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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Olive Garden Hotel em Rodes, ficará perto da praia, apenas a 1 minuto(s) a pé de Ilhas Egeias e a 9 minuto(s) de Praia de Lardos. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 25,5 km (15,9 mi) de Praia de Tsambika e a 3 km (1,8 mi) de Glytra Beach. As distâncias s...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Olive Garden Hotel em Rodes, ficará perto da praia, apenas a 1 minuto(s) a pé de Ilhas Egeias e a 9 minuto(s) de Praia de Lardos. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 25,5 km (15,9 mi) de Praia de Tsambika e a 3 km (1,8 mi) de Glytra Beach. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Ilhas Egeias - 0,1 km/0,1 mi - Praia de Lardos - 0,7 km/0,5 mi - Glytra Beach - 3 km/1,9 mi - Praia de Kiotari - 3,8 km/2,3 mi - Kokkinogia Beach - 3,8 km/2,3 mi - Plakiá Beach - 3,8 km/2,4 mi - Kardamis Beach - 4 km/2,5 mi - Galoúni Beach ...

Lardos, Afandou 851 00, Greece - Lardos, South Aegean - Grécia - 851 00

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Brilliant Family Holiday

Avaliou em 14 de novembro de 2022

We arrived late evening and were provided with sandwiches and water which was a lovely touch. We were shown to our room which was on the ground floor not far from the restaurant. We did have a couple of problems with the sofa bed being broken and it took a few days to resolve plus we had ants in the room which they sorted for us. Also, we had problems with the shower not working. Anyway, apart from those few niggly things we could not fault the hotel. The staff were friendly and helpful. The animation team Damiano, Fred and Sara were fantastic especially with my son, but they also made a great effort with the adults. Normally with all-inclusive I get bored with the food the second week, but the food choice was amazing. They also had a children's area in the restaurant where they did things like chicken nuggets and chips. During the day by the pool, they served pizza which was great if you got the munchies. The unlimited ice cream was brilliant for the kids. I know mine had a few a day. The waterpark and lazy river is a great addition to the hotel. The hotel is a perfect hotel for families. My son made some lovely friends and had so much fun. He participated in lots of the activities during the day leaving me and my husband to have a few cocktails by the pool. Thank you, Olive Garden, for a lovely holiday.


Mixed Feelings

Avaliou em 21 de outubro de 2022

Hotel website says that it is a sumptuous hotel, that's pushing it a bit, it's certainly no better than 3* Our 'Superior' room was ok but could have been better. Our bathroom was very small and the shower cubicle tiny, so much so we had to breathe in to get into it because the entry space was so narrow, there's also a phone on the shower wall which falls off if you happen to knock it(which is easily done) we secured it with an elastic band. Air con worked well but the ceiling fan(which we would have preferred)was disconnected; room size was fine but only a couple of tiny drawers and not ideal hanging space. Room safe was locked when we arrived so we had to visit reception, who insisted that all we had to do was to enter a code on the keypad; when we said there was no keypad only a keyhole, the staff said we were wrong; eventually they came to the room and guess what, they went away and eventually found the key!! Restaurant did ok considering the difficulties and although a bit 'samey' the food was ok and the staff lovely. Only the one bar, the pool bar, which is fine unless it should rain; again the staff were lovely. Biggest gripe? the pool area.... The family rooms have their own pool, ideal; they also have a water park, great; but the majority of families use the pool closest to the main building, not great. Pool Rules say: No diving No bombing No jumping These rules were broken every day. And... Please respect the quiet time between 3pm and 5pm, there was No quiet time! Music from the pool bar ALL day, 10am 'til ............... So the relaxing atmosphere promised by the hotel just doesn't exist, it's non stop music, shrieking and shouting for most of the day, Sadly management does not enforce their own rules so if you are hoping for a relaxing holiday by the pool, think again, at times it gets so noisy you want to go elsewhere, in fact it was suggested we should go to the beach, why should we? There are a lots of mature travellers who would love a peaceful break, but not here. So in short; nice staff but poor management, shame! P.S We paid for a superior room!


