say that this was a bad experience, not terrible but definitely below average. First off the woman at the check in desk was rude and unhelpful, the only word she said to us was "pay", no hello, no smile, no welcome to hotel laguna. When we got up to the room to our disappointment we discovered that they had given us 2 single beds even though we had asked for a double. The room was rather strange. Mould around the shower. Broken toilet seat. The "kitchen" area was really wierd... They've installed an extractor fan but no hob? Nor even a microwave?? What is the point of the extractor fan exactly? The air con was stuck on 16°and refused to change no matter what we did. And they decided to provide the thinnest blanket ever so every night we were freezing and i was reduced to waking up every hour to turn it off and on. We went for the all inclusive package but we wish we hadn't bothered. The food was terrible. The breakfast was exactly the same every single morning - dry buns, scrambled eggs, some boiled sausages and a selection of cold meats and salads and some basic cereal. I was pretty much reduced to eating sugar puffs and coffee for 7 days. Dinner was even worse. To top it off even though it was "all inclusive" apparently water doesn't count. The drinks at the hotel are priced at 3 times the amount outside the hotel, we brought our own water bottles in on the 2nd day aa there were no drinks offered on the first night only to have the restaurant manager come up to us and say it is "forbidden" to drink water brought from outside anywhere in their hotel. Don't really see the point of having a fridge in our room then if we can't even bring drinks in. Wifi is a joke and is so sketchy you'd think you were stuck in the 90s with a dial up. The pool is small to the point of ridiculousness, my partner hopped in for half an hour only to come out in a rash with blood shot eyes - over chlorinated, i would recommend avoiding it completely and just going to the beach instead - the water is beautiful and crystal clear. The beach is a pebble beach though so don't expect any sand but honestly once your in the water it won't matter a jot. The hotel does arrange a transfer to and from the beach which is pretty good - board 10 minutes early as its only a small minibus and tends to get crammed pretty fast. The cleaners are also pretty good, nothing went missing and the rooms were cleaned and mopped regularly every day so no complaints. If anything I would say that they are actually rather thoughtful. On the first night we pushed the beds together to make a double bed and the next day we found that the cleaners had put a double sheet over the beds which did make us feel a bit better. Location wise i would say that it is not too far from the action, taxis are pretty cheap (about 20 lira) to get the old town but it's also a 15-20 minute walk if you don't mind melting along the way. But to top it off I would say that the last day was the day on which we were really disappointed. Our booking clearly said the 7th of July to check out so even though our flight was on the 6th we felt we had the room and therefore left our bags in the room, however when we came back on the 6th to collect our stuff to go the airport we were told that actually there was some sort of error and our check out date was the 6th not the 7th. The manager was extremely rude and unhelpful, even though we asked politely if we could just go and collect our luggage he refused and insisted that we pay €30 euros to go upstairs and collect our bags. Absolutely piracy. Overall i would not recommend this hotel and at all and if you do please make sure you screen shot or print all of your paperwork as they are liable to change things at the last minute and rob you blind. You will probably spend most of your time in the old town anyway and i would recommend staying at one of the much nicer hotels in that area if you are contemplating a visit to Antalya. I hope you find this in depth review helpful and i hope you all have a better experience than we did.