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Localização Do Estabelecimento Se optar por uma estadia no The Duniway Portland A Hilton Hotel, ficará numa localização central em Portland, a alguns passos de Pioneer Place e de Pioneer Square. Este hotel de 4,5 estrelas está a 0,3 km (0,2 mi) de Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall e a 0,5 km (0,3 mi) de...

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Localização Do Estabelecimento Se optar por uma estadia no The Duniway Portland A Hilton Hotel, ficará numa localização central em Portland, a alguns passos de Pioneer Place e de Pioneer Square. Este hotel de 4,5 estrelas está a 0,3 km (0,2 mi) de Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall e a 0,5 km (0,3 mi) de Museu de Arte de Portland. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Pioneer Place - 0,1 km/0,1 mi - Pioneer Courthouse - 0,2 km/0,1 mi - Pioneer Square - 0,2 km/0,1 mi - Portlandia - 0,2 km/0,1 mi - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall - 0,3 km/0,2 mi - Portland Center ...

545 SW TAYLOR, PORTLAND, OREGON, 97204, USA - Oregon, Oregon - Estados Unidos

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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bela localização

Avaliou em 10 de novembro de 2019

Prédio antigo, 1980, de esquina, bem no centro da cidade. O hotel existe desde mais ou menos o ano 2.000, são 253 quartos muito bons, confortáveis, bem aparelhados. Lobby elegante, bar americano e restaurante com muita madeira, bem ao estilo local. Piscina no 10º andar e 9 andares de garagem. Muito concorrido, turistas e executivos, daí um happy hour pra lá de animado.

Rodrigo B

Unfortunately can’t recommend

Avaliou em 22 de março de 2023

This hotel has plenty of potential. It’s never pleasant to write a negative review of a hotel when it feels like they’re making plenty of effort. With that said, there are enough issues to write this review and warn people away from staying at the Duniway, at least until they figure some things out. Portland is going through a bumpy patch and one of those issues is staffing. Every business is grossly understaffed. This hotel is clearly struggling with that as well. The issues: the hotel is poorly maintained. The wear and tear is showing in a lot of places. Additionally the cleaning is sub par. From sticky surfaces and dirty carpet throughout and dirty and I cleaned surfaces when checking into the room - not ideal. Our bathroom was another case, the room design (corner room) was quite nice. But the bathroom was unventilated and the ceiling had paint peeling off everywhere. Cleary needed some real work. The restaurant was just plain awful. We never ate there though we tried. At one point we waited 12 minutes (with a nearly empty restaurant right in front of us) at the front with no communication or engagement besides “we need you to wait”. They are also clearly understaffed and we sympathize. If we needed to wait more than 10 minutes, tell us with some courtesy rather than acting like we’re an inconvenience? There’s more but will leave it here. The hotel has plenty of potential. The frequent text check ins from staff was very cordial and professional. Location is good (though pioneer square still feels like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest). The gym is fine, needs cleaning but the equipment is in decent shape. This our experience. We sympathize with the people working so hard to make it work and it seems some of these circumstances are beyond their control. This is where honesty and coaching can go a long way.


Have to agree with some of the negative reviews, sad I had a bad experience, was hoping for a great one.

Avaliou em 4 de março de 2023

Upon arrival, the girl at the front desk tried to charge me again for a 2-night stay. I explained that I had already booked and paid for a package with my credit card. She had no interest in helping me and stated that her notes showed she is supposed to charge for the 2 nights. I asked her to call a manager so that this might get sorted out, she said the manager was across the street, and she continued to type on her computer ignoring me. I'm still not sure why she didn't want to assist me or call a manager to help? I advised her that I can show her my credit card bill showing that I paid in full and she was not interested. So I called the booking company who then called her to have her pull up my information and proof of payment. She then charged me $110 stating that this was the daily fee and I can use the "daily fees" in the restaurant or bike rental. At this point, I was tired from travel and quite frankly eager to end the stressful encounter. At check out, I filled out my information with an Email address for the bill/receipt. I have yet to receive my bill/receipt even after calling and giving my email once again. I have 5 pending charges to my credit card totaling over $200, for what I do not know. I called the hotel to ask about these charges and the front desk kept telling me that these were authorizations and the "bill will get worked out". They too could not explain the charges. How do you settle this as a customer when the staff is not willing to help and will not let you speak to a manager? I stayed 2 nights so the daily fee should be $26 x 2 nights. This should have been an easy stay, easy check-in, easy check-out. Not sure why this hotel was not able to provide the most basic services. This is my first bad review of a hotel, which is quite sad because everything else about our Portland stay was pretty wonderful.