My Experience

Avaliou em 14 de outubro de 2022

I understand this may be a lengthy review but I wanted to give a full and honest assessment of what we experienced this time round. We booked our holiday for the 28th of September through to the 12th October, we didn’t even hesitate about booking to come here as our past experiences have been more than wonderful. When we arrived at the hotel, late that evening, we were told where our rooms are, we flew out as a family and travelled back as a couple, we had 3 in one room, and myself and my partner in another. The room with the 3 in had dead gnats / flies on their bed, and a slight off smell in the room. Mine and my partners were outside at the back end of the hotel, to the left of the stairs. When we entered it really smelt and we have what seemed to be a drainage pipe dripping and leaking brown water down the side of balcony’s, obviously, we didn’t want to stay in this room, and the last thing you want to be doing at 23:00/00:00 is making a fuss and trying to get your room sorted. We got moved to another room after speaking to reception. The room we got moved to, we eventually stayed in until we checked out. So as you can imagine, not the greatest start. As returning guests again, and the treatment and acknowledgment from previous stays I wouldn’t have minded something similar again, when we’ve previously returned, we’ve received fruit platters and a bottle of wine, with a welcoming note from the hotel manager. Our room we got relocated too was more of a family room with a bunk bed, and tiny tv where non of the channels were tuned, every channel on our tv was fuzzy. We’ve been in much better rooms in previous stays, so again, not the best start. During the day, you had Katrina serving until 16:30 before Manos took over for the evening shift. Katrina had been there the year before too, I can say, I’m not her biggest fan, when you walk up to the bar and put your order forward, she will sit on her phone before giving you any acknowledgment, you would say good morning or afternoon when walking up to the bar, she’d never say anything back, I’ve never once seen her smile. She slams the cups on the side once she has made them and walks away, and back to her phone. It got to the point, I didn’t want to interact with her I walked from the water park all the way across the hotel resort and fetched drinks and ice creams from the boy controlling the other bar. Katrina is not a people person and is not someone who should be behind the bar where she has to interact with people. I’d be disappointed if she was bought back again next year, other people also mentioned how stroppy she was and even members of staff knew what she was like. Manos in the evening is such an incredible man and a true gentleman, always makes you and your family feel welcome, he is really enjoying himself at the newly built bar! A fantastic addition, with a large tv screen telling you what’s on offer, also a newly made menu for drinks after the other drinks stop at 23:00. He keeps the bar going and is a true asset to the hotel, I only had cocktails in the evening as he knows how to make them unlike Katrina during the day. The restaurant staff were friendly as always, and smiling and chatting to you every mealtime. The restaurant manager is such a nice man, he joked with me everyday and we exchanged banta back and fourth to one another, he was always up for a laugh and knew when to be serious, he is a top top man. He has to be back every year, the restaurant wouldn’t be the same without his guidance and personality. Breakfast was my favourite meal, lots of variety and choices to select from, unlike lunch and dinner, dinner started to become increasingly dissatisfying, not many options to choose from at all, a lot of fish, fatty joints of pork and chicken on the bone, the last thing you wanted to do was sit there and pull chicken off a bone covered in sauce. Thank goodness for chips, that’s all I’m saying. The lunch and dinner menu really needs to be spiced up completely. The young girl Kiki was really kind to my girlfriends nan and always made the effort to speak to her daily. The young boy who done lunch and dinner and made his way to bar in the evening was a great guy also, very friendly and spoke so well, also learned a fair bit from Manos during the evening and soon learned how to make cocktails, top top guy. The pizza station which was the old bar is a fantastic addition to have during the day, it’s a great snack to treat yourself to during the day, when sitting around the water park or pools, I would say there still needs to be more options to snack on during the day, things such as, crisps, cake, sweets, just little picky bits to change it up slightly. There is only so much pizza you can eat! A few more options throughout the day wouldn’t go a miss. The new toilets they have built on the edge of the water park are not very good, a good idea but no much effort put into them at all, no locks on the toilet doors, lights don’t stay on whilst going to the toilet, which is a nightmare when going in the evening, and the hand dryer isn’t very powerful, also, I have never seen so many gnats in one space. I always see the cleaners walking around all day, but never once did I see or witness any proof of the toilets being cleaned the 14 days I was there. We always sit at the water park and around the lazy river for its very well known chilled vibe and atmosphere, the lifeguards this year were a bit whistle happy and blowing it at almost anything at times. I still think there should be a speaker with some music at the water park as nothing is happening over there, if you don’t like large crowds of people such as myself, then the water park is perfect for you, but a speaker with some music wouldn’t go a miss, that area could also do with a small bar or a snack table, so you don’t have to do some much walking back and fourth for a drink. The water park surrounding space and other areas around the hotel has what I would call a lot of wasted space, a lot of grass and not much done with the empty areas, I would lay down some stones and solar lights, just to make it look a bit more appealing to the eye, nothing major, just could do with some spicing up. I also feel the areas of the hotels are in the wrong areas, the other pool and bar are so far away from everything else, I feel the layout could be improved to get the best out of everything and everyone at the hotel. The new stage is a good addition, but again, wrong place, as it’s backed onto the toilets and a lot of wasted grass they could’ve placed it on. Dami, from the animation team always spoke to people are tried hard to interact and get people going, the girl on the other hand I feel really bought the vibe and hotel down, quite rude, only spoke to who she wanted too, sat with loud and rowdy groups only, often got ignored by her when saying hello, I eventually gave up and didn’t bother. I got speaking to quite a few people around the hotel and they said the same, I also wasn’t the only person to notice she was covered in love bites, all down her chest and up her neck, this is not what a member of hotel staff should look like, especially someone who is entertaining children in the evening. Entertainment during the evenings is still non existent, I’m all for peace and quiet but this is something that really should’ve been addressed for the summer coming, when you go away, you always look forward to having a drink and watching a few shows around the stage, literally nothing happened most nights. Very doll, you had dinner and just sat round the table until whenever you decided to go to your room, I stayed for 14 days, I witnessed a Greek guitarist and some dancers, and another night we had “Mr Olive Garden” that was all. The boy at the other bar was very friendly and always made the effort to speak to you and make conversation, so shout out to him, we only spent a few days around the other pool but when we did, he was friendly and efficient with drinks and ice cream. Good luck in the army next year! The sprinklers in the evening are absolutely horrendous, they’re out of control and squirt water everywhere meaning the pavement at the tennis courts get soaked to the point where they make puddles, I don’t know if they need to be on for as long as they are and to that extent. Slippery wet concrete isn’t good for anyone, especially my partners nan who is 75, poor positioning for the sprinklers, if they have to be on as long as they are, they need to be moved up the grass a little as they’re currently soaking more pavement than grass. The surrounding areas still smell of poo, there is clearly and drainage issue, we have put this down before on our notes before checking out, I’m still bewildered this hasn’t be rectified. The smell comes and passes, but still never very pleasant. The girls at reception didn’t ever really say much, one with red hair, I found quite rude and never had anything to say, wasn’t even welcoming, when we were sat in reception for around 40 minutes waiting for our airport transfer, we didn’t even get a good bye, just a blank stare and ignored completely. Another let down this year. The lady in the shop friendly as ever, always happy to help, I always spend euros in there, she helped pump up my beach balls and take them back down for me. Very friendly. I still enjoyed myself and had a good time as always, drinks flowed and Manos makes the evenings 100% he always makes it easier to have a good time. He is the face of Olive Garden, he is so well respected. Also the restaurant manager, what a top top man, but this year was an eye opener to quite a few things, I feel this year Olive Garden lost its special touch slightly, and if I’m honest I think staff had a massive part to play with that, especially Katrina during the day and girls at reception. I will come back again, but the issues mentioned above really really need to be addressed. Such as sprinkles, variety of food, new toilets and the drainage issue. I also think the rooms could do with some updating and a lick of paint around some of the areas. Thank you again Olive Garden, until next time!🇬🇷


