Americas Best Value Inn & Suites - Foley / Gulf Shores

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Foley, Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Foley Gulf Shores ficará no centro financeiro, a 2 minuto(s) de carro de Tanger Outlet Center e a 6 minuto(s) de Foley Sportsplex. Este hotel está a 6,2 km (3,8 mi) de The Park at OWA e a 14,3 km (8,9 mi) de Alabama Gulf Coast...

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Saída até: 11:00

Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Foley, Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Foley Gulf Shores ficará no centro financeiro, a 2 minuto(s) de carro de Tanger Outlet Center e a 6 minuto(s) de Foley Sportsplex. Este hotel está a 6,2 km (3,8 mi) de The Park at OWA e a 14,3 km (8,9 mi) de Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Tanger Outlet Center - 1,6 km/1 mi - Museu Ferroviário de Foley - 2 km/1,2 mi - Museu da Medicina de Holmes - 2 km/1,2 mi - The Gulf Bowl - 2,6 km/1,6 mi - Campo de Golfe Gulf Links - 3,9 km/2,4 mi - The Park at OWA -...

1517 S McKenzie St, Foley, AL 36535, USA - Foley, Alabama - Estados Unidos - 36535

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Good Hotel

Avaliou em 11 de julho de 2022

The bed was very comfortable better than some more high end hotels I have stayed at. The room was clean and no bugs. The air conditioner worked good as hot as it is. The pool was clean and very nice. The continental breakfast was you basic one but it made me full.



Avaliou em 14 de maio de 2022

Terrible!! The smell everyone complains about is pesticide to kill roaches! We checked in and had a live roach greet us at the door as well as the pungent smell of roach killer! Eyes nose and throat immediately started burning! Went to ask for refund but was given the run around by hotel and the booking site not trip advisor. No refund issued by either!!! Could of had serious health reactions but no one seemed to care! Hotel is a dump! Falsely claims renovated in 2022 but was told that only the front office and conference rooms!! Keep going! Awful place and customer service! Also no security, door to hotel is unlocked at all times.


Disgusting! Rude! And Old!

Avaliou em 19 de junho de 2021

This place is just horrible!! Old, DISGUSTING, and every single worker I encountered EXTREMELY rude!!! Especially the older lady and guy who work at the desk! I went to ask for more towels (we only had 2 and we had 4 people in the room) the guy threw a book down threw a pen and slammed stuff everywhere. And started huffing and puffing. I then left and he followed me to the room and still proceeded with his rude attitude. Also when we first got there our room looked so gross. Sheets weren’t changed. Stuff all o er the floor. Tables not wiped off. Just plain nasty. Asked them to clean it they came with some air freshener to fix it. After that the lady at the desk started an attitude when I simply stated I just want my room clean. And basically getting defensive when I showed her the pictures of what I wanted clean.



