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Localização Do Estabelecimento Ao alojar-se Rooms on the Beach Negril em Negril, ficará em frente à praia, apenas a alguns passos de Seven Mile Beach e a 9 minuto(s) a pé de Time Square Mall. Este hotel de praia está a 2,1 km (1,3 mi) de Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area e a 2,1 km (1,3...

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Localização Do Estabelecimento Ao alojar-se Rooms on the Beach Negril em Negril, ficará em frente à praia, apenas a alguns passos de Seven Mile Beach e a 9 minuto(s) a pé de Time Square Mall. Este hotel de praia está a 2,1 km (1,3 mi) de Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area e a 2,1 km (1,3 mi) de Throne Room. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Seven Mile Beach - 0,1 km/0,1 mi - Time Square Mall - 0,8 km/0,5 mi - Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area - 2 km/1,2 mi - Throne Room - 2,1 km/1,3 mi - Kool Runnings Water Park - 4,1 km/2,6 m...

Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, BOX 25, Jamaica - Negril, Westmoreland - Jamaica - 25

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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3 star is a good description

Avaliou em 23 de março de 2023

Spent a week there in March, I am a well traveled person having stayed all over the Caribbean, Central and South America. I should be able to give you a good idea of what to expect. The hotel its self is accurately rated as a 3 star, its an older property with dated but very nice rooms right on the nicest part of Negril beach not too far from just about everything you would want or need. The staff is very hit and miss, you either get exceptional service or no service at all. Just depends on who you are dealing with. For example the first night we got in the bartender was incredible, always smiling and joking while providing instant service and great music. he left the next day and we were stuck with a sad young lady who did not want to be there playing the same 5 sad songs and serving you when she got around to it. simple fix though we just went to the little bar next store were the service was great and the staff was upbeat not to mention the drinks were significantly cheaper and stronger. Breakfast was much the same, some days you were greeted with a smile and exceptional service but the next day was like being served in a prison cafeteria. We had serious plumbing issues , at first it was it will be fixed when we get around to it sort of thing. When I showed to the right person we were immediately given an up grade to a different room. Another issue that likely cant be controlled is the loud music from Woodstock next door, bring earplugs if you want to get to sleep before midnight. The beach vendors weren't too bad right there and actually quite entertaining how ever the message lady who hangs out next door to the right (Janette) was down right mean when you weren't interested in her service. The massage lady's to the left how ever were awesome. If you intend to do anything at all , bring lots of money because everyone is trying to recover from covid this year, prices are nuts right from the airport to beer at little bars. bring small bills as the favorite scam is I have no change, Oh and apparently a 20% tip isn't enough for some and we were told that by one lady who waited on us and a beggar who I gave a couple bucks to promptly told me that I didn't give him enough. I never travel to all inclusive resorts any more but thinking that's the only way to travel in Jamaica right now as we spent an additional $2000 eating (modestly) , drinking and a couple short excursions.

Bear M

Woodstock next door prevents a return to Rooms.

Avaliou em 23 de fevereiro de 2023

I've just returned from 2 weeks at Rooms. This is a perfectly good 3* place. My room had 2 double beds, plenty of storage and a safe (padlocks from reception - others with touchpad safes had problems getting into them). It was cleaned daily, had a coffee maker - tea and coffee on request from reception, TV and aircon. No blankets but I only needed a sheet as I didn't run aircon overnight. The continental breakfast was fine, served at the table with paid breakfast options available. The location was fantastic - right on the beach. I travelled alone and was glad to have the security of the low wall meaning I felt ok leaving my sunbed and bag whilst swimming. In fact, I felt perfectly safe at Rooms and around the locality. The staff were friendly and helpful, someone came around asking if everything was ok with the rooms and they fixed my hot water that day. I would happily stay at Rooms again and encourage family and friends to visit except for one major downside. Woodstock is right next door. Thumping, pounding, heavy bass music until 2/3/4 am, several nights a week, made sleep a real issue. I would never bring children here, they'd be awake half the night. Woodstock is the only reason I, and others I chatted to during my stay, would not return. I have given Rooms a good rating and would happily return to Negril but not to Rooms only because of Woodstock.


How do I sum this up? This was my 30+ something visit to Jamaica. Stayed in Negril/West End most of those visits.

Avaliou em 14 de fevereiro de 2023

This visit however hard to say. Like going back to the 80s. Property/gardens lovey. But rooms well need updating to say the least. Little problems one after another. 1. Like plug sockets low on the wall, broken or hidden behind chest of drawers and bed headboard. 2. No hot water, leave for 20mins what a waste of something so precious. 3. Shower tap broken. 4. TV not working, either no electricity or so simple put new batteries in hand controller. 5. This is the best, rented fridge. Put on top of chest of drawers. So when no electricity water every where also leaking into drawers with clothes in! Every little thing seemed a problem or was i with my very sick husband the problem? One thing I must say. Some of the staff are Amazing. Just to mention a couple Melanie waitresses thank you. Tasheea house keeping love you. If you need a taxi ask at reception for Breezy a perfect gentleman. For these people my vacation wasn’t a disaster. Did I report all of these issues, no point it’s Jamaica!