A pleasant stay

Avaliou em 14 de outubro de 2022

I want to give it 4 stars but it says 4 star is very good. If truthful I wouldn’t say it was very good but it’s been an average nice stay. A 4 star hotel that personally I would only rate 3 star but that’s my perception. The cleanliness was average. The room I was put into could just about call a room. More of a cupboard. Very very tiny. 2 people would have struggled to feel comfortable in it. There was no hot drinks facilities in the room and although they provided it when asked it should be in the room to start with. Should you wish to venture out you will need transport as there is nothing in the vicinity. Literally nothing for around 3km. The food is acceptable. A bit hotter and more variety would be nice and I could have said it was more. The staff were lovely and very pleasant. A nice stay but didn’t have the wow factor

nigel s

Lovely hotel

Avaliou em 10 de outubro de 2022

Given sandwiches on arrival which was a nice gesture as there wasnt anywhere to get food apart from a vending machine because we got there so late. Room was nice and big and modern. Free air con and wifi although couldn't always connect. People complained about food but I'm really fussy and really enjoyed breakfast and lunch. The chef was also doing food to order like crepes and pasta and also they had a roast joint of beef, pork and lamb that he would carve in front of you. I think it would be nice to have a menu board up for the day or week so if there isn't something you fancy to plan meals out. The dining room is completely outside which does mean lots of flies so maybe get some electric fly killers for around the food counters. My partner enjoyed the beer and i annoyed the cocktails although limited set choice they have plenty spirits to ask bar tenders to mix. The entertainment team were all amazing getting us both involved in activities, shows and even nights out when they finished. There are 2 large pools so if you cant find a sunbed just walk to the other one