Green Gables Inn

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Instalações Para uma estada confortável e relaxante, o estabelecimento dispõe de inúmeras comodidades, entre as quais acesso à Internet e acesso à Internet sem fios. Habitações Todas as habitações contam com ar condicionado e uma casa de banho. Existem camas de criança para os mais pequenos. Haverá ...

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Instalações Para uma estada confortável e relaxante, o estabelecimento dispõe de inúmeras comodidades, entre as quais acesso à Internet e acesso à Internet sem fios. Habitações Todas as habitações contam com ar condicionado e uma casa de banho. Existem camas de criança para os mais pequenos. Haverá também ao dispor um frigorífico, um micro-ondas e uma máquina de café/chaleira. Nas habitações haverá ao dispor acesso à Internet e um telefone. Nas casas de banho encontra-se ainda ao dispor um secador de cabelo. Desporto/Lazer Os hóspedes poderão descontrair por completo com um refrescante mergulh...

21380 US-27, Lake Wales, FL 33859, USA - Lake Wales, Flórida - Estados Unidos - 33859

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Cute small Hotel and Fantastic Staff.

Avaliou em 12 de abril de 2021

This is a hidden gem, don't see many motels like this. Great place on a small lake, very friendly staff. The restaurant with the property is one of the best in town. Will definitely be back again when we drive down this way.


Worst motel we have ever stayed in.

Avaliou em 19 de março de 2020

We toured nearby Bok Tower then to our prepaid motel. Bed was clean but the rest was dirty. Bathroom walls had tons of spackle/plaster slapped on - guess to hold walls together. We did not shower here. Everything was old and decrepit and smelly! If it was free I would not stay there again.

Deborah F

OK for price

Avaliou em 5 de janeiro de 2020

Our group stayed here for a couple nights. Everywhere you look things needed cleaning, painting or replacing. Nice front desk and cleaning staff and room was acceptable. WiFi was weak in our rooms but at least we had it.

Sue R

Great Mom and Pop motel

Avaliou em 12 de fevereiro de 2019

Just passing by and stayed two nights for a reasonable prce and comfort.Convienant restaurant next door. Manager was very friendly. Outdoor motel so parking was right outside of the room. Breakfast was continental so that was good for us.


Rundown and Depressing

Avaliou em 29 de março de 2018

I really wanted to like this little motel, I really enjoy looking for those little charmers. Diamonds in the rough, old motels and hotels throughout Florida that still have that 1950s or 60s tourist charm. It’s difficult but not far fetched. This one sadly was not one of them... the couple who owned it seemed nice and levelheaded, but the signs on the counter stating in bold, “No Refunds After Check-In” should have been an indicator of trouble ahead. Upon pulling up we were greeted by a large dumpster which looked to belong to the steak and seafood joint next door, either being renovated or torn down, not clear but definitely deserted. The property looked quite spread out, larger than expected, although the south building had over growth, closed curtains and a rough exterior. I could have guessed it was closed up but didn’t ask. The lobby was clean, white on white, tiled, minimal furniture and clean... plenty of flyers on attractions and such. This sign sat on the counter, “No Refunds After Check-In”. We were traveling with Family, 2 Toddlers, 1 Teen, myself and husband plus our Grandmother. She insisted on paying for the room as we had paid for the previous night at a different hotel near Tampa. We were in town for Legoland and also to see Spook Hill and especially the Bok Singing Tower. All within just a few minute car ride. So I admit the location was perfect for us, plenty to eat, a publix and even the mall nearby. We were handed room cards; the first room was just right off the lobby 203, the second room was on the backside of a different further back building, 123. We needed a small room for myself and husband plus one larger room for the Kids and Grandma. The cleaner of the two rooms was 203 with two queen beds and a “view” of the pool. The room was ok, but here’s where it got a little off track. The patio ceiling was slumped as if it would fall through, little flying ants had been spotted, one on the bed right away, the rest before check out in the door track and again on the bed. The bed frame had separated so we put back together to keep from tripping over it. Both the fridge and microwave had some surface rust, furniture was somewhat new which I assume was the renovation or updating that had been noted on a billboard a mile down the road before we got there. Only one chair and side table on the patio to sit, cigarette butts were prevalent on the grounds but no smell of smoke in the rooms, just butts all around. The AC was newer and worked just fine. 203 all in all was not too bad, I can see someone passing through, just needing a bed and quick shower for one night. It’s middle of the road for me. The other room 123 was pulling back further from cleanliness. We arrived, got the family settled then continued to our own room and unpacked with the AC being quite old and VERY loud. Both my husband and I were speaking over it before just turning it off for a little peace, we did poke around and finally got it somewhat quite with just running the fan, although in the early morning hours it ended up just as loud as before. Bugs and spiders covered the ceilings on the entrance and grossed us both out, but the German roach on the tub the next morning gave us even more of an incentive to pack quickly and get going. We found a used wash cloth hanging in the shower, the walls seemed to have been damaged but painted over with it flaking a bit. The shower head was shoulder height so my 6’2” husband had trouble trying to fit. Besides the used cloth the only large towel didn’t look as clean as I had hoped and we used our beach towels instead. They all seemed quite din-gee and smelled a little stale. We found hair on the tile wall and stains on the curtains, I was concerned about an odd hole directly over the bed, maybe just and old screw hole but covered it regardless. Pictures were hung crooked, lamps seemed a little damaged or bent. Our rooms furniture looked relatively new like the other room, but more rust on the microwave and fridge. The door had once been kicked in, the wood frame was cracked heavily around the opening. We kept shoes on most the evening and slippers or socks when not in shoes, even through it seems the carpet was newer I didn’t trust it to be clean enough for bare feet. The pros were the pool in decent condition, comfy beds, functioning neon over the building peaks which looked great, a working ice machine, good selection in breakfast foods and decent tv plus a great channel lineup. The grounds and property have so much potential but sadly have been left in poor shape, fences chipping and falling, several different types of roofing on one building, tennis court were dilapidated, a poorly kept dock on a over grown pond, and what looked to be an abandoned building of more rooms just closed up. I’d like to think a good coat of paint and some landscaping would have helped here but I doubt it. When renovating, focus doing your best in one building and then branch out later. But here it appears their idea was throw in some new furniture or paint a few walls, add a new hair dryer and we’ll call it “modern”. These buildings need major structural repairs and unless they get the bones back up it will never look decent. I wouldn’t be surprised if mold was present as well. It’s sad as the owners seemed nice, not sure if they were completely foreign but I can see now they get what they can out of it and don’t put more than absolutely necessary back in. Many of the other guests looked as if they were passing through no other families or children, several security cameras placed throughout the property as well. It’s a shame these old Florida charmers have fallen so far and can’t find good owners willing to bring them back to their former glory. I won’t be back and can’t recommend for families or those traveling with children.