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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia OYO Hotel Knoxville TN Cedar Bluff I-40 em Knoxville (Cedar Bluff), ficará a 10 minutos de carro de West Town Mall e de Centro Comercial Turkey Creek. Este hotel está a 16,9 km (10,5 mi) de University of Tennessee e a 17,6 km (11 mi) de Neyland Stadium....

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Com uma estadia OYO Hotel Knoxville TN Cedar Bluff I-40 em Knoxville (Cedar Bluff), ficará a 10 minutos de carro de West Town Mall e de Centro Comercial Turkey Creek. Este hotel está a 16,9 km (10,5 mi) de University of Tennessee e a 17,6 km (11 mi) de Neyland Stadium. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Dead Horse Lake Golf Course - 3,2 km/2 mi<br> - West Town Mall - 6,5 km/4 mi<br> - Tennova Hospitalist Group - 6,7 km/4,2 mi<br> - Centro Comercial Turkey Creek - 7,2 km/4,5 mi<br> - Centro Empresarial de Pel...

317 N Cedar Bluff Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA - Knoxville, Tenessi - Estados Unidos - 37923

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Disgusting and shady!!!

Avaliou em 4 de outubro de 2020

0 stars! My newborn and I got a last minute room late at night and it was disgusting! Wanted so bad to leave but we didn’t have the option. There was POOP on the fitted sheet! Yes POOP! And everything was nasty. The air wouldn’t stay on for more than 2 minutes so it was so hot and there was no tv remote or working plugs. Oh and there’s no WiFi. Shady guests everywhere at weird hours too. Seriously do not stay here.


set to the tune of the famous country christmas song "Tennessee Christmas" by Alabama

Avaliou em 7 de março de 2020

Hi Im Johnny Knoxville and this is quality inn east of knoxville fifteen minute drive to my chagrin smokeys are callin, appalachian, time to stop over heading east lookin for more then, sleep and breakfast when, mood for something increased I wanna slide and splash with dump buckets the only hotel for me where the fountains circle around us and i race down the slide whee! either rain or snow, like in colorado that this roof will ever see makes no difference cause it is indoors is this hotel in tennessee So I pull up through the back lot boom bang clang ouchie pothole hits the rim the size of ole mississippi they haven’t paved there, looks like they don’t care the lot could use some tlc i walk round the corner, this foreigner steps in the big lobby I run to the rest room cause no clerk at the front desk waiting for me I may have gone there first nonetheless cause i really had to pee what happened next was so, unexpected although the worker had honesty after waiting twenty two minutes in the lobby facility the clerk comes with apology [one more time!] strong stern woman kind and caring welcoming to me begs and pleads don’t go somewhere else my apologies there’s a good reason, prevented the fleas in She caught a squatter cautiously he keeps coming back here, but no more need to fear threatened him with police She’s not your ordinary employee forget “nothing to see here” rather truth, love and honesty cause this woman was so dear I figured if its so, that this vagrants shadow wasn’t in the room i fear she’d assign me minutes later ill decide to stay right here And so she told me the only room that’s safe to be safe from squatters returning would be the deluxe suite in the main building, waterpark being right out the window overlooking sure sounds exciting awfully inviting deadbolt security She gave me the hotel room at a price that fit my budget being a recent college graduate with bills from nelnet seeing so i went to the room, passing through the monsoon of the waterpark lobby but tomorrow ill be a swimmin’ cause the gate was chain locked i see waterpark night security! [sing it once again!] What happened next added to the evenings pleasantries I walk into room and right as i set down the keys room phone goes ringin, i wonder whose callin, I pick up lil hesitantly the voice sounds familiar, in a loud whisper says the front desk lady; “So what the verdict?” she was a- askin’ in reference to the room suite in the years i have been traveling its never been asked to me it showed that she cared big, was not part of her gig to call up the room and see but the customer service at this one, gets a five*****star rating from me! The suite a bit worn and dated but bed was comfy couch the type you find in “as is” ikea gallery but for a nights its, furthest from the pits that one would expect no squatters i see awake the next morning, to sounds outside splashing window peer rapidly a morning of splish splashing indoors on a water playground for me i call it a playground because its size is small enough maybe for ten children or five adults shallow to dive a water’park’ its a mini-me of a large splash pad with dump bucket a total of one slide I see the total people here are three [last time, everybody!] small child tween and young teen engage in a waterfight I decide let the kids frolic while I do something light next to the splashpad, is something I’m glad a swimming pool its three feet deep alongside a hot tub, with bubbles turn the knub churning waterfall steep But do not bathe in waterfall landing signs posted plentifully I obey the rules because i don’t want to have to pay a fee as we get closer to, check out time i conclude lets do the waterslide I see what a perfect ending to this stay with a splashdown landing woo-whee! Back to the room to pack up and finish heading east quirky fixtures gangly random dot my hotel suite i didn’t do it, return the deposit i found it just like that when room and i greet head to the front desk, check out i expect the woman strong caring and sweet but no another interesting person as her shift ended at three i couldn’t determine pronoun but who cares as they were friendly i told them about the, night before, they shudder yet assured my security such helpful caring employees at this hotel in tennessee such helpful caring employees at this hotel in tennessee


