Athol Plantation

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Localização do Estabelecimento O Athol Plantation fica a cerca de 3 km de um dos principais ex-líbris de Edenton: Clube de Campo e Golfe de Chowan. Este bed & breakfast encontra-se ainda a cerca de 10 km de outros pontos de referência, incluindo Conselho Artístico de Chowan e Associação Casa Cupola....

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Localização do Estabelecimento O Athol Plantation fica a cerca de 3 km de um dos principais ex-líbris de Edenton: Clube de Campo e Golfe de Chowan. Este bed & breakfast encontra-se ainda a cerca de 10 km de outros pontos de referência, incluindo Conselho Artístico de Chowan e Associação Casa Cupola. Quartos Sinta-se em casa num dos 4 quartos. O acesso à internet sem fios grátis permite-lhe ficar sempre em contacto. Ao final do dia, assista a uma seleção de canais por cabo. Comodidades Aproveite para contemplar soberbas vistas a partir do jardim. Refeições Aproveite para fazer novos contactos n...

125 Country Club Drive, Edenton, NC 27932, USA - Edenton, Carolina do Norte - Estados Unidos - 27932

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One mistake after another, and I'm still owed money back

Avaliou em 6 de maio de 2019

Back in August 2018 I had booked the Athol Plantation (Athol Suite) for $279/night via Tripadvisor for what was expected to be a busy weekend in Edenton (Cycle NC, held the last weekend in April, 2019). This is a big event and in order to secure lodging you have to book well in advance. I was charged for the total amount of the stay at the time of booking. Two days before we were to arrive, I received an email sent from a no-reply email address stating that Athol had double-booked the room we were scheduled to stay in, and that they were working on alternate accommodations. There was a lot of back and forth between two different people/two different phone numbers (as it seems as though two people run it but have completely siloed their responsibilities) with the end result being the alternate accommodations were to stay at their friends’ house. The new nightly rate for the stay was $150/night. I agreed only because I knew this was a busy weekend and accommodations otherwise would have been impossible. What bothers me is that they should have known this issue well in advance however calling just two days prior to arrival is a bit unacceptable. Mike & Martha (Our new hosts) were very pleasant and glad we got to know them, and our stay was pleasant, however when I received notification for the refund, it was far less than what I was expecting. I received a refund of $245 whereas I was expecting in the neighborhood of $400 ($129/night for 3 nights plus tax). When asking the owners about this, they told me it was Expedia’s issue and I had to call them. The moral of the story is we will be back in Edenton as it is a charming town, however will not be staying at the Athol Plantation. If you end up booking here, I would strongly recommend calling in advance to ensure your room hasn’t been double-booked. Also, I would strongly recommend booking this place on Tripadvisor as I have yet to get the balance of my refund.


Major Disappointment for $500

Avaliou em 28 de maio de 2018

I wanted a nice and quiet, restful long weekend for my wife. We have traveled around the world, and understand you may have to experience various conditions and make allowances. The Athol Planation house looks like a pleasant place to hang-out when you review their website. Are the owners having a passive-aggressive meltdown? OK, we can get by with 4 yapping dogs greeting you, but allowing the dogs to crap on the carpet at the front door each day, in the dining room where you eat breakfast is totally unacceptable. They left the doors open with no screens so your room has flies in it during your stay. The mini refrigerator in the hallway has mold in it and is unclean. The outdoor furniture on the porches is old, dirty, and falling apart. You discover the space you are staying in is where the owners must sleep when there are no guests. Plus, the place smells like one big cigarette. On top of all this, the owners acted like they could care less you were there as their guests. Feel totally disrespected. This property may have been, or could have been a great place to stay, but not today. What a shame, and shame on the owners.

George Y

Romantic Getaway

Avaliou em 28 de maio de 2018

Our stay at Athol Plantation was great. Very relaxing and elegant. John and Steve are excellent hosts in a beautiful refurbished plantation mansion. Beautifully refurbished 150 year old cotton plantation mansion. We stayed in the Adam and Eve Room, the bed was very comfortable as well as the room itself. The breakfast was delicious and served in the formal dining room. The B&B is pet friendly, with 4 yorkies in residence. The grounds are beautiful in a quiet neighborhood. Only 6 miles from the quaint town of Edenton, NC


Very nice stay, but maybe not for everyone.

Avaliou em 9 de outubro de 2017

I booked a room at the Athol after reading the reviews, both good and bad, and though we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and found the hosts very friendly & knowledgeable, and the room very comfortable, I also have to admit that a couple of the negative reviews do make valid points, and if you are the sort of person who can not deal with yippety dogs (even though they are very friendly, the four of them do raise a bit of a ruckus sometimes), and the sort of mild disrepair and a good number of (mainly outdoors as far as I could see) spiders and such which are inevitable with the sort of never-ending restoration work which is going to come with a project like this, then it might not be for you. What I can say is that the house is very evidently a true labor of love for John & Steve, and they have done a great job renovating it. The history of the house and pictures of the renovation process were also interesting. Breakfast (eggs Benedict with hash browns & melon) was delicious and prepared just the way I liked it - and having fresh eggs from their own chickens make such a difference! A couple of glasses of wine and leisurely conversation with John on our arrival made us feel very welcome. Overall, I'd say read all the reviews and decide for yourself what your priorities are for accommodation. Aside from the one "terrible" rating which I did not feel was at all justified, most of them seem quite fair, and all but the overly fastidious of people should enjoy it very much.


Great place, great hosts

Avaliou em 6 de setembro de 2017

Nicest room I've seen, friendly hosts, beautiful dining and living rooms. Grounds were nice, well kept. Hosts Steve and John knew the history of the mansion, which is very interesting. Short drive to town.

Dan C