Quality Inn near Six Flags

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This 2 star hotel is located within the city of San Antonio. ((* Sorry, this information is not available in the selected language and is shown in EN).

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This 2 star hotel is located within the city of San Antonio. ((* Sorry, this information is not available in the selected language and is shown in EN).

11010 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230, USA - San Antonio, Texas - Estados Unidos - 78230

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Truck broken into

Avaliou em 11 de junho de 2022

Our vehicle was broken into on the first night of our stay. Was a bad experience. Apparently happens all the time. I should have read the reviews much closer. The staff were nice, but could do nothing. Will not stay there again.


Terrible hotel

Avaliou em 16 de abril de 2022

Usually whenever I stay at a Holiday Inn, I have a great experience. This one was terrible and I will never stay here again. When we checked in on day 1, the front desk said that if we wanted our room cleaned then we needed to return the card to them by 9am on Day 2, which we did because we had to leave at 8am to get to our event on time. We got back to our room around 6pm- guess what? no room clean. Day 3 we have to go downstairs to request towels. We go back out and come back by late afternoon and still no room clean and our trash has piled up by now. We took a shower and the wall piece falls off. The shower has dirty grout lines and as you can see our towels piled up as well because they didn’t come in to clean or freshen up our room during the three nights we were there. We called the front desk when the shower piece fell because we didn’t want to be held responsible- they got that right at least. It’s a inexpensive hotel but it’s not worth the hassle. See pictures to see what I’m saying. Spend your money somewhere else!


Just don’t stay here

Avaliou em 25 de março de 2022

I never felt safe here! As a solo traveler or traveling with kids I do NOT recommend this place. I stayed here four nights and each night multiple trucks in the parking lot were broken into and robbed. The hotel management is aware and doesn’t seem to care or plan to do anything about it to keep its guests feeling safe!! -the pool has trash floating in it -the water in my shower never got hot -my sheets were stained and dirty looking I recommend spending a little more money on a place that cares about the safety of its guests.


Vehicles broken into every night

Avaliou em 24 de março de 2022

If you stay here it is highly likely your vehicle will be broken into. We are currently in the middle of our stay and our vehicle along with 4 other vehicles were broken into the first night here and other guest had someone break in the previous night. Hotel is aware that it happens almost every night and still they have no night security or anything. No fencing around property so someone can walk out of the night, break in and go. So now I have been up all night the last few nights keeping watch to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Below average on all acounts

Avaliou em 13 de dezembro de 2021

We visited this hotel for a soccer tournament. The first impression of the hotel was that it was a below-average Holiday Inn Express from a cleanliness aspect (bed linens dirty/old, dust, trash, and hair on the floors). Like others, we asked for Housekeeping service and never received any. My main beef was the way the hotel staff treated us and our kids. On Saturday night at 8:30, we were gathering in the kitchen area and eating pizza with the kids. I will admit that the kids were being loud, but it was before 9 o'clock. We were told by the staff that we need to settle down and be quiet or that we would be asked to go back to our rooms. What was upsetting is that there was a function/party being held in the hotel that night. When we got back to our rooms we heard loud/obscene music until after 11 o'clock that night. Please save yourself and stay in one of the many other places in San Antonio. This hotel lowers my likeliness to ever stay in a Holiday Inn Express again.

Todd C