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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Walai House em Chiang Mai (Chang Phueak), ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Universidade de Chiang Mai e de Estrada Nimman. Este hotel está a 0,9 km (0,5 mi) de Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre e a 1,9 km (1,2 mi) de MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center. As distâ...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Com uma estadia Walai House em Chiang Mai (Chang Phueak), ficará a 5 minutos de carro de Universidade de Chiang Mai e de Estrada Nimman. Este hotel está a 0,9 km (0,5 mi) de Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre e a 1,9 km (1,2 mi) de MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre - 0,9 km/0,5 mi<br> - Chiangmai Ram Hospital - 1,2 km/0,7 mi<br> - Wat Lok Moli - 1,2 km/0,7 mi<br> - Museu dos Insectos do Mundo e das Maravilhas Naturais - 1,3 km/0,8 mi<br> - Universidad...

Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand - Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province - Tailândia - 50300

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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1 month at Wa Lai guesthouse

Avaliou em 22 de novembro de 2019

We choosed to stay here only for the reasonable price and also because a friend of mine's girlfriend suggested it. Overall has been a good experience, there are always bad and good things but I do try my best to keep all the good memories and forgetting the worst. If the experience is all wrong I just don't come back ever again..but this is not the case. I work in the hospitality industry and I consider customer service extremely important ; there's no room for many mistakes and I bear in mind that without customers I won't get paid and If I don't ..that's a big issue for me and mostly for the business. This is only my point of view, agree or disagree that's how it works for me. We did clean our room personally because the "standard" of the cleaning wasn't that good for us , perhaps is good for others. The girl who cleans is a lovely person tho.. Little dirty the reception and the lounge but we didn't spend lot of time there anyway.. You know, those I mentioned are just a few of the things that we didn't like ..so.. everyone is different and if you're looking for a place to stay you might find Wa Lai House a perfect guesthouse for your standards. I liked the area, loved Chiang Mai and If I ever come back I may come back too to Wa Lai house. All the best with the business Annie, ciao e grazie.


Best guest house ever!

Avaliou em 7 de março de 2019

Went there for in total one week with a friend. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. The price is very affordable and it has a great location in a more quiet area from chiang mai but everything is easy to reach. With the host of the guest house Ann we had the best time eating together, drinking and go on adventure. You get back what you give. Will defenitely come back!


Rude receptionist

Avaliou em 20 de janeiro de 2019

Very rude and careless receptionist. She was laying on the couch and barely looked at me when I went there asking about a room. Then she told me to go see the room upstairs by myself. And when I asked if I should book online or directly with her she rolled her eyes saying up to you.


Simply and clear! Ann is very kind! Close to good Restaurant, 7 Eleven, Tesco, farmacy, 20 minuts to ITM school

Avaliou em 17 de novembro de 2018

Simply and clear! The Shower is not good to tall people. Ann is very kind! Close to good Restaurant, 7 Eleven, Tesco, farmacy, 20 minuts to ITM school! You Will pay 150 baths from airport or bus station to Wa Lai


All great but ....

