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Experimente uns mergulhos na piscina exterior e uma ida à sauna.

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Experimente uns mergulhos na piscina exterior e uma ida à sauna.

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Awesome place

Avaliou em 29 de agosto de 2019

This place has an spectacular view of the lake. Perfect for a relaxing getaway where you can reconnect with Mother Nature. Owners take care and pride of their property. They do an amazing job to keep this place. We loved the outdoor seating, thank you Octavio and Maye for your delicious food.


Nice but.....

Avaliou em 7 de agosto de 2016

The property is small but lovely. Everything was clean and the beds were comfortable. It's away from the noise of the town. The staff is very attentive and friendly. If it had not rained we would have been happy with the hotel. It began raining in the evening of our arrival. By 11:00 pm water was seeping up through the floorboards of our room although we were on the second floor. Ants came into the room to escape the water and covered our towels and the wall in the bathroom and behind the beds. We moved to an adjoining room but that room had a leak in the ceiling that dripped onto the bed. It was midnight so we not move again but left the hotel the next day although the room was paid through that night also. The hotel has a few other idiosyncrasies. There is no mirror in the bathroom to shave. There was no internet at any time. If you want to eat in the restaurant you have to tell them the day before and agree to the menu that is being served. We agreed on a 9:00 am breakfast but weren't served until 10:00 because that's when a larger family group showed up to eat. This could be a wonderful place. It needs work.

Sue M

Beautiful and Magical place...

Avaliou em 5 de janeiro de 2016

The place is beautiful, surrounded by nature, and the manager makes you feel at home from the beginning! Breakfast is simply delicious, and the tours they offer are really a must, the surroundings are amazing! The lake view from any of the rooms is beautiful...Highly recommended!!

Jacques S

Extremely beautiful locale. Good value for money, but the hotel can be better

Avaliou em 2 de novembro de 2012

We spent the new year's eve at this hotel and the ceremony of temazcal and the bathing ritual afterwards was extremely invigorating and cleansing, one of the best temazcal ceremonies I have ever attended. The area surrounding the hotel is one of the most beautiful in Mexico and the owners are very nice, but the hotel itself is quite modest and functional. I was not very comfortable in the room, the walls are thin and the noise from the other rooms travels easily, the bed was also not very condusive to good sleeping. The food is quite regular and there are not many options available around the hotel. Overall good value for money but things can be better.


Magical place in the middle of the rain forest...

Avaliou em 16 de setembro de 2011

I wanted to come to this place for a while so my expectations were high. We were picked up by our driver in Mexico City and drove about 6 hrs into Veracruz. We chose this route because we were looking for an adventure. The drive although long was great because we got to enjoy espectacular views as we drove through the mountains. At one point it felt like we were so high up that we could touch the clouds. When we finally made it into the hotel, the staff showed us the room where we were going to stay for the weekend. The place was cozy, clean, rustic, and spacious. The view was spectacular but the magic started when it got dark because the green lawn that view the lake was covered with fire flies creating a net of light. The whole weekend was packed with activities: jogging in the morning, then kayaking (here is were I finally got a nice tan!) then dinner at the beach. Water was warm and soothing and food was delicious and healthy (fresh seafood since we were in the Golf). Next morning after yoga at the pier and a healthy breakfast (papaya, organic eggs, toast, tea) we drove to the water falls through the rain forest then hiked to get into Velo de Novia (bride's veil) and then into Poza Reina (queen's pool?) close by. We took plenty of pictures of such beautiful and refreshing place. On the way back we made a deviation into Catemaco for an icrecream and enjoyed a typical dance by the local in the plaza. At night we prepared for the Temazcal which I was so looking forward to enjoy. The Temazcal area was perfumed with incense, candle light, relaxing music, etc. We bathed in clay then proceeded to go to the sauna, meditated, then finished it with a Nacimiento de Agua (clearwater coming from the mountain) bath...soo cold that made me scream...ok, I was the only one screaming everybody else seemed to enjoy the cool water. The next day we were prepared to head back to Mexico City...but we had to make a stop in Puebla to enjoy some Mole Poblano right from the source. mmmh! Overall this place is a gift from nature. Come prepared with mosquito repellent as it is the only thing I didn't enjoy. If in NYC I'll stay at the Ritz, but here my expectations were absolutely met! Thank you, I am definitely coming back!