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Localização Do Estabelecimento Em Sarapiqui, Selva Verde Lodge ficará na serra, a 10 minutos de carro de Igreja de San Agustin e de Costa Rica Nature Pavilion. Este hotel está a 33 km (20,5 mi) de Parque Nacional do Vulcão de Poas e a 48,1 km (29,9 mi) de Parque da Cascata La Paz. As distâncias sã...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Em Sarapiqui, Selva Verde Lodge ficará na serra, a 10 minutos de carro de Igreja de San Agustin e de Costa Rica Nature Pavilion. Este hotel está a 33 km (20,5 mi) de Parque Nacional do Vulcão de Poas e a 48,1 km (29,9 mi) de Parque da Cascata La Paz. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Parque Nacional de Braulio Carrillo - 4,2 km/2,6 mi<br> - Igreja de San Agustin - 7,1 km/4,4 mi<br> - Costa Rica Nature Pavilion - 9 km/5,6 mi<br> - Estación Biológica La Selva - 10 km/6,2 mi<br> - Mini Zoo e Jardim de Yori - 2...

7 kms de Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui (Chilamate, S.), Heredia, Sarapiquí, Costa Rica - Sarapiqui, Heredia Province - Costa Rica - 553069

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Riverside Room was Excellent!

Avaliou em 22 de junho de 2022

This was the first lodge we stayed at on a week long wildlife photo tour. There were very few people at the lodge, so we were given a room facing the river. Sitting outside the room and listening to both the sounds of the river and the howler monkeys was magical. All of the facilities at the lodge are connected by covered walkways. Given that we had quite a bit of rain while we were at the lodge, the covered walkways were great. We had a fabulous sloth sighting right outside the restaurant. We also saw multiple hummingbirds, red eyed and blue jean tree frogs, a basilisk lizard and a large iguana. The room was a bit warm in the early evening, but with the drapes pulled back and the fans on it cooled down at night for sleeping. The food at the restaurant was fine. Overall this was a great place to start our tour.


lots of ambience and charm

Avaliou em 11 de junho de 2022

All rooms are on stilts. Beautiful lodge surrounded by nature and well-maintained trails. Large room, no tv, but has a large room safe, wifi a bit slow, but this is the middle of nowhere. No AC, but the two large fans worked fine to cool things down. Very quiet with only the jungle sounds of animals – peaceful, we were far from the road. The guide had warned of lukewarm water in the showers, but our group’s were all hot and good pressure. They have a lot of nature trails and a lovely hanging bridge going over the river. There is a small book exchange at the bottom of the restaurant stairs, so feel free to bring your used paperbacks. I really liked walking the nature trails and enjoying the ambiance of the place. In the restaurant, you can eat on a ledge and watch the animals eat the fruit the staff puts out to attract them. We saw various animals including a 3-foot iguana. Dinner was a buffet – ribs, fish, bbq beans, mashed potatoes, beans, salad bar. Servers doled out what you wanted. Breakfast also buffet. We had fruit (bananas, watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe), cereal, eggs, rice, beans, and pancakes. Lunch was chicken, rice, beans, beef stroganoff, and flan for dessert. Servers are very pleasant and come around to take away used dishes.


