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Localização Do Estabelecimento Uma estadia Hilton Garden Inn Killeen coloca-o no coração de Killeen, a 5 minutos de carro de Killeen Mall e de Vive Les Arts Theatre. Este hotel está a 1,6 km (1 mi) de Killeen Civic and Conference Center e a 3,6 km (2,3 mi) de Seton Medical Center Harker Heights. A...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Uma estadia Hilton Garden Inn Killeen coloca-o no coração de Killeen, a 5 minutos de carro de Killeen Mall e de Vive Les Arts Theatre. Este hotel está a 1,6 km (1 mi) de Killeen Civic and Conference Center e a 3,6 km (2,3 mi) de Seton Medical Center Harker Heights. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Killeen Mall - 1,2 km/0,7 mi<br> - Vive Les Arts Theatre - 1,5 km/0,9 mi<br> - Killeen Civic and Conference Center - 1,6 km/1 mi<br> - Seton Medical Center Harker Heights - 3,7 km/2,3 mi<br> - Stonetree Golf Club...

2704 O W Curry Dr, Killeen, TX 76542, USA - Killeen, Texas - Estados Unidos - 76542

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Breakfast tacos!

Avaliou em 2 de janeiro de 2021

Traveling during COVID-19 can be challenging because so much is different. Hot breakfasts are not available most places anymore BUT here we got yummy and HOT breakfast tacos which, we were told, were made in-house -- kudos to the cook! All staff members were very friendly and helpful, providing supplies every day we asked for them. This was our second stay at this location -- we will stay again in the future.


Not up to par with Hilton Standards

Avaliou em 27 de novembro de 2020

This hotel is not up to HGI standards. The carpets in hall and room are dingy. Old and drab, uninviting. Throughout the night there were these rustling sounds from the ceiling in my room. Sounds like mice or other critters. The fire alarm went off at 1am for no reason. Then, after being up all night, housekeeping knocked on my door at 7am. Checkout is 11.


Set your expectations low and then look even lower than that - AWFUL location

Avaliou em 22 de agosto de 2020

The single worst HGI I’ve ever stayed at & they are typically my “go-to” for business travels, as the standards are usually higher than Hampton Inns (which is next door). The lobby is under construction & is being used as an excuse for lack of cleanliness & safety. The desk has large pieces of rough, sharp-edged trim randomly lying around, which prevents you from using the counter at all, and the desk area is a hot mess of disorganization & clutter. There was a noticeable sized blood splatter near the reception desk that was there for two days. It rained Saturday morning heavily before 7 AM. Still, at 10 AM, the rainwater that poured through the windows remained below the windows across from the reception desk, and no one seemed interested in getting it wiped up. The paint fumes are off the chart & the dust is so dense that everything is coated in a thick layer & will get on your clothes. Don’t plan on swimming while you’re here because the pool is empty, under construction & the entire outdoor area is atrocious looking with dead shrubbery, paint buckets everywhere & overall poor upkeep from years of neglect. The rooms aren’t any better because the paint job is almost comical with the countless ooopsies, drips, color combinations & lack of clean paint lines throughout. In the bathroom, there’s no place for your towels to sit except the countertop or on the back of the toilet, which neither is acceptable, in my opinion. The A/C was set to 65 before our arrival, but it never got colder than 73, so it obviously has some issues & the fact that wood scraps & chunks of 2x4s are holding it up is a testament to how low their standards are at this HGI location. The pillows are about as flat as they can get and still be called pillows. When I asked someone from housekeeping if I could get a couple newer, more plump pillows, I was told, “we don’t have any extra pillows, sorry.” If you have OCD, the crooked sconces in the bathroom will drive you nuts. Obviously, the person who hung them knew they were crooked and just didn’t care enough to correct the issue. Management must not care either since apparently the rooms are all complete, and all that’s remaining in this construction project is limited to the public areas. This was ‘nicest chain hotel’ in Killeen, but I’m willing to bet a room at the independent Shilo Inn would have been exponentially nicer. Unfortunately, I think the fact that Killeen is a military town & this location gets lots of Govt rate bookings they feel they can lower their standards, which is shameful because if anyone deserves a beautiful place to lay their head, it’s our military & their families. Needless to say, if we must return to Killeen, we’ll stay in Temple and drive-in. Nowhere on the Hilton webpage was this construction or inability to use the pool mentioned, nor did the app mention these inconveniences. I am aware that Tasha is the manager (as she’s quick to let you know this vital piece of information) at this location, so I don’t expect anything to change, but if this will help another traveling business person avoid this lackluster HGI, I’m satisfied. The pictures will speak for themselves. Also, if you’re a Diamond member, don’t expect any of your usual perks, as Tasha is quick to point out, “we don’t do that stuff here,” I’m sure Hilton would love to hear that, and no worries they will. Guests beware, you’ve been warned


2 week disaster

Avaliou em 2 de março de 2020

I've stayed at this property quite a few times over the years for a week or two at a time. I've seen the quality of the hotel and service diminish over the years. They are in the middle of a renovation that is highly overdue. And for some strange reason they put me in a room that wasn't finished. The bathroom was the worst part. Very dim, single low watt bulb in the middle of the bathroom. It took 5 minutes to warm up to about the same light of a 10 watt night light. No way you can see to do anything in there. The shower had no place to put soap or shampoo or anything. So the only place is on the ledge on top of the shower doors. In fact, that's where I found a hairy used bar of soap from the last guest. The drain didn't work most days, neither did the hot water (for 3 days). I literally took an ice cold shower one morning.....and then had to work outside all day in the 30 degree weather. During the 2nd week of my stay, the renovation crew moved to my floor. Banging and hammering all day long from around 8am- 6pm. That's all good unless you have to work at night and sleep during the day which I did the last few days of my stay. One day they even came into my room and put up new blinds. The smell from the Liquid Nails adhesive thru used lingered for a day or two and gave me a headache. I politely told all these things to the front desk which they just replied "sorry". I gave them a chance to make some ammends. With no help, I called the Diamond Hilton Honors Desk and told them about it. They added some points to my account but there was no way my 2 week disaster could be accounted for. Beware of this hotel for a while!!!!


New, clean, and professional

Avaliou em 2 de fevereiro de 2020

Super clean and new facility, easy in and out. Friendly staff, good breakfast. The exercise room was okay. The perfect place to stay to catch a flight out the next day out of Austin, it is located on the outskirts of the airport, but I did not hear any plane noise in the hotel.