Avaliou em 10 de março de 2021

DO NOT EVER STAY HERE!!! Very nasty RIP OFF!!!! Refused to give a refund or approval of refund even though we had proof!!! My mother and I booked 2 rooms. My mother had a friend who is diabetic and we asked to get into the rooms early. The reason being was that we needed to go to a soccer game and she needed to stay in the room. Laura at the from desk was very helpful and found a handicap room that was open and she let us check in. We were very thankful. We got into the two rooms and one smelled like an old ash tray and the other smelled like someone had just smoked a blunt in it. I turned on the air in attempt to get some fresh air going. I was in a hurry to get my daughter food and get her back to the soccer field for her tournament. I quickly told her to wash her hands so we could run and get food. I then opened the curtains and started to look around the room and realized it was straight up nasty. See attached photos. GROSS! At that time my mother comes over from the other room telling me about her room. I walk over and it was equally as gross. We paid 150.00 and 200.00 for the 2 rooms. By this time I was freaking out because pretty much all hotels near us were booked and if both rooms were that nasty I did not need to see anymore. At that point I called my husband to let him know what was going on and that there was no way we could stay there. He didn’t believe me that it was that bad so I took photos for him. I got off the phone with him and went back to my mothers room to try to figure out what to do. She agreed that she didn’t want to stay either. At that point I got on the phone with another hotel about 30 minutes away. They had me on hold. I gathered my things and the things of my 2 children. We all loaded everything back in the car and drove to the front office to request a refund. My mother went in and I was still on the phone with the other hotel. She then came out saying that they were sending someone to check the rooms to see if they were in the conditions we said they were. She also said that they could not refund because we booked through an agency online. Laura came back up to the front and said to us that we would have to take our claim up with the agency that we booked through. But she also denied that the rooms were dirty. In fact she tried to make it seem as though maybe we had dirtied up the room. She then made a reference asking who used the tiny bar of soap? And then she tried to use that against us as in doing that meant that we had dirtied the room. I informed her that my daughter washed her hands. I also informed her that I had pictures of the nasty condition the room was in and that there was no way that we could have created that much filth in such a short amount of time. We went around in circles discussing how dirty the room was. Laura never owned up to the fact that it was nasty. She just kept telling us to call the booking agent and that there was nothing she could do about it. She told us that since we booked through an agency that the hotel only received a portion of what we paid for the room and that basically she could not refund us. My mother told her that she had never been to a hotel and not received a refund if the room was as dirty as that one. By this time my daughter had to be back at the soccer field for her tournament in about 10 minutes. So we left with no refund. I pulled up my mothers reservation first and called the one 800 number to attempt to get a refund. After talking to customer service they informed me that they would need to call the hotel to get approval for the refund. They put me on hold very shortly and then returned. They then informed me that the hotel did not approve the refund and basically said my claims were untrue. They then informed me that I would need to call the hotel back and speak to them and get an approval. Then once I got the approval I would need to call them back and give the name of the manager who approved. I called the hotel back and spoke to Laura. She wouldn’t even let me talk. She basically said I already know what you are going to say. Then she told me that they were lying and that they didn’t even ask for approval. She then gave this long long spiel about how the travel agencies are in another country and that they take advantage of many people. My belief is that she would not validate the claim of the dirty room to get the approval for our refund. At that point I was ready to just give up. We had lost $350. And had to book another hotel for $370 for 1 night! This is where my mother picked up and trying to get our money back. She called again to speak to the manager who was not there and neither was Laura. We were told to call back again the next day. She called back again the next day and went through the whole thing again with the person who was working the desk. She was given the email address for the manager. She was also told When the manager would be in and went to call back. My mother called and was able to speak to Mr. Patel the owner. He initially told my mother that she would need to call the Agency that we booked through again. My mother then informed him that we had already talk to the agency and that they told us that they would need an approval from the hotel to refund our money. He then asked my mother to send the photos that we have of the room. And that he would get back with us. I emailed him the photos to the address that was given to us. We did not hear from anyone. My mother called back and spoke with Laura again. She then told us that we needed to call our credit card company and dispute the charge because there was nothing that she could do about it. My mother then confronted her and asked her who was responsible for the room being so dirty? She did not want to respond to any questions about the condition of the room. My mother even offered to let them take the money for the short amount of time that we were in there if they could refund us. After questioning why could they not refund us the money or give the approval to the travel agency to refund us the money for the dirty room we were hung up on. I will do everything in my power to make sure that this hotel does not rip anyone else off. They denied how nasty the room was even though I had pictures. And it was very easy to see. They denied us a refund. And they denied an approval for a refund through the travel agency. We were lied to and given the runaround. After researching o found that they have done this to many people!!


Beware of room 201

Avaliou em 28 de fevereiro de 2021

Intense smell of cigarette smoke mixed with marijuana I spent 20 bucks and two hours worth of work cleaning the room to my standard to sleep in it. I wouldn’t recommend staying there and I won’t ever stay again.