Top notch service

Avaliou em 1 de março de 2023

This hotel is one of my favorites to stay at. On my last stay, Tobby reached out directly to let me know they were doing construction. They moved me across the street to the Hilton for one night. My valet was comped and the bellman was waiting for me outside my room to deliver my packages I shipped out. I was impressed. The bartender Josh is a super star. Super comfy beds and pillows. The towels and wash clothes are super soft. They vibe is cool but not over the top.

Dan P

The bottom has fallen out of customer service

Avaliou em 20 de fevereiro de 2023

I don’t like to rate one star. 400 plus reviews, and maybe three others. Let me tell you a story about a once regal business gone bad. For the second time in as many days, I arrived at a hotel to no room. I had been advised of my upgrade and didn’t EXPECT a problem but there it was. When I got to the desk, the lone clerk — Robert— looked overwhelmed and harried, not a good sign. Why was there only one to begin with? I will find out the answer as the investigation continues. He was friendly and we chatted for a moment before he started to have a concerned look. Lots of keyboard clicks. Finally he came clean: the room that I had booked (as a Lifetime Diamond) through AMEX PLATINUM Desk was not available. Wait! What? Yes, it’s a holiday weekend, yes there is a huge concert at the Moda Center, but if you are going to downgrade/walk anyone you should strive to not affect your Diamond customers. But that no longer seems to be a concern. Robert goes on to tell me that they were struggling with a housekeeping staff issue. (Ya don’t say? I wouldn’t want to pick up after the traveling public for crap money), and that many of the rooms didn’t get cleaned. As an aside, I have a kid who went to the Cornell Hotel School, and the contingency for that is that the managers are ALL supposed to know how to correctly clean rooms, then actually do it. Clearly, this team could not be bothered to do that. End result: no room at the inn. I was there for a special weekend with my wife, and didn’t back down. Robert got flustered and called Lou, who was clearly in so far over his head that he just wanted to blend into the furniture. Where is the GM? I asked him. I don’t know, he responded. How do you contact him when there’s a problem? I don’t, he continued. When will he be back? Monday … if he feels like it. Direct quote. Ummmmm, okay. How about a card? Don’t have one. Four opportunities completely missed. This kid has no leadership skills at all. So, he wasn’t going to clean a room, and we weren’t going to sleep in our car, so we made the decision to get walked. I had asked for an airport hotel, but apparently that wasn’t a possibility so we ended up at the Embassy Suites. More on that later. So we opened up a case with AMEX, and this is where it gets good: they told the AMEX PLATINUM rep that noooooooo, of COURSE it wasn’t staffing, but that they just didn’t have any of those rooms and OH MY GOODNESS no one from the previous day wanted to check out. I’ve got a bridge for sale in New York if you believe that. That was only AFTER they disconnected her call on two occasions. Hoteliers from just a generation ago would be MORTIFIED at the disrespectful service from such an upscale property. This is far from over but although the ES is not of the same caliber, the stay was pleasant and they are very professional. They seemed genuinely shocked when we checked in; they have been instructed to NEVER walk Diamonds they said. Moral of the story, I couldn’t recommend this property to anyone. However luxurious the façade may be, if they are understaffed, they probably cut corners on cleanliness, and moreover may not have a room for you when you arrive in the evening.