MC Mahberi Beach Hotel

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Alanya, M.C Mahberi Beach Hotel – All Inclusive ficará à beira-mar, a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Praça da Torre do Relógio de Konakli e a 5 minuto(s) de Mesquita de Konakli. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 10,3 km (6,4 mi) de Praia de Cleópatra e a 12,8 km (8 mi) de Al...

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Alanya, M.C Mahberi Beach Hotel – All Inclusive ficará à beira-mar, a 5 minuto(s) de carro de Praça da Torre do Relógio de Konakli e a 5 minuto(s) de Mesquita de Konakli. Este hotel de 4 estrelas está a 10,3 km (6,4 mi) de Praia de Cleópatra e a 12,8 km (8 mi) de Alanya Aquapark. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Praça da Torre do Relógio de Konakli - 1 km/0,6 mi - Mesquita de Konakli - 1,3 km/0,8 mi - Fortaleza de Sarapsa Hani - 1,5 km/0,9 mi - Parque Cultural de Alaettinoglu - 1,9 km/1,2 mi - Praia de Ulus - 6,8 km/...

Iskele Mevkki Konakli, 07400 Payallar/Alanya/Antalya, Turkey - Mediterranean Region - Turquia - 07400

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Portuguese Happy Family

Avaliou em 3 de setembro de 2018

Hotel a nivel de estrutura não 5 estrelas. Contudo, o pessoal é sim 5 estrelas, tivemos um atendimento espetacular. O próprio diretor geral do resort tratou e resolveu os nossos problemas de chegada. O diretor geral é novo no resort e realmente em 3 dias já se notavam as melhorias de forma exagerada. Tenho a certeza que com este diretor, rapidamente é um hotel realmente 5 estrelas. O entorno do hotel é maravilhoso, tem jardins belíssimos e o seu próprio acesso à praia, praia esta de sonho. Montes de atividades para crianças, adultos e espetaculos noturnos. Excelente localização. A nossa família agradece a atenção de todos os funcionários, mas em especial a do Diretor Geral: Mr. Huzeyfe Masatli. Obrigado



Avaliou em 10 de agosto de 2022

It was nice to stay in this hotel. Personnel is very polite and friendly. Faruk is a very good barman! Thank you very much for a good mood and delicious drinks! The ambience is also very enjoyable I had some very good time here with my future wife, thank you very much ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️



Avaliou em 9 de agosto de 2022

First, it was very difficult to speak to the staff because they don’t speak English even the ones in Reception who are the front people. Most of the staff don’t even smile. And there’s a bar man from the bar near the reception who don’t even smile but always demanding for a tip. He also served us in the a la carte restaurant again asked for a tip. The food was ok. The room service lady on the third floor was very nice, she doesn’t speak English but she’s always smiling and cleaned our room well. The animation was so lame in fact it was boring everyday. We wanted to borrow the tennis bag to play table tennis they said they need 10 euros for a deposit for the tennis bat so we got our money and came back to borrow the bats and the animation team said that they haven’t got it. Just a total waste of time. The food was great but most of the customers don’t know how to que and some of the staff are allowing it, in fact some of the staff was really obvious to show that they have favourite customers because the moment they went to the bar they serve them straight away even if there are people queing up. The guest relation officer was not helpful. But beware of the photographer NURI, he is a SCAMMER!!! in the beginning he was nice, he took us some photographs, and we agreed on some price for the package that includes album and he promised to send all the pictures via email for free. After we’ve given him the money, he said he’s got no internet and can’t send it. He said come back tomorrow. We came back and he said he forgot and come back tomorrow again and he will send it. We came back and he said that he’s friend already sent it just wait 20 minutes, I’ve waited in their kiosk just to make sure that I will receive it but no. This was about 4 pm. We asked helped from the guest relation officer but he also didn’t help and told us that there’s nothing he can do about it! and he said to wait 30 mins and now he’s demanding another 5 euro to put it in a memory stick. We ended up having an argument with him, we told him that we will return the album if he can just give our money back. Then he got angry and we told him that we are going to complain to the hotel Manager and he just said that they can’t do anything about it because he is also the boss. only until the ice cream man from the pool intervened (ADAM) who very kindly took the pictures off him and sent it to me via WhatsApp. We didn’t receive all of it. We wanted to get our 110 euros back. We’ve wasted 3 days going back to him for nothing. And lastly, this is the only beach resort we have stayed in that don’t even provide free Wi-Fi. I have to pay 12 euro just to have internet within their facility. We don’t feel that it’s a five star it’s more of a three star hotel.


Dirty and old hotel with cheap food pretending to be a five-star location

Avaliou em 7 de agosto de 2022

After 15 years of travelling around the world I have to confess that this so-called 5-star hotel has been so far the most disappointing one. Just a few impressions below: 1. Cheap food. 2. The amount of food is not enough if you are 30 Minutes before the restaurant closes. 3. Free Wi-Fi didn’t work in our room, so we had no option as to purchase the internet access for USD 12, - per advice. But even this option was suboptimal as the internet was slow from time to time so we had to stop watching movies several times. 4. Dishes were dirty from time to time. Had to ask for new ones. 5. The staff in the kitchen is friendly but overwhelmed with work and demotivated by hot weather. 6. The hotel furniture is old and somewhere broken. Summary: It is rather a 3-star hotel than a 5-star location promoting itself as an ultra-inclusive. The General Manager has to be replaced and the entire location retitled to a low-level-star hotel.


The most disappointing hotel I have ever been

Avaliou em 19 de setembro de 2021

My family and I truly regret to chooising this hotel for our vacation. First of all, the room that we get our first day were like a hole for 5 members. At a charge of 50 dollars, we could move into a little bit bigger room. The walls are crumbling and not painted in some places. Room cleaning was every 3 days, during which our clothes disappeared. The food assortment was scanty, reloading was not fast enough. Overall the Mc Mahberi does not deserve 4 stars, barely 3, because yes, it is equipped for it, but the quality is dreadful of it.

Eszter G