Place really needs some fixing up

Avaliou em 5 de março de 2020

I could smell mold and dampness in the rooms, probably due to poor construction and having an indoor water park. The staff was nice, moved me to a room with lesser mold and dampness when I complained. Looked like all their rooms have this issue. Bathroom fixings were coming off the wall, nothing was in good shape. Like I mentioned, this place could really use some fixing up. Wouldn't recommend this place under the current condition.


Absolutely NASTY!!!! Rudest staff!!🤢

Avaliou em 12 de dezembro de 2019

Worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I live in Knoxville and stayed here only for my daughter to play at the indoor water park for her birthday and it’s winter and i will never return. I will never recommend this hotel. First the price on Expedia advertised is not true. I walked in to check in and the front desk staff said the final price was not matched on Expedia because the hotels room prices haven’t updated on Expedia. But he did extend our check out until 12:00 so my daughter could play at the water park. So we just went ahead and payed and went to the room. These rooms are so Nasty the nicely made bed looked like it had only been made we folded the covers back and found 4 different hairs Inbetween sheets and blood stains on top covers That looked to be squished bed bug blood. I was so disgusted And kept itching the whole night i slept wrapped in towels. Oh and it gets better the next morning i was woken up to a loud banging on the door At 11:13am by a lady who worked there and she started yelling at me it’s past check out I need to get out. So I explained to her the man I checked in with told me he put us down for late check out for my daughter to play at the water park and she was at the indoor water park with her dad and we were leaving at 12. So told me that’s not in the files and I need to leave. So I called down to the desk and the man told me our check out at 12 is not in the records. So I told him fine since i payed to stay here and was told I could check out at 12 i have all my stuff so I will pay the extra cost since it’s such a big deal and such a problem. They kept acting like I was lying about the late check out. So I get dressed and told my family I would pull my car around the the front to check out and they can just get in the car front the front door. I go to the desk to give the man my key and my daughters father asks the man for a clean towel for my 4 year old daughter to dry off with so she can change her clothes in the bathroom and the man tell him he can’t have a towel because we are checking out now and we will no longer be guest at this hotel And my 4 year old is dropping on their lobby so my daughters father continued to tell him we were standing there to check out at the time we were told and that our daughter is dripping wet Cold and just needs a towel to dry off with to put her clothes on because it is 30 degrees outside and it got to the point we were done with the disrespect the rudeness and nastiness of this hotel my daughter dad took his jacket off and had to wrap my daughter up and dry her off. So after that miserable stay I will never return. WASTE OF MONEY I wish I could rate a negative Score.


Needle in the sink and nasty sheets

Avaliou em 27 de novembro de 2019

I rented a room for my 18 yr old daughter and her and her girlfriend were about to check out brushing there teeth and almost got stuck by a used needle in the sink drain! Went and told management and they said why u rent room from us and told us to leave?