Upscale lodge with plenty to see and do

Avaliou em 8 de maio de 2022

Review Selve Verde This lodge is right next to a very busy road. All night long, we were subjected to traffic noise, that being composed almost solely of big trucks using their compression brakes (aka "jake" brakes). I could see no reason for their use other than the truckers were driving far too fast for the road. Or perhaps it was to annoy the wealthy visitors, because Selve Verde is not a cheap place to stay. But otherwise, Selve Verde was a very upscale lodge. I must say it's not conducive to photography. The walkways are covered, as it rains-often, and did every afternoon. This made for a dry walk to the dining area and meeting spots, but cut off the jungle overhead. The room smelled a bit antiseptic, one could almost say musty, but otherwise, it was very good. It was quite spacious, with a couch, a bench at the end of each of the two queen sized beds. A large rack gave us plenty of room for our smaller carry on bags. A safe was provided, with the key on the same ring as one's room key. We did not use it. A table with a decent reading lamp allowed my husband to work on his laptop. There were plenty of electrical outlets. Two overhead fans, with lights, provided plenty of moving air, and each bed had a decent reading lamp. The beds were comfortable and had pillows that were NOT lumpy. A coffee maker was on the table with a complementary pair of coffee capsules. We learned later that the would be the only time we got free coffee. If you wanted more, you went to the bar to buy more, at $2 US a capsule. The room and the bathroom were both spotlessly clean. I never saw an insect in either. We had to wear a blue plastic strap on our wrists to show we were fully paid up customers. It proved annoying, but apparently that's how it works in Costa Rica. Outside the room was a good sized bench to sit on and nearby was a hammock. The lights outside the room could be turned off, which made the room nice and dark at night. The bathroom had plenty of towels and amenities. It was clean. The toilet paper was dispensed in a large, two rolls dispenser. There was only a third of a single roll in the dispenser when we got into our room. We were both in the throes of the the Zumes (aka traveler's diahrrea) and I knew we'd never make it with just one almost depleted roll, so I went down to reception and asked for more TP, please? I was told it would be taken care of and by the time I got back to my room, a housekeeper arrived with more TP. The layout of the walks to the dining hall et al was confusing, I found myself asking directions from the room to the dining hall. The signage to 'reception' and the dining hall, et al, could be improved, but I did, eventually, learn my way around. Maps were provided at check in. The covered walkways are lined with lovely shrubs, flowers, a buttress rooted fig tree. It's quite lovely and amazingly, considering the proximity of humans, traffic on the roads, etc, we saw plenty of birds, as well as a pair of metallic green and black poison dart frogs hopped into view. They're so tiny, so lovely! And alas, so endangered. Service at the dining area was outstanding. The food was buffet style, something I truly appreciate, due to some dietary restrictions I have. On offer was not only 'typical food', the term for Costa Rican fare, but also offerings more created for an American's palate. There was always plenty of fresh fruit available, hot coffee, etc. During our meals, a woman would come by with dessert-it was usually something I'd never had before and was always terrific. Service for breakfast started at 0700. One morning we wanted a very early start to go birding/photographing, and we got what they dubbed a "cold breakfast" at 0530. It was, really, even better than the regular eggs, etc. Cereal was available, but I had yogurt, toast, a nice big slice of papaya and fresh juice. The paths through the 'preserve' provided us with views of howler monkeys, and dozens of new bird species. There is a bridge spanning the Sarapiqui river that rocked and rolled like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. But it was well built and quite safe, just lively. The river was beautiful. We were unable to enter the jungle preserve on the other side of the river, it was gated off for some reason. Wifi at Selve Verde was robust and free. We did not utilize the bar. There is a fairly substantial gift shop with very decent prices and the sales conducted by a lovely young lady who speaks excellent English. They have laundry service, 24 hours after I turned in a large bag of clothing, it returned neatly folded, every button on every shirt buttoned and socks all precisely matched. We got back to our room that second day to discover that, while our room had been serviced, the trash had not been taken out. And in Costa Rica, one does not flush toilet paper down the toilet, one deposits it in a trash basket next to the toilet. Upon my complaint it was rectified rapidly, but, still, it spoke of a rather slapdash housekeeper. That, combined with the failure to mention that coffee was not free, and the lack of two rolls of toilet paper when we first got into the room, was the only fault I could find with Selve Verde. I would definitely stay at Selve Verde again, and I recommend it if you ever make your way to that part of Costa Rica.

