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Deleite-se com uma imersão revitalizante numa das 2 piscinas exteriores, ou experimente algo diferente, por exemplo, um passeio de bicicleta. O espaço inclui também internet sem fios e apoio para excursões/compra de bilhetes. CheckIn: 14:00. CheckOut: 9:00.

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Deleite-se com uma imersão revitalizante numa das 2 piscinas exteriores, ou experimente algo diferente, por exemplo, um passeio de bicicleta. O espaço inclui também internet sem fios e apoio para excursões/compra de bilhetes. CheckIn: 14:00. CheckOut: 9:00.

Tavronitis 730 06, Greece - Platanias, Crete - Grécia - 73006

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Would not recommend if you have mobility issues

Avaliou em 26 de setembro de 2022

After a really bad pick up at the airport was dropped at the gate by a really unhelpful minibus driver, my mum who has mobility issues and uses a walker then had to struggle up an extremely steep ramp to reception whilst we maneuvered all our cases, noone manning the reception desk just an envelope with our names and room key had requested ground floor rooms because of disabilities in our party which the rooms were ...from reception anyway if you want to access the bar restaurant or pool you have to use stairs. Worst all inclusive drinks ever only beer wine raki ouzo or brandy, soft drinks are all really cheap out of the machine, food is edible but very repetitive, pork has been served everyday twice a doy now, everything is swimming in oil, bar staff never once offered to help mum on the stairs or help one of us with her walker, pools are run down with missing tiles and green algae around the edges. There's no shops or tavernas within easy walking distance if you have mobility issue so unless you are prepared to pay for taxis you're stuck with the food. Been here 2 weeks and not had a single piece of entertainment only the same music played on repeat day in day out. Would never return have spoken to.other guests who came before ovid who said it was lovely back then but now it's just awful. holiday companies need to check this our cos its definitely not what they advertise will be contacting out company when home with a list of complaints .

Tam A


Avaliou em 11 de setembro de 2022

Was here on a week holiday all inclusive and the hotel is a let down . Only beer and wine ( beer was a half glass filled with froth ) . Staff unfriendly but cleaner was lovely always gave us a smile and chatted away . Would not recommend this hotel no entertainment and lights go off at 1030 even altho people are sitting out . Same music played over and over every day . Not a lot choice for snacks 2 different kinds of rolls which were really dry . Don’t waste ur money on staying here .



Avaliou em 5 de setembro de 2022

Upon arrival to the hotel we were greeted by a friendly receptionist that gave us lots of details of excursions, places to go and how to get there. we also received a room upgrade which we were grateful for. the food was a big let down for the hotel as it was basically the same dishes every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner which was below average so we would end up eating out virtually everyday! There wasn’t any entertainment as advertised however they did open up the lounge bar for drinks and some music in the weekday! Marios was very friendly as well! Gina was a cleaner at the hotel and made our stay so much more enjoyable with her helpfulness and friendly smile every single day! she’s a credit to the hotel as we always saw her working hard! there is a beautiful beach 5 minutes away from the hotel with some tavernas with nice food as well as free sun beds! Overall we enjoyed our stay in crete but wouldn’t return to the hotel due to the quality food and lack of atmosphere.


Terrible Food and unfriendly staff

Avaliou em 28 de agosto de 2022

On first impressions the hotel looks lovely. There are three gorgeous pools and lovely kept grounds where there are ample of sun beds and that is where it unfortunately ends . We were in a mezzanine room where the second bed is upstairs and aircon would need to be on all the time as very small and no windows and bizarrely plug point carved into the headboard. We arrived in the afternoon hungry and expected snacks as all inclusive to find there was just small rolls and tinned fruit. Apart from melon there was no fresh fruit at all. Food was appalling and basic . For example a tray of Brussel sprouts were brought out on three occasions in succession, once plain and then in cheese sauce. All inclusive drinks were just on tap red and white wine and a beer and only spirit was brandy all others were classed at extras. No fresh juices with breakfast etc. they are definitely missing a trick as the hotel could be so lovely. Our balcony had two very old plastic chairs which literally looked like they were taken from a skip. There was no entertainment and what ended up making our holiday was the taverna on the beach which we went to on our last night and had an amazing meal and bottle of wine. The friendliness at the taverna very much highlighted the unfriendliness of the hotel staff in the dining room and bar who you were lucky to get a smile from. The cleaners were very friendly and always said hello and our room was made up every day. Unfortunately I would not go here again and I couldn’t recommend.