Too many little things make it a big thing....

Avaliou em 9 de fevereiro de 2023

Overall this is a good 3 star place. The jury is out on whether or not I would return. I have stayed at many resorts and hotels and always try to do them justice in my reviews. This hotel is OK if you don't value sleep and a bunch of minor things. We stayed for 14 days and here's a detailed review: Let's start with the good: - good location, lots of stores and restaurants around - amazing beach - nice pool area with a deep end and very clean - amazing staff, especially Melanie at the restaurant - didn't have to fight anyone for a beach chair or get up before the roosters... there are plenty of them (roosters and chairs) - excellent continental breakfast... includes fruit, boiled egg, toast, muffin/banana bread, a danish and juice and coffee - Friendly bartender and good drinks - Great lunch food... very reasonably priced and amazing - Free wifi throughout the resort, wasn't the best quality (couldn't stream Netflix) but worked to stay in touch back home - Nice grounds The not so good: - no comforter on the bed just a sheet - requested a blanket and it was provided on the 2nd day - bed is extremely hard - noise from neighboring bars and street, noise is constant and every day - on the north side of the resort is Woodstock and Roots bar which pumps rap music til at least midnight every day... that you can feel and hear in your room - if you end up on the south side of the resort you are neighboring a group of roosters that start at 6am and don't stop all day - rooms don't include a fridge - if you're lucky enough to get a fridge (paid service) the only place to put it is on furniture or in front of nightstands in bed aisles - size of the rooms are much smaller than depicted, probably one of the smallest rooms I've stayed in the Caribbean - shower head all clogged, so shower didn't work properly and limited water pressure and hit and miss with hot water - toilet had a small leak - closet light burned out - room lighting leaves something to be desired - rooms are dated and the walls need a cleaning - there were 2 consecutive days we didn't have maid service ... we had to ask the front desk for toilet paper on the 3rd day and for maid service - there was a roach in our bathroom one day (after no maid service for a few days) - there's no toiletries other than bar soap... no shampoo or anything else provided - It's unclear on how to get clean beach towels but on day 10 Darnet came and visited us on the beach. We hadn't been able to get clean beach towels so she brought us some and exchanged the ones we had for days.... At the end of the day too many little things make it a big thing. Would I return? Maybe. I might try to find more comfortable accommodations for my taste, but I also wouldn't discourage it as a great 3 star resort with a lot of good things going for it.

Stacy G

Ugh… where do I start…

Avaliou em 8 de fevereiro de 2023

It’s was my 40+ trip to Negril. I will try to be as objective as I can. Property is not the problem - it’s the management and subsequently staff - neither seem to care. I would give them ZERO on hospitality. I tried to catch a manager during my stay - they were never there. First time I felt like I am a bother in Negril. Everything I asked for was a problem for them. From lack of chairs and umbrellas to the ridiculous rooms to keep chair and umbrellas behind the wall on the beach???? Okay. So I was told it was for protection? So I asked if it was unsafe over the wall- immediate contradiction by personnel - No- it’s safe. okay - so can I have my chair with umbrella there? No. Why? it’s heave. Ummm… so, let me get this straight. I paid you money, flew over here for hours and went to work to earn the money to pay for all of that - came to stay in your Hotel but - umbrella is too heavy for you? Are u kidding?!?!? Let me help you out with the solution since you lacking real management. 1. Simply destroy your wall - so your visitors can see the water .. believe me - there are over 50 hotels in the beach with no wall - everyone is okay. 2. Buy more umbrellas- perhaps with not such heavy base or baseless but have a drill for sand to install umbrellas. Put them over the wall. Yes! If you are reading this far- you are getting the idea that with all effort I made - I want to stare at ur Seven Mile Beach - not your wall that blocks it!!! Okay.. next. We had a rental car - so we were in and out a lot. There was always a commotion about car and leaving and coming back - someone messed up paper work- someone has to always talk to us?? We only been out for 10 min? PLEASE train your staff. “ Hi, welcome back!” - would have been sufficient. Not - “ Oh, are u staying here? Yes. I don’t have your car information written down” .. ummm.. not my problem! And now the room. Bathroom is updated but not the room - which is kind of overdue. What’s is up with “you have to ask for blanket”?? Which also never came afterwards. Also, why do I have to ask for coffee if coffee maker is in the room? Hmm.. weird and inconvenient. ANNOYING. Now restaurant and Bar. Akee was amazing!! Special thanks to the Chef!! Bartender was friendly and knowledgeable - we enjoyed! Please fix your problem or sell your property to someone who cares - obviously Issa doesn’t not.