Michelle B

Lovely river-side location; musty rooms and very busy adjacent road

Avaliou em 17 de abril de 2022

We stayed in a standard Sarapiqui room, which was very large with lots of shiny wood. But the room smelled musty, and the mattress box was mouldy, although the linen was spotless white. Our room was one of the furthest from the busy main road, so was peaceful. Ceiling fan (no A/C), good wifi. The upstairs restaurant served hearty if rather standard buffets; the dinner ladies were lovely! Downstairs bar and pizzeria. Our guided night walk in the grounds was great (Armadillo, tree frogs). The day walk into the adjacent forest spent half the time in the car park (admittedly with tree-top glimpses of sloths and iguanas); I wished we'd gone further into the private reserve over the bridge. We had morning and afternoon guided visits to La Selva research station forest; very rich wildlife (including tent bats!)



Avaliou em 11 de abril de 2022

My husband and I expected to love Selva Verde Lodge but were very disappointed. There were aspects of our stay we loved so I’ll begin with the positive. The surroundings were beautiful: the lodge sits adjacent to the river and the foliage is lush and colorful. The pedestrian bridge offers a great view of the water and watching the kayakers pass was quite entertaining. There are rooms available looking out toward the river but there was a good bit of pedestrian traffic so I’m not sure how quiet they would be. We stayed in an air-conditioned bungalow on the hill across the street from the main section of the resort, an easy walk of less than 10 minutes or you can drive. It was very private and although it’s on the hill, there is parking nearby that makes it easy to load and unload baggage. The walkway is covered so that’s a nice feature too. It was very quiet and the mattress was comfortable, and I have to add that the room was extremely clean. There is also a fridge to keep your drinks cool so we appreciated that feature. The lodge has a buffet-style dining area and a Italian restaurant, La Terraza, with good entrees and pizza. There is also a small bar and gift shop. These are adjacent to the area where the lodge puts out fruit for the birds so you have a chance of seeing some lovely feathered friends, especially if you go to the viewing area upstairs. We discovered that the lodge has exceptionally good customer service but unfortunately we made our discovery for the wrong reason. We had booked for 3 nights and our problems began while we were waiting for dinner to be served at 6 in the main dining area. We had booked the full meal plan in anticipation of staying at the lodge all day every day and relaxing, walking and birdwatching the entire time with part of the day set aside for reading if possible. The bungalows have screened porches so reading seemed like a nice way to pass some time but the porches are not very appealing, very dim and depressing, and not entirely screened either, at least ours wasn’t. We decided to check out the birds in the feeding area and there were some beauties but here was where one issue popped up. The lodge is a big draw for tour groups and apparently not all the members were very knowledgeable about our avian friends because as soon as an interesting one appeared, someone would begin to shout and scare them off, making it very difficult to observe them. I realize the lodge cannot be held accountable for inconsiderate guests but Road Scholars, I’m talking to you. Then we entered the dining room for dinner and this is where our major problem occurred, not really the fault of the lodge but our own personal dietary issue. My husband has a very restricted diet and we “imagined” that our dinner would consist of some typical Costa Rican foods such as black beans, rice, fish and perhaps grilled chicken, perhaps a Casado. Those are all foods he can eat but the offerings were very different. There was a puréed vegetable soup, potatoes, salad and pork . The soup was fine but the pork was awful, tough and practically inedible. Although he has a limited diet, he is really easy to please, and we did not have problems anywhere else in Costa Rica, even in the Osa Peninsula. Since our dinner was less than appetizing we headed downstairs to La Terraza. They were kind enough to prepare a simple pasta for him but communication was difficult and the end result was not quite what he needed, but they did try. We immediately realized that dining in this isolated area was going to be a major problem for him and decided to talk to the front desk to see if we could check out the next morning. I believe the young woman’s name was Jessica and she couldn’t have been nicer. She offered some options and tried to resolve the situations but we felt it best to leave and she was kind enough to agree. So for us, Selva Verde was a poor choice due to limited food choices but for some travelers it might be just right. The food is not great but the customer service is superb.