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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Knights Inn Jacksonville at Dix Ellis Trail em Jacksonville (Southside), ficará a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Saint Vincent's Medical Center Southside e a 6 minuto(s) de Centro Comercial The Avenues. Este motel está a 6,3 km (3,9 mi) de Dog Wood Park of Jac...

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Com uma estadia Knights Inn Jacksonville at Dix Ellis Trail em Jacksonville (Southside), ficará a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Saint Vincent's Medical Center Southside e a 6 minuto(s) de Centro Comercial The Avenues. Este motel está a 6,3 km (3,9 mi) de Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville e a 8,5 km (5,3 mi) de Centro Comercial St. Johns Town Center. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo.
- Saint Vincent's Medical Center Southside - 5,7 km/3,5 mi
- Centro Comercial The Avenues - 6 km/3,7 mi
- Dog Wood Park of Jackson...

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Travesseiros horríveis!!!

Avaliou em 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Pontos positivos: Cama confortável Pontos negativos: Logo ao entrar no quarto, sentimos um cheiro ruim. Piso de carpete faltando aspirar. Travesseiros muito ruins. Atendimento deixou a desejar. O recepcionista disse no check-in que não teria quarto com duas camas de casal (???). Só liberou o quarto quando mostrei a especificação no voucher. Achei estranho este comportamento. Enfim, mesmo sendo um hotel de beira de estrada, pode melhorar suas condições para o conforto dos viajantes.


Robert Beltz

Avaliou em 16 de outubro de 2020

Our air conditioner broke at 11 pm and management would not fix it or put us in a different room, nor would they even refund a partial part of the cost of the room. The staff is very disrespect ful and I wouldn't let a stray dog go there.


Worst hotel experience ever

Avaliou em 2 de janeiro de 2020

Dirty. TV Broke. One channel. Front deck clerk stole the money for our extended stay. A/C unit was the loudest I have ever heard We were treated like we were the ones in the wrong. They were not even going to let us back in the room to get our stuff. Thank god for cameras. Its a horrible place to stay. Pay the extra money and go somewhere else


Not the best. Pros and cons below.

Avaliou em 11 de novembro de 2019

Truly not the best. Pros: Hot water in the shower, a roof over your head, decent locks, lights, wall plugs, and a TV, a bed to sleep on (although no guarantee on the quality of it), reliable microwave, decent fridge, towels and a bar of soap, and free parking. Cons: Smell, cracks and marks on the mirrors, uneven floors, floor stains, low quality mattresses, not the best bedding, air conditioner smells stuffy and dusty and doesn't always reach the whole room, old and worn bathroom all around (semi-clean but just not maintained). Things to note: Might need room spray, no travel shampoo, conditioner, tea, coffee or any of those little extras, only a bar of soap, towels and 2 plastic cups. Our experience: Some of my family went to stay there for a few days and the room they got smelt like mold and they looked around and found the carpet was moldy, and the floorboards were uneven and creaked, the one bed was tilted too. They went to the front desk and requested another room, the lady upfront said okay and got them another room that was better, it didn't creak, didn't smell like moldy, the bathroom was not very aesthetically pleasing but it was clean, so they were fine for the rest of the stay. This past weekend, we were in down and booked the same knight’s inn, not realizing that it was the exact same one since it was a different family member who booked it. Sad to say we had a similar experience, the first room we were given smelt badly like mold, the mirrors had a crack and lots of speckles and permanent marks all over, the toilet seat did not sit straight, the lid of the toilet didnt line up how it should and there was gunk in the creases, the floors were uneven, we didnt bother checking the beds because we simply needed a different room so requested a different room, but the lady upfront just sighed and looked at me as if im being ridiculous then (despite there only being 3 cars on the other side of the building and the rest of the place looking vacant) they would only allow us a room directly beside the moldy smelling one we were just in. We eventually just hoped for the best and went in. The room was a huge improvement, not that good but a big improvement. The smell was weird but not specifically moldy (we ended up just buying a room spray to spray frequently), the mirror only has a few marks and such on the edges, the floor was still a big uneven but easily tolerable, the bathroom was cleaner and looked a little better maintained, the showerhead was really worn down looking but the water was clean and warm, the fridge, microwave and TV worked well. The only other downer was that when we turned on the AC, it smelt dusty like the filter has never ever been changed, and made the room spell weirder again so we minimized the use of the AC. I would not stay there again unless it's a last resort.


If you are reading this, do not stay here!

Avaliou em 11 de novembro de 2019

My girlfriend and I has reserved/booked this hotel for a quick trip down to Jacksonville to have a weekend away... and we ended up going somewhere else (not refunded). First of all pictures of this place are absolutely deceiving. We check in, and arrive to our room. The room smells of mold and piss, and we pull the covers back to find hair and what appreared to be piss stains on the bed. Not to mention our front door wouldn’t shut all the way from what looked like damage, and it was unable to lock. Also, the floor was sagging in some areas due to what I assume to be dry-rot. Therefore, due to safety concerns and overall hygiene concerns, we quickly booked a new hotel in Orange Park area. When I went back to the front desk to get my refund, the front desk associate, Autumn, said that they were unable to give me a refund because we were “checked-in” for longer than 15min, and that all issues need to be reported within 15min of check-in. We were there maybe 30-35min, and the whole time looking online for other hotels available in the area. Needless to say I was very upset, and just walked out WITHOUT receiving my refund. Side note- while I was trying to receive my refund, another man was in the lobby voicing concern because his watch was stolen right off his wrist the night before as he was staying at this location... Therefore, if you are reading this, do not stay at this location. Very gross, and not customer service oriented.

Preston R