I wish you could rate LESS THAN ONE STAR, this is - 5

Avaliou em 13 de agosto de 2022

A SUMMARY - terrible and tiny hotel, management lied and gaslit our booking provider, disgusting food, lack of vegetarian options (offered cold spaghetti and rice), lack of wifi, nothing to do, horrendous godforsaken place. My partner and I booked a package holiday through Thomas Cook (first mistake). We arrived at Chania Airport and took a taxi to Adelais Hotel which cost us €55, one way. We checked in at reception and had a pleasant interaction, first impressions of the hotel were that it was incredibly small, and looked just okay. Our room was fine. We had a double bed (two singles pushed together) but overall it was clean enough – however the bathroom didn’t resemble the photos online, it was dingy, and the bathroom door knob was missing its cover. As we arrived in between mealtimes, we headed for the ‘snack bar’. This consisted of two different types of rock hard roll (both containing meat) and some very curious looking fruit. There was ice cream available which you could serve yourself, which was actually the only good thing we experienced here. We wanted to have a drink but were told cocktails were not included in the all inclusive, which to me, does not make sense, so were left with wine and beer. We decided to go to dinner which was at 7pm. There wasn’t much of a rush seeing as there was about 30 people in total at the dinner service (if that). My partner and I have been to all inclusive hotels before so expected a varied buffet as advertised. However, when we got to the dining area there was around 8 different trays of food. We had clarified at reception that the buffet and food options all cater to vegan and vegetarian options, as my partner is a veggie, however out of the 8 types of food on offer, he could eat cold horrible tasting PLAIN spaghetti, or some rice. This was because none of the food was LABELLED and no staff were present for us to ask questions. Having had such a disappointing meal which neither tasted good or was warm, or that either of us enjoyed, we decided to contact Thomas Cook regarding the quality of the food who said we needed to speak to the hotel staff first before they could do anything. So we headed to reception to raise these issues. We spoke to both the receptionist and the manager Nikos and highlighted that although both the hotels website and the receptionist upon check-in had told us that the food was vegetarian friendly, we were disappointed that my partner could only eat cold spaghetti or rice, and that even the other dishes on offer were of horrible quality and were cold, even though we attended dinner as it opened at 7pm. We were told by the manager that there are enough vegetarian options, as there is salad and fish. Well, we all know, vegetarians don’t eat fish, which he was surprised to hear. He then asked my partner ‘Well what do you eat, and what do you want’, however, we didn’t expect to be at an all-inclusive hotel and be asked to design the menu. As for the temperature of the food, Nikos recommended that we utilise the microwave that was on site, for issues such as, cold food. Nikos said the chef will do some other veggie dishes for us both and we left it at that, hoping things would improve. We sat outside and had a drink to try and relax a bit and TRY to start enjoying our holiday, and were nicely given a fruit platter, an apology, and a small bottle of cava, which obviously we were grateful for, as it is a nice gesture from the hotel management. We then updated Thomas Cook to tell them we had raised the issues, but on the whole, were still not very happy staying at this hotel. The next morning, we went to breakfast, which was even worse than dinner, which we didn’t actually think would be possible. On my plate, I had two tiny, processed sausages, one slice of questionable looking ham, an unknown type of cheese and a feta pastry, which was literally soaking. My partner had a feta pastry and a croissant and once again, this was all he could eat as a veggie. We then received a reply from TC who said that there is nothing they can do for us, and that ‘OUR STANDARDS ARE TOO HIGH’ after telling us that the hotel had offered to cook us anything we wanted and given us free champagne and cocktails all evening. Which is simply, a lie!!! It seems TC contacted the hotel, who then EXAGGERATED their gesture and conflated a small bottle of cava with champagne and cocktails??? We felt extremely let down by both the hotel and TC and stupidly decided to wait and see if things improved with lunch, as we thought lunch may provide more variety of food. Whilst waiting for lunch, we were bored out of our minds!! The internet could only be used in the main building, so couldn’t access it from our rooms, there was literally nothing to do and no entertainment from staff – we sat by the pool and debated going in it, until I saw a man with a SEVERE FUNGAL INFECTION on his foot getting into the pool. So we decided to sit around the pool on a lounger, and were then subject to a group of young guests playing extremely loud music from a portable speaker, for us all to enjoy…not. Even though the hotel itself was already playing music. Lunchtime then arrived after what felt like a year, and the food options I must say were better, and came with labels and a member of staff this time. There were two types of pasta, and some salad. But unfortunately, as much as we didn’t want to continue making a fuss, it was still gross and lacking. This was our first holiday away together as a couple who do not have much money, and who spent a good portion of their savings on a holiday to Crete and staying here would make the holiday pointless, unhappy and a waste of time and money. With hotel management successfully GASLIGHTING THOMAS COOK and experiencing TERRIBLE FOOD and NO ENTERTAINMENT with little to NO WIFI, we decided to PAY TO GO TO A DIFFERENT HOTEL for the remainder of our trip, 10 minutes down the round and check out of this hellhole, after arriving the night before. (If you decide to go to Crete, in this area, go to Creta Princess Aqua Park and Resort, where there is so much variety at mealtimes, drinks are fantastic, the pool is huge, the beach is on site, and there is never a moment without entertainment.) All in all, after leaving Adelais Hotel and telling the staff we wanted to check out early, leave and never return (which they took extremely personally) we had a very enjoyable holiday, just wish it all could’ve been spent at Creta Princess, enjoying ourselves.