Avaliou em 22 de abril de 2015

The guest house is very well located near by lots of massage schools food vendors, laundry , the area is simply lovely because it is like a real village The rooms are confortable and the price is very affordable, I managed to get a discount when I got there \ because I stayed 15 days so instead of getting the room for 300 Baht per day I got it for 250. The monthly rate given to me via internet and on the spot is 5500 Baht. The reservation process was smooth and I received emails and informations and confirmation and all was explained with friendly manner and perfect written english that is priceless in Chiangmai. I was also told I would be picked up from the station but then Iinformed of my arrival in Chiangmai at 7 am and at the guest house just before 8 am this option was no longer possible but I would be refunded of the taxi cost so i thought no worriues I hire a taxi thats not an issue . I did not bother to ask for refund because I only paid 60 Baht . However at check in times,only the cleaning lady was there and cannot speak any english I asked for wifi so as to write Ann an email , not possible because the helper doesnt understand Englsih so I waited 45 minutes . After a whole night in a train its quite long to be honest and when I wanted to have a coffee I was told no , to wait ! The young Lady who runs the business eventually arrived and showed me a room I did not like becuase the heater for the water seemd run down and the room had a lot of mosquitoes that was room - 208- and I managerd to get her another room , after she made many remarks and checked in the 206 whih was available and I liked bette so why making me feeling bad just because I pointed out that I was expecting a mosquitoes net she told me I should just spray the room and keep quiet ...But then she left me with the key of 208 ok evcery one can make mistakes but when I tried to get in in the evening I realised key of 208 can open other rooms, but not 206 unfortunately so I was locked out for 2 hours , Only a "iam sorry" would be applying in this situation but I did not hear that , I heard her again using her hard tone on me. I know she is young but this lady is lacking manners towards me she was border line rude . After that everytime I would walk in or out why I dont like her , or , are you mad at me ? Thats so weird . I dont think she realises the way she spoke to me in any other places it doesnt happen but I had already made up my mind that I would stay because I had plan a lot of things to do near by and hate to make waves and stories, but seriously she was not nice to me She forgot to change the keys so the first night I was locked out and I did not make a big deal of it not at all , but the next morning I wanted to make a coffee, she told me in a very strict way that they provide mugs and waters and no coffe and to buy my own , that is fine , it is just the way it is said. . The third day she indicated that she has a good address to have a meal as I told her I am a vegeterian and told me to meet her at 6 pm at this spot . I understood later it was her business. She called me in the evening to remind me to go then called again to ask if I went . I told her I went but it did not look good so I did not eat there The next thing is she told me that they had moved the business anyway somewhere else the following day . ??? . I am not sure if that is what would explain that this young lady has never bothered to show me anything else or bothered to greet me with a smile the entire stay and at some point as I was awaiting for her to say good morning as a reply to my greetings she started to shout at me and told me that I am problematic person . She wanted an arument and they were guest present I simply asked her to calm down and focus on the matter that brought me to the front desk, no more and from that day I avoided to getr to the reception area and slimmed down my presence to the gate to the room , in and out . This is not a welcoming lobby , it looks more like her own living room. where she rests and relaxes and when she is ready or in a mood, would assist her guests. I felt I was not staying a guest house but in her houser Once she was sleeping on the coach in the lobby , another time she was receiving massages in the back and it took her 10 minutes to get to help me with an enquiry and she clearly said she was in the middle of a maddage . What to say !!! For the price I know we should not ever compalin and I am not trying to compalin , it s not a hotel but still , there is a minimum of cordiality requested . The she told me that I should receivethe same westerner Lady who had just completed a t one week raining course . Why on earth a Thai lady would be promoting the services of a foreigner who had just finsihed a crash course and would not do it for free for practise, she even charges other guests , that is the first time I have seen this. that I find totally unacceptable. Its totally unethical that I was given the impressionj I was disturbing her maddage . Seems it is never a good time to come near Ann if that is me coming near . Having said that She kindly invited me to join the weekly get together ,and siad she told me at the last minute because she could not see me . Next time , place a note in the room , as obviously a last minute invite is not an issue but I did not want to look anti social and brought food to share , I had already eaten... I made the effort to attend to meet the guests. The guests are friendly and the guest house very convenient and very clean. I would have liked couple of tips about places of interest, as it seems some guests receive and when I asked about some spas she said she did not know , however she told other guests the information . . I always greet , smile and respect rules, I was sell raised. Her attitude is childish and not professional . I suggest that the guest house policy could be given at check in times to avoid to regardless as she is also making her guests her friends. I am not the right profile. I dont party , I do not drink I am just a regular guest who is polite and expect the same . I am a very easy going person and I am not used to be told off when I am a paying guest . Overall its a good address but it is not for every one, clearly not for french blond middle age professional woman . I would recommend any young solo or couples to stay at this guest house, for me I wont bother also because the noise made by the young couple staying in 208 and 204 when they made love woke me up many times. No more comments